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Friday, June 26, 2009

Die, ducks!

This week's update, which also happens to be video #100, is up! Ashton and Mia return to represent their nation against Julie and new girl Sammy. Enjoy.

Also this week, a refresh of the clip store design and the unveil of our new logo. Sorry to everyone who's a fan of day-glo radioactive green but the background is now a more tasteful deep blue. Plus, there's an awesome promo featuring clips from a dozen different games on the page. Crosis did a sweet job cutting it together. (I did a somewhat less sweet job of embedding it using Flash, so if there's a problem, let me know so I can add one more pin to the voodoo doll representing Adobe I've got hanging from a noose in my office.)

Sincere, heartfelt thanks to all the fans who made it possible for us to reach this milestone. I never would've dreamed we'd make it this far.


Anonymous said...

First up, that new promo is pretty damned stunning. Reminded me of how much good stuff there is on this site.

Second, congrats on reaching clip 100. A fantastic achievement, and here's to the next 100.

And finally, clip 100 is pretty good. Must admit, I'd find the singing forfeit pretty embarrassing dressed, let along naked.

...and Ashton looks hot with dark hair, doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

Excellent clip - being #100 and all! I was waiting for the hockey game to start at the end of the singing, eh! One thing about that game, it's a game of skill and if someone sees that you're a good shot, they might not want to play against you at a future photoshoot. Unless they see it as a challenge.

Also, excellent teaser clip Crosis! A really good sampling of models, games and forfeits. Ashley running outside nekkid from game 86 would have been a good clip - maybe in the next sampler.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Thanks for all your movies, great job. Thanks to the comments about yor promo I got curious. But unless I've installed the most recent version of Adobe Flash, i can't see the promo....
Can you help me out?.. :-)

Thanks, Henk

Dave35 said...

100 congrats red and Crosis, keep up the great work.

Crosis said...

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. For those that can see the promo, I'm glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun to put together. There were a few shots that I wanted to incluide but didn't for a number of reasons (didn't have an HD version, already used that person too much, etc). Hopefully I'll be able to do a few more montage type promos (next up is one featuring spanking forfeits).

For those that can't view it yet, be patient, we'll have that issue fixed soon. I tried posting it to DailyMotion, but it got pulled within 30 minutes for a TOS violation.

Gordon, believe it or not, the original idea was to have the game be table hockey with the singing forfeit, but the hockey game didn't work too well. If I ever get around to putting together a blooper reel, I'll be able to show some of the footage.

And since nobody has said it yet... It's DUCK SEASON!!!

Red said...

By the way guys, for those of who who've been asking, next week's update will feature Addie, Simon, and three new people. It's a good game with a good forfeit (and some very red asses.)


Anonymous said...

As a hardcore hockey fan, I have to say that I'm disappointed that the table hockey didn't quite work out.

...and is it bad that because I attend 30-40 hockey games a season, I can honestly say I know every word of not only the US national anthem but also the Canadian one?


Red said...

Naw, nothing bad about that, Memory. The Canadian anthem is easy to remember:

O Canada, eh?
Our home and native land, eh?

And believe me, I was bummed that the hockey game didn't work out either. That's what I get for buying a $30 table hockey game and expecting it to work. I'll try to get a better one for next time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Congrats on the site and the interesting games. Could you confirm if there would be more of Ashton and Mia? Now that they are back for a game, they can do a few more for sure, can't they?:)


Crosis said...

I think we've sorted out the issues with the Clip Store promo. If you had trouble viewing it before, try again and let us know if there are any more problems.

Red said...

LondonFan, you definitely haven't seen the last of Ashton and Mia. That's all I can say for now.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Red. Also, a request if possible it would nice to provide a list of the coming soon videos - basically something like this month will feature (am I making the wrong assumption in saying that you know well in advance what clips you are going to publish at least in a month's time frame)?


Red said...

Usually not, LondonFan. There are times I haven't known what I'd publish until literally the day before. On the other hand, there have been times I've known what the next four or five videos would be. Right now... it's the former :) I'm not sure what I'll be publishing the weekend of the 8th, but as soon as I figure it out I'll let you know.

mikenort said...

Red, new story idea

time for ashley, wednesday and victor to get back together.

time for the girls to get victor tied up, shaved and tossed out in the hallway all bald and naked