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Sunday, October 28, 2007

And that's a wrap.

Another shoot in the can. Got some great footage, can't wait to show it to you.

Meet new girl Addie standing with lucky winner Simon:

More to come.


Anonymous said...

looking forward to it, however its a bit of a spoiler knowing who won

Anonymous said...

I can't play the promo vid again.

Tried WMP10 & Quicktime.....No go! :0( Cap'n.

Anonymous said...

She looks great!

Anonymous said...

bring on some more red...loving it.

Anonymous said...

Can't see the vid!?!?

Red said...

dublinjohn, sorry about the spoiler... but trust me, that particular game still has a very nice surprise that I'm not gonna spoil.

Cap'n (and anon#5), have you installed ffdshow? If not, give it a try. Or install VideoLAN Player; it can play just about anything. Or wait for a bit, I'm still working on a good cross-platform video solution but I'll have it eventually.

Ham (and anon#4), she is great. Addie is fantastic, and the subject of some of the best material I've shot to date.

And to everyone who's been asking for more explicit, more embarrassing forfeits, you will not be disappointed, I promise you. Even with C4S's usurious commission, I think I'm going to have to publish some of this stuff soon... this is just too good to sit on until I have my own server.

Addie Juniper said...

Umm...did you delete the comment I left?

Anonymous said...

You're damn right far too much for one poor soul to sit on :p

Anonymous said...

Wow... the screen cap alone is amazing. I definitely like the new girl and it looks like I may just have to consider purchasing some when they come out. That being said, I would rather wait til you got your server before buying. Aside from saving myself some money (or more accurately, being able to buy more) it would mean more of the money went back to the site rather than to C4S.

I had some ideas on better ways to tease/promote your videos. The first is with more still shots. A picture says a thousand words, and a few choice still shots from the game can often create more buzz than a video. As for the promo videos, I feel that the brief glimpse of the game promos (like the 3 player "memory game") are better than the "I lost all my clothes..." videos. I know that you are trying to build the "brand" name, but seeing someone lose a piece of clothing is just as good, if not better than the posed ENF shot.

To continue the guy/girl discussion, in the case of guy losing (obviously not this game), it doesn't mean that the video would have to be a total "c*ck-fest". Careful camera work can show that he is naked, show the girls reaction, and not have to show his "stuff" (if you think that would be bad for business).

I look forward to seeing what your recent shoot has to offer.

Anonymous said...

'Cap'n, have you installed ffdshow?'

Yep, tried that...didn't work.

It may be that I am working off XPPro 64 ? :0/ Cap'n.

Anonymous said...

Depending on what video player you're using this might be a bit tricky to spot perhaps but it does not feel like the media player used properly uses the codec.

Though I don't know if there are any decoding issues related to XP64. I'm using 64 Windows Vista so it's not a 64 bit problem.

I normally use ZoomPlayer for viewing video files but I tried launching Windows Media player and noticed that it did play the video, but Halli Media splitter was loaded. So maybe it's that ffdshow plays the video but you'll need a splitter to split the mp4-container. This is done in real time so it only needs to be installed on the system. The Haali icon should show up in the systray if it's working, same for ffdshow. Haali Media splitter can be downloaded from http://haali.cs.msu.ru/mkv/MatroskaSplitter.exe.

Anonymous said...

It does seem reasonable that this might be the problem so try out Haali and see what happens. ;)

Anonymous said...

it clamis my computer is low on memory what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

this was good

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Johan. :0)

I downloaded ZoomPlayer and it works with that.

It seems quite a neat program too!

Oh The preview :00

She looks fine to me.

Looking forward to seeing much more ;0)

Cap'n. :0)

Anonymous said...

That's great!

Yeah it's my favourite Video Player, I just wasn't sure what functions the free version included as I'm using the pro version myself. It's got tons of settings, one of the best is the ability to select what codec/splitter should be used for each video/audio/container type.

It also comes with automatic installation of codecs like ffdshow and the Haali media splitter.

Anonymous said...

Okay can we create a seperate blog or something for those that need help with their videos.

It it quite distracting for someone trying to stay up on the news to try to read through all these video issues.

Just use VLC and be done with it?

Now how about a seperate blog and let's keep this blog for game stuff?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that was quite a hardship for you having to read 60 seconds worth of posts about video players. I think in your honor we should create a separate blog for complaints so we don't have to read your ridiculous posts.

Anonymous said...

The newest vid involving high/low card was pretty good!

Anonymous said...

I can not view the video and i have divx whats wrong?

Anonymous said...

The video is not encoded with the DivX encoder, rather H.264 so you'll need a decoder that plays H.264 material, such as ffdshow.


Btw i created a blogger profile so herefrom I go by the alias Judge ;p

Anonymous said...

Now how do i do that? It seems like all the vidoes are hard to see on my laptop.

Anonymous said...

Easiest way is to install a good video player.

My preference is ZoomPlayer. It comes with an automatic downloader for the codecs and filters required to play most formats.

Then there's the VLC media player. That one comes with most of the stuff required built in so there shouldn't be any need to download separate codecs.

The other option is to install the ffdshow codec and Haali media splitter. These two should work with DirectShow players such as Windows Media Player.