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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Meet Kala

If you've read the comments in this post, you know that the unbelievably sexy Ashley is, sadly, moving away, and will be less available to appear on lostbets.com. But there's some good news on that score: Ash promises me that she's going to be coming back here to visit frequently. So we've definitely not seen the last of her.

And in the meantime, the torch is being passed to a new generation. Here's Ash introducing her little sister Kala, who seems to have misplaced something:

(and yes, Kala really is Ashley's sister.)

The first clip with Kala is already up on the clip store. It's nice and short (so it's nice and cheap) and it's in high definition. Plenty more to come. Considering how infrequently I've been updating lately, I'm a little hesitant to tease... but I'll just say that everyone who's written me asking for wet-and-messy material will be very, very pleased. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi there - my first post on the Blog although I've been wwatching for a while and downloaded two of the clips. Just like to say I appreciate what you're doing here - long may it continue.

One suggestion - any chance of mixing up the girls when they come back for a second shoot? That is, rather than having Ashton and Mia together again, you could do, for example, Ashton and Stephanie for one shoot and Mia and Pettles for another.

I would really like this, but find it hard to explain exactly why - I think it seems to give the videos consistency rather than being split into distinct "series".

Talking of bringing girls back - I think this helps a lot of things. My ideal would be to have at least one girl we have already seen on each shoot. Again, this helps thread the videos together.

Did any of that make any sense? Does anyone agree?

Anonymous said...

...and another thing. (I don't post much but once I get started...)

I suggested on SGC a forfeit where for the next game, the girl would wear, say, a dress, hat, stockings, gloves, jewelery, shoes etc, but no underwear and would have to take the dress of first leaving her essentially naked for the whole game. I don't think they ever got around to doing it there, but you seem to respond to comments very quickly so I thought I'd suggest it here.

Anonymous said...

I can not seem to get it to work what player is best to see this?

Anonymous said...

I can't play it either. Almost everytime Red puts out a new vid I have to update a player or get a new one.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't meant as a complaint toward you Red. I know it isn't your fault because I bought Wednesday's Challenge months ago and it always played fine and now it doesn't work on the player I was using.

The Strip Game Fan said...

I've posted this before, but I guess I'll keep posting this until Red takes the hint and adds a permanent FAQ at the top level of the blog to address this on-going question:

Because Red is using a Mac now for his editing, you should either get the most up-to-date version of Apple Quicktime available for your platform (http://www.apple.com/quicktime/), or just use the VideoLanClient (VLC) Player (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/).

Quicktime will play the video natively and give you the best/most pristine video quality possible, but will periodically require downloading an updated version. VLC Player will decode the video using 'brute force', and will give you a reasonable approximation of the video quality of the native Quicktime version.

I picked up 'Introducing Kala', and I hope to see her in some games in the future.

Red said...

Yeah, yeah, I know I should stick a FAQ on this blog, but I'm lazy. Besides, it says right at the top of the clip store how to play the clips. (For the record, I prefer installing FFDShow or a similar codec to using Quicktime or VLC... that way you can continue to use the player of your choice.)

Glad you like Kala, StripGameFan. It was your suggestion in the comments to the last post that influenced 'Introducing Kala', y'know. I just finished editing together the first real game involving Kala and will probably publish it this weekend. (Hint: "pretty sneaky, sis.") It's a fairly traditional game, similar to others I've published, but after that will come a couple of games that introduce something new.

Red said...

Oh... just occurred to me that I didn't respond to thesilentone. Since it's his first post, giving him a reply is the least I could do :)

Mixing up the girls is a good idea, and I'll try to incorporate it. Ashton and Mia are a bit of a special case... not only do they live kind of far away (it's a 3-hour trip for them, so it makes sense for them to come together) but Ashton tends to be very protective of Mia, and probably wouldn't be comfortable with her making the journey alone. But I'll see what I can do.

As for the "fully dressed with no underwear, lost the dress first" idea... I dunno. It's certainly possible to do it... what do other people think? Anyone else want to see that?

Anonymous said...

Kala looks to be a cutey!

Hope to still see lots of older sister too though! ;0)

Cap'n. :0)

Anonymous said...

I don't care for no underwear idea. I think it's cool for the girls to have jewelry and other items on though that they would lose too.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I get the idea that she loses her dress and then plays the rest of the game naked. I think what SGC calls "sudden death" type games are fine. Don't know why it's called that really but whatever.

Anonymous said...

I love the clip, but It looks like a third of the file I downloaded was taken up by the credits! I'm all for giving it the Hollywood Blockbuster look, but blimey.

And Kala should have been made to stand up. Too coy by half.

Anonymous said...

Long credits huh? You just helped me make my decision about purchasing this clip. Not too interested in paying a high price per minute to watch the credits.

Anonymous said...

I've downloaded a decent amount of the vids. As far as credits go, it's the same on every video. it's about the first 30-60 seconds of each video and pretty much exactly the same credits in each video. The only reason it's a third of the most recent video is cause that video is only about 2-3 mins long. The credit length are hardly an issue at least for me....RED, love your work, keep it up, i would buy more if the price is reduced a bit, would love the see the latest lengthy video, just can't afford to drop that dough.....but like your work, GREAT SITE!

Red said...

"Hollywood blockbuster", eh? Cool. I can't tell whether that's a high compliment for me or a deadly insult for Hollywood :)

I've actually slightly decreased the length of my intro since I first got started; it now stands at 38 seconds. And yes, I was aware that this was relatively long for a 2-minute clip, but the fact is that Clips4Sale has an absolute minimum price no matter how brief a clip is... I would've had to charge $2.99 whether the clip was 2 minutes or 2 seconds, and I didn't feel like generating an entirely new intro just for that one clip.

Anon 2/28: thanks much for the compliment and I hope you find that the clips to come are as good or better than the ones you've liked so far.

And as for you, Anon 2/27, oh please, please reconsider. Without the $1.79 I'd net from your purchase of this clip, I'll miss my mortgage payment and end up starving in rags on the street.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You're a little overly sensitive. I made a mistake and thought he was saying the credits were long on the last game you posted. Just thought he was exaggerating about how long they were and figured they were 2-3 minutes long. I'm sure you don't care about any money I spend here because it's obvious you're already making out great. By the way 38 seconds is still excessively long even for an hour long video. Sorry your house is going to be in foreclosure.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say I am not too thrilled about paying an extra dollar a game for fancy credits either, but it won't necessarily stop me from buying a game I want I don't think.

Anonymous said...

Are they really necessary at all by the way?

Anonymous said...

I get paid good money to make credits eat up as little time as possible on national television. Speeding them up, squeezing them down to the bottom of the screen, and starting the next show over top of them. Most people can't stand it, but it's a living. I mention this because whey you say that the credits are only :30, I see it from my world where thirty seconds equates to thousands of dollars, and if you add up all of the :30 chunks of time we save, it equals millions of dollars. I say this because, if someone were to buy your entire collection, upwards of 10 minutes of that would be the opening credits for the various games. I'm not saying get rid of the opening credits, buy speeding them up for future games might be a nice thing to do.

I would suggest flying the intro graphic in and have it dissolve to your "lostbets.com" logo. You can identify the players with a simple name graphic. If you want to have a stock open, any video in the intro should last no more than :15. You could probably throw together a quick montage of "teaser shots" from the various games (quick clips of articles of clothing coming off) At least 5 clips of girls removing an article could be chopped together in fifteen seconds.

Red, please take this in a positive manner. I love your work and I'm glad that someone is able to fill the void of good stripping game content. I'm just trying to throw ideas around.

Anonymous said...

Crosis always has the best posts!

Red said...

"Red, please take this in a positive manner..."

Not to worry, crosis, I trust your good faith. I'll see what I can do to trim back the openings. Certain things have to stay, like the legal mumbojumbo with the copyright notice and (especially) the bit about everybody involved being of legal age, but I'll try to cut down the overall length of the intros.

Anonymous said...

I've changed my mind. I like the credits. Any chance you can extend them, and have them at the end as well?