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Saturday, March 28, 2009

This week's update now available

....featuring favorites Ashley and Amber. Apologies for the late announcement. Hope you like it.


Tricycle said...

Regardless of how hot the forfeit was in this one (and it was!), I think that the fact that most of the footage of the forfeit was shot by the winner made it hotter.
I can see a whole subgenre here - two players play a game (random or skill based) and the winner gets to shoot the loser.
Here's an idea to throw into the mix, Red: the winner gets to choose from three similar-strength forfeits which one she wants the loser to do. Combine that with the 'winner shoots the loser' idea, and you've got the winner essentially 'making' the loser do something of the winner's choice and then filming it for us.
Think it'll work?

Msrk said...

firdt ther was Marry now Ashley. now if you can get London to do a forfit like those two did we would have a winner lol good job red thanks Ashley and Marry

TheSilentOne said...

Carrying on from my post in the last comment - I agree with Mark that London would be a good choice to bring back (along with Samantha, Sasha and Vivian of course). What a line-up that would be for a four way shoot - worth getting them from all corners of the country for?

Oh - and Elizabeth would be good to see back too! I promise not to add anyone else to the list until next week...

Red said...

Trike: I'm scheduling shoots; got any suggestions for "three similar-strength forfeits"?

Msrk and TSO: Why o why must you pick solely the girls who live nowhere near me?

But I've got good news: I've heard from Ashton. She's interested in making an encore appearance, but doesn't know if Mia is. No ptomises that anything will happen, folks, but let's keep our fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

@Red: I suppose I asked for that. I'd been thinking about it anyway, and the strength of things will be different for the different players - some of them might be blazé about public(ish) nudity, but hate messy stuff, whilst others might feel exactly the opposite. So, I've stuck to three similar-but-different forfeits, but anyone else who likes the idea should be free to chime in.

So for the messy fans, put the loser in the bath tub, and then the winner can choose between the ubiquitous squirty cream (the stuff that comes out of can, not any other kind of squirty cream - well, not unless we're talking a whole other game ;-)), a catering-size tin of spaghettios or some similar tomato-sauce-and-pasta delight, or maybe jello (though you'd need a lot).
With this one, I think I'd avoid letting the winner anywhere near the camera, but it might work with three players - the loser, the "artist", and the chooser/videographer.

Another option might be posing: the winner gets to choose between the loser posing nude (but tastefully) at the window (where there's a good chance of public exposure) or posing more explicitly (I'd leave the definition of "more explicitly" up to you and the players to agree, although I'd be adding "much" to the beginning if it were solely my choice) away from the window (where there's no chance of exposure, except to the camera, so the exposure is greater). The winner here could use the camera very interestingly, especially if you've got a macro zoom feature ;-)

Choice of spanking implements: open hand vs leather strap vs whatever else - perhaps the rule here would be that the less nasty the implement, the more swats given.

Choice of masturbation (forced or otherwise) toys: fingers vs vibe vs dildo vs massager - obviously the players would (a) have to be female and (b) have to agree upfront.

I think the trick here is not to have a nice/nasty thing ('cause most of your winners will just go for nasty, if past behaviour is anything to go by), but to have ones where the nice/nasties balance out (as above: harder swats, fewer of them; softer swats, more of them).

In some ways, these options might work just as well letting the loser decide.

I'm also of the opinion that you could keep the exact nature of the forfeit secret until right at the end of the game. So you get the players to agree to (in the messy example) getting in the tub and having messy foodstuffs artistically arranged on them by the winner, and that the winner will choose from some stuff you've brought. Then the winner gets to go to a sealed cardboard box and choose from it - neither player would know exactly what they've got into until the last minute). Might be difficult to get players to agree to a blind forfeit, though some of your regular players may well be amenable.


Rock said...

Hey Red, love what you do, really love Ashley; wanna see more bare asses/spanking forfeits, and as many socked feet as possible (those are my things!)


Red said...

Trike: Wow, that's... comprehensive. Rest assured I will refer to your post when planning my next shoot.

That'll be pretty soon, by the way... and those of you who've been clamoring for the return of your old favorites should be pleased. I'm currently talking to Julie, Elizabeth, Ashton, and Mia about making encore appearances.

Rock: Thanks, and I'm glad you like our stuff. I actually once did a game where the rule was "socks stay on"... but I was an idiot, and for some reason did it on a game whose forfeit was tickling. Oops. I'll do it again soon. And spanking will always have a place on my forfeit list.

Anonymous said...

@Red: Yeah, it kind of got away from me. It doesn't help that the comment format is about 4" wide as it makes long comments look really long...

Crosis said...

Trike: be careful, long posts with really good ideas is how I started out...

I for one am glad to hear that Elizabeth and Julie may be coming back. We didn't get to see near enough of Julie the last time she came to play.

Anonymous said...

@Crosis: Thanks for the warning - I'll make up for it with lots of short posts with really bad suggestions :-)