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Friday, April 10, 2009


This week's clip will be published at 1200 GMT-4. It needs a bit of explanation.

A lot of the games I shoot never get published. Most of them do, but generally one or two from each shoot don't. Some of them just don't turn out right, but for most of them, they're good games, just flawed, and each week, there's always something better to publish until they're forgotten.

Like this one, for example. It was one of my earliest Battlestrip games, and like all my early Battlestrip games, it's too damned long. (Yes, skilful editing could cut it down. I am not a skilful editor.) This one clocks in at 30 minutes... 5 minutes of whipped-cream and chocolate sauce spraying, 6 minutes of post-messy showering, and a whopping 19 mintues of game. Rest assured I will be charging the minimum price C4S will allow me to charge.

So why publish it now? Foreshadowing. If you've seen the promo down below, you know that it features Julie, Elizabeth, and Lily. Well, two of those three are coming back to play some more games, and neither of them is the one that my customers would lynch me for bringing back. And as for that one: bear in mind that this is the old Lily... you know, before I turned her into a girl-slut, for which I sincerely hope I am not damned. She's kinda cute in this one. You'll see.

But more importantly: Julie and Elizabeth are coming back. They will, if possible, be accompanied by a third girl and/or possibly a guy, and I need to figure out what to do with them. Both of them are definitely among the shyest of Lost Bets girls, which means that for one thing, the dildos and forced orgasms are off the table. Leg-spreading is probably off the table. That means I gotta get creative, which is code for "appeal to the fans." Commenter tricycle had some awesome suggestions, some of which will definitely be used. (Especially the catering-sized tray of spaghettios.) Anyone else have any good ideas? For games, or for forfeits? Anyone want to give a hearty thumbs-up or -down to any of trike's suggestions?


Big Ninja Jim said...

I've got a suggestion, that I could very easly get long winded about but I'll keep simple.

How about Girls who are on a Win/lose streak get some sort of bonus or penalty. Such as extra forfeits or having to start with one less item of clothing.

Red said...

That's a really good idea, Jim. But feel free to get long winded if you want :)

Red said...

Oh, and by the way, speaking of going to Hell: I need some ethical advice from you guys.

As I said, these girls have fairly restrictive limits, not even being willing to risk open-leg. But... well, times are tough and money is scarce. If I dangled an extra Benjamin or two under their noses, who knows what I could get them to wager?

The ethical question, though, is: would that make me a scumbag? It's certainly the sort of thing a scumbag would do but I don't know if that makes me one. What do you think, guys?

Anonymous said...

All is fair in love, war, and lostbets.com. As long as you stay in business and do not loose fans or players, I say the more risque the better. Jack.

On the litter side how about the two loosers rub baby oil on each other's breasts and then show the result full frontal.

Anonymous said...

Scumbag? No. They wouldn't be taking clothes off if you weren't offering the money in the first place. And if they are willing to do this work, the girls must have some sort of exhibitionist streak. Just like the initial offer to get them naked, all you would be doing is enabling them. That isn't wrong.

The option of adding extra cash is interesting. My favorite forfeit is the open-leg, and it would be great to get two of my favorite recent girls into a game with that forfeit. But the idea opens up a cool possibility, after the loser performs a forfeit, you could offer the winner more money to perform the forfeit too. Might cut into your revenue stream (since that would be one less forfeit people are dying to see) but for the last shoot at the end of the day where one girl has dominated, it is an honest way to give the fans what they want. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

All I know is I want to see Julie spanked over the laps of the other two... Love her booty, and her shyness!!


Myself said...

Red, I understand your dilemma. You certainly don't want to go over the edge and lose these girls performing in new clips. There's no need to upset them.
It's a bit lame, but : what about the loser doing a naked twirl for us;
after that both loser and winner dress again (in skirts) and go outside (or in the hallway, ...). Than the loser has to take off her panties and hand them to the winner and take a small walk commando-style ? It's very erotic.

Red said...

I really gotta start making a list... baby oil on breasts, check, commando in skirt, check.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one way to get the girls agree to go further than they have would be to play an "all or nothing" game. Doesn't really matter what the game is, but have the girls wearing a dress (important!) and let's say bra, panties, stockings and shoes. Then they have to take off their clothes in "reverse" order, so panties, bra, shoes, stockings and finally dress. The thing here is that the winner won't actually show anything at all, because she'll still have the dress on, so the girls might be persuaded that this is worth the risk that if they do lose, they show everything, but if they win, they show nothing.

Oh, and a girl taking her stockings off with no panties on under a dress can be really hot, especially if the dress is short. Even if we don't actually see anything, the potential is there that there might be a slip.

Suggestions for games: Buckaroo, Pass the Bomb, Dominoes. Rules for strip variants of the first two are obvious; for Strip Dominoes, you'd take something off if you can't play, and just keep playing games until the required number of losers are naked. All of these would work for three or four players.

Continuing what I said in a previous comment about the point in the forfeits isn't to specifically embarrass the losers but to make them uncomfortable, here's a slightly offbeat forfeit that might work well with shyer players. The players start with pyjamas on (just pyjamas, nothing else) - and these would have to be the kind with buttons on the jacket. Each time a player loses, she unbuttons the jacket by one button. If the jacket still has buttons fastened, the winner pours some "uncomfortable substance" down the inside of the loser's jacket. If the jacket has no buttons unfastened, the loser takes it off, revealing a messy body, and the loser puts the final substance down the pyjama pants. Then if the loser loses again, she takes the pants off, and she's naked and messy - the winner, of course, is messy inside her pyjamas, but hasn't shown much (possibly!). Naturally, you could film the ensuing shower sequence.

"Uncomfortable substances" might include raw eggs, honey/syrup/treacle, cornflakes (which will work especially well if there's already a wet/sticky substance in play), ice cubes, but needn't be restricted to foodstuffs.

Just a quick thought on scumbag-ness: you could offer them the extra cash and ask what they'd be willing to do for it rather than ask them to do a specific thing they'd rather not - they might surprise you. There's no reason that they need to wager the same forfeit - they could explain on camera that they're only going this far for the extra cash and that they've each chosen something that's pushing their own limits - it might even be nice to explain what it is about the forfeit that they dislike.


PS oh hell, it's another long one...

Big Ninja Jim said...

Thanks red it was late and I was getting tired. I wanted to post the short one cause if I didn't I wouldn't later.

Anyway I was thinking if you did use the "Hot Streak" or "Cold Streak" idea, you might want count old games into it. Other wise it might take a while before it comes into play.

My first post was simple enough to get most of my thoughts on it across. I can't say which way I'd prefer it. Letting the one on a "Hot Streak" making it even harder for the other Girl to win, or visa versa. I think it might work better as a whole if you let the Girl on a losing streak take an extra item based on the amount of losses suffered at the hands of a certain player.

Okay, moving right along. Here's another suggestion for a Strip Board Game. Monopoly, I know sounds like a Stupid idea for a strip game. Not the way I suggesting it won't be.

Basically if this goes the way I think it will the clothes should come off pretty quickly. To start with I'd suggest cutting the amount of starting money in half. It might not work after some play games but for now let it stay. Clothes can be bought or sold for properties or cash by the banker. Once a girl runs out of either one though she loses. How many losers depends on how many you'd want.

Also if a girl lands on a property that another player owns they pay both cash and Clothes. Another idea is to put up any open property up for auction instead of just letting the player that landed on it buy or not. You might wana have a Banker who's not playing though to keep it fair. Also to include my earlier idea, a girl on a "Cold Streak" Would have to start the game with either half her clothes or be forced to auction all of them at the start of the game. Of course half the fun is they could do it if they wanted too.

Oh Shit I just became like tricycle.

Anonymous said...

So, Julie and Elizabeth aren't into the more hardcore forfeits/games but they are willing to do public embarrassments - like when they played a strip game in the public pool. If you get all four of these potential players together, would the girls be up to a game involving girl on girl kissing?

Have two teams of two, and a bowl of M and Ms on the table. One of the players from team one puts an M and M in their mouth, then the two players kiss, passing the candy between their mouths. Then they face team two, and team two has to guess which player from team one has the candy in their mouth. Guess right and team one loses a piece of clothing. Guess wrong and team two loses a piece of clothing.

Then it's team two's turn to kiss - and so on.

Basically it's a modification of this clip from Dailymotion.com:



Red said...

Gord, that's freakin' awesome, although the four-player scenario is probably less likely than three. But I've got some ideas for games using M&... er, I mean, candy-coated chocolate discs of no particular trademarked name. Man, I need to stop by Costco... definitely can get a better deal on the spaghettios and/or baked beans there.

By the way, I want to say something in reply to Anonymous 9:06 (as well as "please sign your posts"): I want to make sure I understand what you mean when you say that your idea would "cut into my revenue stream." It seems like you're saying that, if Girl A and Girl B play a game with a spanking forfeit, and Girl A loses and gets spanked, and then Girl B accepts a cash reward to get spanked as well, then I'd have trouble selling a future video involving Girl B getting spanked. Is that what you're saying?

Because if it is, I just want you to know that that would never have occurred to me, and now that you've brought it to my attention, I'd never even consider that a factor when planning how a video will go. If I think bribing a girl to take a forfeit she hasn't earned would make for a hotter video, I'll do it, and if I don't, I won't. That's just the way I roll.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I came off wrong Red, I know that you enjoy these vids too and wouldn't want to imply otherwise. I know you'll do whatever you can to make a vid as hot as it can be.

For some of us, the idea that these girls are willing to compromise their scruples for a few extra bucks might only reinforce the fact that they didn't want to perform the forfeit in the first place, and it would help to validate their "shyness."

Just free-ballin' with a thought.

As for ideas for other games, how about reverting back to childhood? I could see games like Jacks, Go Fish, Hopscotch, and Simon Says converted into stripping games pretty easily.

Also, if it doesn't copy a demised site too much, I would love to see a Truth or Dare based game where players pull questions/dares from a jar. I don't know how you'd get a "loser" from a game like that, but you're creative enough I know that you could think of something.

-Original Anon 9:06 a.k.a. "PissTron"

Myself said...

Red, I have a variation on the battleship game : an all or nothing version (aka as a 'sudden death'-version).
2 girls play and put their 5 boats on the board.
By turn they call a location (eg. B-5). If one of the players has a hit on any of the boats of the opponent : the game is over. She loses all her clothes at once.


Another variation on this with 3 participants (a nice possibility to introduce a girl - who doesn't necessarily has to risk her clothes (or who is just thinking about to maybe do this in future). The new girl calls the locations and both other girls have to mark the location as hit or miss on their board (for the calling girl you could work with a raster on paper where she can cross hits/misses with markers - black for total misses, blue for girl A, red for girl B (*) ). The players could wear a blue/red ribbon, to recognise who is who. When she has 5 hits for one girl (doesn't have to be one boat only), that girl loses all her clothes. (If it happens both girls are hit 5 times at the same moment, the game continues until there are 10 hits).
Forfeits have to be decided upfront (or taken from a bowl with only forfeits both people have selected before the game).
(*) Or a magnetic board with a raster and magnets in 3 colors.

TheSilentOne said...

Any of the forfeits that involve exposure eg poses, jumping jacks and even the twirl are good for me - I don't need something explicit in every video. Some of the more explicit poses would be interesting from Elisabeth and Julie though.

On another topic, one idea I had was to have say, five buckets - four filled with water and one with some sort of gunge. Then dress similar to the Ashley/Mia wet Tshirt competition. Then play eg RPS and rather than stripping, the loser has a random bucket poured over her head. Whichever girl has the gunge tipped over her head loses and then has to strip naked. What does anyone think?

Crosis said...

Holy shit... I go away for a week, and we go through one hell of a time warp (again). Love these great ideas. Ha$$elhoff, I agree that Julie getting a spanking would be hot, but I can't seem to decide if I'd rather see it as over the knee, or bent over in the "assumed" position.

Red, it won't make you a scumbag, but remeber, when you die and go to hell, you have that one last game to play, and every time you corrupt a sweet innocent girl, more forfeits get added to that game. For the sake of your soul, I hope you win that game.

Pisstron, if you're thinking of a game where the players sit in a ring, and do dares pulled from a jar, I think we can accomplish something like that. Red and I are trying to figure out a way to do it, and do it better ;) (but you should understand, that I hold that work in very high regard).

Keep the ideas coming folks, I can't wait to see what we can get Julie and Elizabeth to do. I just hope they aren't reading this site, because they might get scared away ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the wet/messy ideas. Don't forget the classic Pie in the face... or elsewhere.

Of the current non-explict options, the tickling and jumping jack ones are great.

I've seen one strip RPS in Japan where smaller forfeits can be used to "stay in the game"

And that while I enjoyed the larger casts on the past site (and I recognized a screen name on their message boards), I was annoyed by the overly inebriated pierced or tatted ones. I love your "girl next door" participants, and would mind a few more geek-girls (or at least let the girls who own glasses wear them sometimes).

But if you ever do want to re-examine their format, avoid clumping the card types in one round (swap a few round three card with round four and a few with round two, expecially the ones with five six copies).

Anonymous said...

My complaint with the other site that had the players sit in a circle and draw "suggestions" of what to do: too many of each round were the same, no creativity in the "suggestions" (do I dare use the word "Dare"?). Fewer players would make the game go quicker.

"Crosis said... I agree that Julie getting a spanking would be hot, but I can't seem to decide if I'd rather see it as over the knee, or bent over in the "assumed" position." Definitely the assumed position, grabbing those ankles while starkers. Having nothing but glasses would just be an added bonus.

Outside forfeits would be great, even in if solitary locations, not public. Especially if the loser(s) had to walk or run or go skinny dipping.

Troosevelt said...


This one might get away from me, but here it goes.

1. I don't think that offering girls more money to play games they otherwise would not play is really any more scumbag-esq than what you do now. Effectively, non of the girls on your site would play the games to begin with unpaid. By paying more for some things and less for others, you're just finding the market clearing price. You might think of it as negotiating the bid-ask SPREAD Hooray capitalism.

2. I am glad to hear that julie is coming back, especially thinking of her performance in the last series. As I've said before, I think jumping jacks are the best non-explicit forfeit you do, with Amber-Ashley exercise routine being the best version of the forfeit to date. Moving up, spreading is definitely another favorite, although I might suggest that you have girls use their hands to get even more open. I also like it when the winner is telling the loser how to pose, with the best examples being "are you ok, like... ok do that then" and "slouch down, like way down."

Unrelated, I wanted to throw a couple ideas I've pitched previously up here.

3. I think a game with escalating forfeits would be great. The loser gets naked and twirls and the game continues. For each subsequent round the winner loses, the winner would strip 1 article, if the loser loses, she has to do forfeit one (say jumping jacks) then forfeit two (say spreading), and so on. This would continue until the winner would have lost her panties, which she won't have to remove, but the loser stops taking forfeits.

4. I think that a great idea would be a "board" of forfeits. Each game, the winner(s) get to pick a forfeit off the board for the loser to do. That forfeit is then eliminated. I think the key draws are that first, it reveals what forfeits are the most embarrassing (b/c they are assigned first) and second, it gives the viewer a sense of sequence in the games (and probably builds suspense that the viewer's favorite girl gets the forfeit they want to see).

This idea could be particularly compelling if there were dollar values attached to doing each forfeit. Eg. if you lose and have to do that forfeit, you get the bonus associated with it. You might even structure it as that money comes out of the winners check. This could be really interesting if there were negative bonuses for less severe forfeits (eg. winner takes money from the loser). You could even design an auction where the girls place bids to determine the value of each bonus, which would serve greatly as a promo for the series. If you want specific ideas on how to structure that auction (which could probably take a simple format), let me know. The benefits, in order of importance: (1) you'd get great banter about the forfeits that would be exciting and reveal how the girls feel about the forfeits, (2) it would advertise very well what forfeits would be in the series, and (3) it would probably save cash relative to a blind offer.

5. Related idea, but instead of crossing forfeits off, they escalate. Ie. the forfeit for 1 game lost is mild, say jumping jacks, two games, a streak, three games, spreading and so on. I really like this idea because it creates the possibility that both (or more) girls will have to do the same low-level forfeit. But more importantly, you can assign really bad forfeits to high loss rates. We may never see a girl lose enough games for it to matter, but if you employed this system and had one girl hit a bad losing streak, it would probably pay off.

6. I think the idea of betting on a live event is a great one. I didn't understand the long turn around time when I proposed the idea, but if you can think of an event far enough in the future, it could work. For example, a promo is put on the blog where let's say five girls pick teams to _lose_ a baseball division. The girl with the team that wins would then have some very large forfeit posted to the site. With two girls, they could just "draft" baseball teams to win (division, league, WS even --though that would be a long draft), with the loser being whoever didn't pick the eventual winner. Perhaps it would suffer from all the girls having to do a forfeit on video at the shoot, but I think the prospect of only ever being able to see one would really excite this board and create greater viewer involvement/investment in the bet.

Red said...

Hey, anon 2:46 (please sign your posts): I don't know where people might have gotten this idea, but there is nothing at all wrong with naming "the other site that had the players sit in a circle." It's DareRing.com, and it's not only got some great videos and a great message board, it's an unbelievable value. If somebody only had $19.95 to spend on videos, I'd tell him he'd be crazy to spend it here instead of there.

Also: I guess the "assumed position" is vague :) I picture someone standing bent at the waist, bracing her hands against a wall. Grabbing her ankles? I'd think that'd make a poor platform for spanking, wouldn't it? I mean, if you smack her too hard, she'd tip over. Maybe I need someone to draw me a picture :) Anyway, if I can't talk the ladies into opening their legs, they probably would avoid any position that would obviously display their goodies, but maybe I can trick 'em. (And yes, I guess I am going to hell... and yes, I sure hope the ladies don't read this.)

Anon 1:00 (sign your freakin' posts, anons!): Pie in the face... or elsewhere, that's a good one. The last pie-in-the-face forfeit I did was positively received, but I know I could do it better. For one thing, the pie was still mostly frozen, so the chocolate cream mostly stayed in the pan. For another thing... one pie? What was I thinking? If I do P-I-T-F again, it'll be multiple pies, and they won't just be in the face.

Also, anyone have any good ideas for a portable apparatus which can restrain a girl's wrists above her head? I could really use one of those.

As it happens, I've got a specific call out for geek girls... they're my favorites, too :) I'll see what I can do.

Lotfw said...

Some great suggestions. I havent viewed enough of the vids here to know all the girls but I like Julie,Lily and Elizabeth's videos. There is a good amount of friendly tension.
I would love to see a video with a good 'surprise you are naked" prank.
This may be a difficult line to walk but the players know one partof the forfeit. Lets say walk around in a short skirt sans undies then revelaed to the winner(s) at the end of the game via a special card winners would pull up the losers skirt when she wasnt expecting it. Face reaction, covering up all would be awesome to catch....

TheSilentOne said...

One point about the suggestion to pay more for more explicit forfeits - be careful that you don't offer so much more that the girls "play to lose". I would offer both girls more to risk the forfeit but have only one girl do it. (It might cost more this way, but from a "game integrity" perspective, I think it is worth it.)

Red said...

TSO, don't worry, I've never given a girl an incentive to lose. I've on occasion paid bonuses to the girls who win games, but I don't pay the loser more just because she had to do a forfeit and the winner didn't.

Anonymous said...

The "candy kiss" game would work with three girls playing and taking turns kissing and guessing - if a player guesses right then no clothing is lost that round. And it would look like a softcore threesome!

Crosis has been posting game samples on Dailymotion - maybe being the "star" in a promo clip for dailymotion or youtube could work for a milder forfeit. The loser stands nekkid in front of the camera and gives a little prepared commercial/speech something like "Visit Lostbets.com where you will find girls playing dice games, card games,...etc....players that lose the games lose their clothes and end up doing....etc....so come see me and my friends at Lostbets.com." In the actual game where the forfeit takes place we get to see the full uncensored version - maybe also with bloopers, while the public domain promos get the red diamonds censoring out boobs and kitty.


LF1 said...

What happened to those ads with the girl covering the good parts while saying "I lost my clothes at Lost Bets dot com!"

mark said...

Oh red i did join dare ring but the do not add anymoer vidioes to the sight any more

Anonymous said...

Hi Lost Better's

just a quick couple of points, first i joined dare ring a couple of years ago and it is a shame the games stopped but its still a great site with excellent footage available.

secondly i only just found your site after catching the promo's on Dailymotion. This is a great way to bring in more viewers and generate more revenue ($) so even more budget available for the more "risqe" forfiets. Just on the point of "to pay or not to pay" i see no reason at all for there to be a higher budget for more explicit content (pay more to these gorgeous women) if they are willing to participate in forfeits that push them out of their comfort zones. Would you would expect to pay the same to an actress for playing a part in a film that required nudity as for the one that didnt. I would see this just the same.

Anyway keep up the great work Red from 1 of your newest fans


OD 99x said...

Here are a few ideas for the shy girls. While this isn't my "thing" I know some people really like naked girls popping balloons. The forfeit could be having to pop 10 balloons by sitting on them. There would be some discomfort when the balloons pop and there would be a chance of getting to see a little more when the girl is trying to get it to pop. Another idea which is a little off the wall is making the girl sit or lie down on a scat mat. It’s a device that keeps pets off stuff using a small shock. It would be less painful then a spanking, but would be something that you wouldn’t want to do. Having sat on one it would make a naked girl jump and squeal. Just a couple of off-the-wall ideas.

Personally I like the idea of pushing the girl’s limits and making the forfeit something they really don’t want to do. I don’t like the idea of talking about the money during the game. It ruins the illusion that these are just a bunch of people getting together to play naked games. As for going to hell what you’re doing is all between consensual adults so keep doing it.

Duke the III said...

The comments here started me thinking about an idea for a new game. It's a bit more into the gameshow style. The game will be based around the concept of "bidding" to avoid stripping or doing a forfeit. Each girl will start with a number of points, chips, play money or real money as her budget for the entire game. Let's say, for example, each girl starts with 1000 credit points.

In the first rounds each girl will bid how many points she is willing to pay to avoid stripping a specific item of clothing (shirt/skirt/bra/panties for example). They will do so by writing the number on a piece of paper without showing the other girls. If there are two girls, the highest bidder pays up and keeps the item of clothing and the second one strips, but doesn't have to pay. If there are three players, the highest bidder still pays not to strip, the second highest bidder strips without paying, but the lowest bidder (the round's 'loser', if you will) strips and also pays up what the 2nd highest bidder wrote down. The idea is that bidding high keeps you safe, but leaves less points to use in other rounds. Bidding too low, the girl risks having to both strip and still lose a lot of points. If there are 3 players, we are guarunteed that two thirds of the items of clothing will be removed (only 1 shirt remains, only one skirt remains etc.).

Once the clothing rounds are done, we switch to bidding to avoid forfeits. A forfeit is drawn from a jar containing many potential forfeits. There should be a mix of tamer forfeits and more explicit ones. The girls then bid how much they are willing to pay to avoid doing the forfeit. The lowest bidder then has to perform the forfeit, while the others pay up from their budget. There should be at least a few forfeit rounds, to ensure we get a good mix. The girls shouldn't know exactly which forfeits are in the jar. The idea is that when faced with the bidding, they will be in the dark as to whether the next round may be more explicit.

The nice thing is that if the video ends up being long, it can be split into parts, because all rounds still have the "game" aspect to them. I also like this idea because of the lovely various combinations and strategies that can come out of it - it really can go in so many interesting ways.

What do people think about this idea?

Dave35 said...

>>> Also, anyone have any good ideas for a portable apparatus which can restrain a girl's wrists above her head? I could really use one of those.

HI Red in reply to this comment take a look at this : http://www.sextoyshopping.co.uk/product.php/2574/bedroom-bondage-door-cuffs

Maybe this will help


Anonymous said...

Games that i would love to see if you could find the space to play them are touch football ( yes i just rewatched the fantastic H.O.T.S), and dodgeball. They are games that need a lot of space, and 4+ players, but would also be such fun games that i feel it would be well worth looking in to.


The Strip Game Fan said...

Hey Red & others - been a while since I posted here. Just a couple of thoughts, since this is turning into the free-form ideas thread...

Idea #1: On a different site (goes by the acronym NiP), they periodically bring in girls (usually three at a time) to play strip games in public places - usually bars/pubs. The girls are *supposedly* girls would would not normally consider going nude in public, and are only considering this for two reasons: 1) there is cash on hand for the winner(s), and 2) only one loser actually gets fully naked.

So: if there are girls you have approached but who have been hesitant (or basically unwilling), you might propose a one-game appearance: three girls, all *really* wanting to avoid losing, two winners gets special cash prizes, and only one loser gets fully naked. But that loser must completely reveal herself to the camera (no hiding/covering allowed), and anything the "winners" might lose during the game also must be revealed. Each girl has a 66% chance of not ending up fully naked and also ending up with a cash prize - and she's not signing up for a long-term deal.

Idea #2: if you're looking for an embarrassing forfeit that involves going out in public, something to consider is a remote-controlled vibrator. The loser would have to wear the vibrator, giving control to the winner; both would go out in public, and the winner could trigger the loser's vibrator whenever she wanted (ideally, to maximize the loser's embarrassment in front of other people).

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