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Friday, September 25, 2009

And this part is known as the "fun-tunnel"

Episode 116 is up, featuring the return by popular demand of Kala and Elizabeth. One of these girls is gonna end up showing us a lot. Enjoy.


Mark said...

you just not go wrong with these to hotyes

Mindworm said...

Nice game, sexy girls, and educational also! :D

Mindworm said...

It’s quite possible that this has been mentioned by others, as I’m rather new to your games.
I happened to find this site, http://www.lostbetsgames.com, featuring your games! It looks like a pay-site with subscription, but it doesn’t look like it’s possible to join yet. Is this something you’re working on, or is someone else planning to use your games illegally? I hope this is the first step of you having your own site! If so, what will the price be? I also noticed that the link to the Clip Store, is a link to Clips4Sale, but I guess this will change when the site is up and running?

Also, if this is a brand new site under planning, how can you then already have testimonials?

TheSilentOne said...

Looks legit - I think you might have spoiled Red's surprise announcement though...

Presumably the testamonials are from here.

Anonymous said...

@TheSilentOne: Actually, my bet is that the Lost Bets Games site is in what's called a private beta, in which a small group of users are given access to a website to put it through its paces and (hopefully) find all the bugs before it goes live.

--- mycroft

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