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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some regrettable news

Don't worry, I'm not closing down, at least not yet. But I'm going to have to do something that might seem like a dick thing to do, so I want to explain myself and my reasons why.

Folks, I'm really sorry about this, but I have to decline all technical support requests from now on, especially requests to redownload a lost clip. Such requests require a lot of not-very-fun work on my part, and believe you me, I certainly ain't doing this for the money. If running LostBets.com becomes un-fun, I'll stop doing it.

So, if you accidentally deleted a clip, I'm really sorry, but there's nothing I can do. You made a mistake and lost some property you bought, and now you have to replace it or do without. If you bought a DVD and then lost it, you wouldn't expect the movie studio to replace it for free, would you?

This was a painful decision, because some of those who've lost clips have been among my most faithful customers, including some who have lost hundreds of dollars of material, but I figure that such fans will understand and would rather be out the money than see the updates come to an end. (If, on the other hand, a problem occurs during the download process itself, contact Clips4Sale's support and they should be able to help you.)

Sorry again, folks, and I hope this doesn't scare too many of you away.


Anonymous said...

For technical support, have you considered setting up a simple forum? I'm sure there's plenty of people out there to assist with such matters.

The Strip Game Fan said...

Not to throw gasoline onto smoldering embers, but I do think it's very important to distinguish (as Red did in his main post) between technical problems related to the original download, playback problems with successfully downloaded files, and issues regarding purchased files that may have been deleted or corrupted on the user's hard drive.

I personally have had download problems, and Clips4Sale's tech support staff was very prompt in re-opening my download for another attempt after I contacted them. Just be sure to clearly state what you experienced while downloading, and include your purchase info from the e-mail confirmation.

Playback issues are covered on Red's C4S sales page, but this is the area where johan's comment about a user forum might come in handy - some of us would be more than happy to assist our fellow strip-game-o-philes in getting the clips to play successfully.

The last bit, which Red touched on, is the hard part, as I've made that mistake in other areas, deleting something after-the-fact that I've paid for. Due to Red's sales association with C4S, it's not just a simple matter of "giving away" a free download - C4S requires income from each new registered download, so Red would be losing money if he tried to restore lost files to everyone who inadvertently deleted something. I know that's cold comfort when you're staring at an empty directory on your hard drive (or a completely failed hard drive), but during the window of opportunity between backups I accept that items on my hard drives are subject to all sorts of perils.

At some point, I know that I have to take ownership of this 'product' and be responsible for backing the files up. Since Red doesn't burden the files or us with complicated DRM schemes, simply making a backup to CD/DVD/hard drive will insure that these files remain available to you, regardless of what befalls your hardware and for what reasons.