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Monday, June 29, 2009

Introducing Candle

When Red came to visit, we asked Addie and Simon if they knew anyone who might want to join in the fun. Addie introduced us to Candle, and boy are we glad she did. I don't want to spoil all of the fun right away (and believe me there was fun to be had that day). We mentioned a few posts down about 4 things that had never previously happened at Lost Bets. Well one of those things fell into our lap so to speak. As we were setting up for the shoot, Candle mentions that a friend of hers left something behind that we were free to use. if we wanted. If you watch this promo really closely, you might be able to see what it is...

This week's update will be up on Friday at the usual time. It will involve Candle, as well as Addie and Malloy, another girl making her debut with us. Simon is back, along with another player making his lostbets debut, Chuck. They don't play in this game, but they do have a very crucial role Here's a sneak peak at the title screen.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I saw a sybian in the promo! That'll be an interesting forfeit! But, why are the ladies smiling and the guys have serious faces - I hope that isn't indicative of how often the ladies won and the guys lost!


Red said...

Gord, fear not, I'm pretty sure you're not going to be disappointed. And the gentlemen look serious because they've been charged with a very serious responsibility... in this particular game, they were not players, they had another task assigned to them. But you'll learn all about that in a few days.

I managed to make an ass of myself with both of the new girls, by the way. Some of our players use their real names, while others prefer to go by stage names. I allow this, but I do ask that assumed names sound like real gender-appropriate names. So I told the new girls that I'd appreciate it if they chose different stage names, that didn't sound so fake and made-up as "Candle" and "Malloy". Turns out that in both cases, those are their real names. Oops.

Crosis said...

Actually, the seriousness look on the guys faces has more to do with me trying to find a frame of video that had all 3 girls looking at the camera with their eyes open looking at the camera ;)

Ahhh yes, the sybian (I guess you don't have to watch that closely to see it). It's too bad that we weren't rolling the cameras (or at least the microphone) when Candle said that there was one we could use. I swear you could actually hear the sound of two jaws dropping to the floor. When we get around to that video, I promise it will be a classic.

They played a total of 8 games that day, and everyone lost at least once. There were a couple of forfeits that looked rather painful, one that was quite wet, one that was artistically political (or is politically artistic), and a few that were downright silly. For those that enjoyed Addie and Simon's game of four in a row, you'll be pleased to know that they squared off in round 2 in front of the other 3 players.

Good times indeed...

BB said...

Finally got to see the promo - thanks for your extra work in making it possible. And it was well worth the wait.

I already have my choice for riding the sybian of the three girls shown ... and would love to see Julie and Ashton try it out as well.

Red said...

Hey BB, glad you liked the promo.

So you'd like to see Ashton ride a sybian? Cool... I'd like a pony, myself. Ain't gonna happen, either one. It was like pulling teeth getting her just to open her legs... and she's made it quite clear that she's not going any further.

Julie is another story. It was even harder getting her to open her legs than Ashton... but now that she's done it, uh, I think maybe I've awakened something in that girl. Not saying she'd do it, in fact I doubt she would, but there's a better chance she'd do it than Ashton.

Of course, we don't actually own a sybian so it's kind of moot, but maybe I should start pricing them.

BB said...

And thanks for bringing back my favorite kind of promo: "I lost my clothes at Lost Bets dot com!" But head to toe - let's see the whole show! LOL

Gambler said...

Your productions and forfeits just keep getting better and better. I'd love to purchase a number of your Videos on DVD. Will that be a possibility any time soon.


Red said...

First off, Gambler/Fanclub, thanks for the compliment. It really means a lot to me. We've tried hard to keep from getting too formulaic or stale, and I'm glad to hear that we're still improving.

As for DVDs... it's something I'd definitely like to offer and something we're planning on offering at some point, but we haven't gotten around to it yet. Keep on pestering us to do it (and that goes for everyone else who wants DVDs as well) and hopefully it'll happen sooner rather than later.