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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another double-update weekend!

Last weekend we published not one but two updates. This weekend, we'll be doing the same. Starting to see a pattern? Well, don't... I don't plan to make it a habit. But enjoy this weekend's two fine additions to the Lost Bets Library. I'll post updates when Saturday's and Sunday's clips are published.

UPDATE: Saturday's video is posted. It's the last in a series we haven't seen in awhile: Amber vs. Mary. You know, the one with the Mogadishu game. There was one more game after that, which I've sat on for awhile (there are technical issues and it's a bit longer than I'd like) but it's a nice prelude (and is referenced in) the game to follow on Sunday.

UPDATE 2: And now Sunday's clip is up. Happens to be one of my personal favorites; hope y'all like it as well. The forfeit was one that was discussed on this thread... others from that thread were used as well and will be coming.


Anonymous said...

yessssssssss she lost i thought she would never losse thanks

Anonymous said...

I have probably bought every clip on this site since it started and I got to tell you that I think Ashley is the hottest girl that has been on this site. Thanks for more of her


Red said...

Mark: Yeah, I was glad to see her lose that one too. It's one of the dangers of playing "fair" games... sometimes someone you really want to see naked hits a hot streak.

Rider: You're very welcome and thanks for being such a great customer! There will definitely be more of Ashley to come. An

Anon: Sorry to keep you waiting so long, but I'm glad you're satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red

Recently I noticed you have managed to get back some of your original performers especially the
legendary Ashley, although unfortunately she has yet to lose any recent games. Anyway, any chance of bringing back anyother classics like Ashley's sexy sister Kala, or Raven or Elise or Julie or Paris, I personally loved all these girls. I'm sure securing performers is probably the most challenging part of what may be a dream job, but any of these girls
from the past would be welcome back as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

I posted this as a comment on the last update, but received no reply.

When are there going to be interactive games as promised on the launch of this site?

At the same time a membership site was put forward too.

Any progress with either of these?


Cap'n. :0/

Red said...

Anon: Which girls I invite back has a lot to do with customer feedback, so letting me know who you want to see is good. Kala is "retired"; she got married and her husband disapproves. As for the others... some live out of town and it's hard to get them here, but I can try. Please sign your posts.

Cap'n, yes we are still planning to have a membership site, and we're still planning to have interactive games, but we're not announcing any dates at this time. Trust me, when I have something useful to report, I'll report it.