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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Magnificent May

UPDATE: Friday May 1st's clip is now posted! Check it out.

UPDATE 2: The original version of this post said "Danielle" when it meant "Samantha". Sorry if anyone was confused/disappointed.

To honor alliteration, I'm pleased to announce that LostBets.com will be celebrating the Midweek Madness Month of May! In addition to our regular weekend updates, we'll be doing an extra update in the middle of each week. Here's the schedule:

Friday: New HD clip posted
Sunday: SD version of new clip posted
Tuesday: Bonus HD clip posted
Thursday: SD version of bonus clip posted

What's on tap? Well, Friday, May 1st, we'll be meeting new player Claire, who join returning girls Julie and Elizabeth. Claire is not, as some Lost Bets Girls have been, a stunning beauty, but I like her a lot. She's a cute brunette with a great smile, a perky body, and a bit of a lisp. I hope you like meeting her as much as I did. Oh, and she's never gotten naked on video before.

By the way, our players need a better name than "Lost Bets Girls"... especially since they're not all girls. Suggestions welcome, creativity encouraged. If I use your suggeston, you'll get a free clip of the girls thanking you for it by name.

Tuesday next we've got a game that Crosis has been working on editing, so you know it's gonna look good. Whenever I try a new game, I'm never quite sure how it will turn out. This one I had especial doubts about, because the rules were not well-chosen, and there was an exploit. I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know how good the final product is, but its quality will decide whether Strip Awesomeness ever makes an appearance again. (Applause to anyone who can guess what the "real" name of the game is.

The girls were Lily, Mary, Addie, and Stacey, by the way... a lot of you have been asking to see more of three out of the four of them :-P

UPDATE: I've seen it, and as usual, Crosis did a bang-up job with the editing. And it always amazes me how sometimes I come away from a shoot thinking a game didn't go well, and am dumbfounded when I see the footage. Yes, this game needs a lot of work on the rules if it's to be a proper game... but this clip was still a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

What's up after that? Well, I don't know the order yet, but I've got some goodies on tap. I've been digging through my archives, finding games I'd forgotten existed. We'll see Penny and Samantha, playing a game wherein the winner gets to shave the loser. We'll meet Esther and Isobel, lesbian lovers playing a game nobody loses. Crosis is hopefull that the first installment of You Bet Your Ass will be ready pretty soon. And there's more to see of our four Beer Pong players as well.

Exciting times at lostbets.com. Enjoy the sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Wowzers, Red. I love this clip.

If this isn't the very definition of "Embarrassed Nude Female", I dunno what is.


Anonymous said...

Red and Crosis, you say to let you know who we want to see more of so here goes. Do you have more of Amberlee, if so any chance we will get to see it during May madness, if not, any chance she will be coming back for more?


Mark said...

I love this clip i did not care wo won or loss so I did not even look at the spolier and it mad the game so much beter

Red said...

Trike and Mark, I'm really glad you liked this clip... and at the risk of raising expectations too high, you ain't seen nothing yet. That was a really fun day.

GB: I don't have anything more on tap featuring Amberlee, but I know she's interested in coming back. The weird thing is, her mother is interested in joining the games too, which is a very unusual opportunity... I'm trying to figure out how best to make use of it.

Anonymous said...

I've made this observation about more than just this clip, but it seems to me like the "winner gets to embarrass the loser" clips always wind up way more tame than i would expect. Based on my own observations in life (and GGW), girls are far more bashful about between their legs than they are about their breasts.

Now, maybe i'm just remembering things wrong, but i've bought most of the clips on this site (i've stopped buying clips with Lily in them) and of the ones where the loser is supposed to be put in an embarrassing pose, or the winner gets to film the loser, i see a whole lot of boobs, quite a bit of ass, but when it comes to pussy shots there's a lot of squirming and obstructed views.

As another example, there was a clip with Ashley and her sister that was sudden death, and the loser had to "show pink." She kicked her legs out and spread her LEGS pretty good, but my idea of showing pink is spreading open the vulva. I'm sure it would've been more embarrassing for her, (which i understood to be the point of the forfeit) if she (or her sister!) had reached down and pulled those lips open. Similar with these posing forfeits, and these hand-cam things. If the goal is to embarrass the loser, i think a better effort could be made in the future.

That's just my $.02 worth.

(there, i signed it :-P)

Red said...

Anon, I appreciate the $0.02, and you're right... we haven't yet seen a girl really show us everything she had to show. Sorry about that. One thing's for certain: no hope of seeing that from these guys. They just wouldn't do it... well, I don't think. I can ask but I'll probably get my face slapped. But I'll make "open your vulva" be a forfeit as soon as I have some girls who'd be willing to chance it.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate the fast response and the prospect of the real version of "show pink" may be in the future. Still, to bring your total up to $.04, that'd be a weird line for many of these girls to draw, i would think, so perhaps you wouldn't be slapped for suggesting it after all.

I mean, you've felt confident enough suggesting some awfully hardcore forfeits that either they've been okay with hearing you out, or you're pretty good at intercepting that open hand by now!

-Same Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Great, the best forfeit ever, very sexy. I have always thought Julie extremely attractive, trouble is in the past when Julie lost all her clothes she mostly hid with her hands everything below the waist. Finally, this time she let us have a decent look. my only regret is that she did not spread those lovely legs open. Somehow I doubt seriously anyone will ever get Julie to do that. Anyway, a great clip and the new girl Claire is cute with a nice body as well.
certainly mind seeing her again. But, finally the forfeit was great. Taking pictures of pretty girls, especially nude ones is something I indulge in myself, as I try to get my own girlfriend to pose as much as possible, so this was especially sexy I thought.

Thanks again

Red said...

SW, thank you! And as for getting Julie to open her legs for the camera... well... I got her to risk it. She didn't want to, it took a lot of talking, but Julie did play in a game where the losers had to open their legs. Did she lose? Well, now, that would be telling.

RS said...

Wow, I'm a little surprised (but pleased!) that the girls agreed to play a game where the loser didn't know what the punishment was upfront? What if you required that the loser destroy all of her clothes and walk home naked? (An awesome punishment, by the way.) Or were there already some boundaries set beforehand?

Red said...

RS, awareness of the boundaries is very important to planning these games. Even if the girls don't know the specific forfeit at the start of the game, I wouldn't put something in the envelope that I thought they'd just refuse to do.

As for going home naked... well, we'll see :-)

RS said...

I love the punishments that are particularly embarrassing, so one where the losers had to go home naked would be awesome. Particularly if they had to walk home, which probably isn't feasible -- but maybe their car could be parked some distance away.

Anonymous said...

much much much more of isobel please