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Friday, September 18, 2009

Covering my ass


Episode 114 features alcohol, so I made sure to get this disclaimer. I was apparently zooned way too far in to get most of the players, but I here it is anyway.

NOTE: This post has been edited; see comments for details.


Anonymous said...

You souch a teaser, maybe even more than Amber and Mary, do we see them soon?>

Anonymous said...

Great movie, and a great forfeit. They could be a super coupple, the play between them was good, keep on the good work:)

Mismanager said...

These two are great. I hope they'll become regulars and I'm looking forward to the revenge session. My vote is for more clips like this and fewer involving males.

The Strip Game Fan said...

Maybe I'm just missing the whole point here, but wasn't the first alcohol-drinking-based game "Strip Beer Pong with Johnny, Joe, Kat, and Daisy"? Since I didn't buy that one, I guess it's possible there might be an invisible asterisk by that game (the cups weren't filled with beer, but with water or something else)?

Red said...

Shit. Shit. Shit. How could I forget mother-effin' Beer Pong!! Thanks for reminding me, I don't know how it slipped my mind.

And for the record, with the exception of one player's cups (who had an allergy), yes, Beer Pong featured real beer. But in my defense, I didn't record a disclaimer like this one.

MJD said...

Hey Red, any word on when we might see the toe sucking forfeit you mentioned a couple of months ago?

Keep up the good work.

Red said...

MJD: Best way to see it is to keep reminding me that people want to see it. I'll bump it up in the queue.

Not next week, though. Next week, I already got something lined up... muhaha. I'd say more, but Kim called me a teaser, and I gotta live up to the rep.

Randomguy85 said...

Holy shit Red!! You weren't kidding, those fine young ladies both (and I agree, especially Charlie) are jaw droppingly gorgeous! You have GOT to do a tickling forfeit with them, please please! And get me their numbers so we can grab drinks! (I know, I'm dreaming...)

Mark said...

I did not think it was that hot only becuse it did not sound like she got off

Red said...

Sorry you were disappointed, Mark. If it makes any difference... based on events that happened after the cameras stopped rolling, I'm pretty sure she did. Someday I may tell that story, it's kind of amusing.

Mindworm said...

Being one of the unfortunates who can only use the standard version of your videos, I’m glad to finally having been able to watch this week’s video. Reading the description of it, I had high expectations about this one, and I surely wasn’t disappointed! Games like this one, is what I like most of all, both these girls are hot and sexy, and I loved the forfeit! The additional use of the glass-dildo, made this video even more exciting to watch! Let’s see more of these girls, they also had very good chemistry between them, and I loved the way they kissed each other!

Speaking of hot girls, would it be possible to get some more black girls on your videos? Or what about some Asian girls? The black girl, Lexi, from the 9-player game, was gorgeous, and I would love to see more of her!

Red said...

Mindworm: Believe me, I've been concerned about the lack of ethnic diversity among the players here at lostbets.com for awhile. Not that I've got anything at all against white girls, but variety is the spice of life, right? There's been that one game featuring Lexi, and Sasha and Vivian are Puerto Rican, and Elizabeth is half-Mexican, but beyond that, we've just been too darned Cauc-heavy.

There's some good news, though. In the not-too-distant future you'll be meeting Tiana (or Tia), a stunning ebony beauty who I think is gonna fit in here just fine. I paired her with Ashley, and despite never having met before the two of them hit it off incredibly well. Wait 'til you see them.

In addition to Tia, we'll also soon be meeting Maya, who's of Indian heritage (South Asian, not American), and Asia. I'll let you guess what her heritage is.

Anonymous said...

Hello there

I'm loving your work, keep it up guys! Anyway I've been thinking of a way to make the women more embarrassed...

I think it would be cool if those having to strip were not directly involved in playing the game, therefore their level of undress or even the forefit is determined by other players, who do not have to suffer the consquences of their actions. I think this would be good with two male players who play the game and two females who have to do the stripping and the forefit.


Joe Public

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT players in this game Red, I hope we get to see the winner of this game squirm and squeal in the near future like the loser did!

Just to add to the ethnic thread, Tristen from the very early games is Nat-American, originally from Alaska.


Mindworm said...

About anonymous suggestion, I can't say I like this idea! First, I don't enjoy having male players in the games (just my opinion though), even if they're fully dressed! Secondly, and the most important reason, I think the games work best when the girls only have to 'thank themselves', for having to strip, because of less skill than the opponent, or bad luck! This is also the reason I prefer games determined by skill, as this makes some extra pressure on the girls!

Crosis said...

Actually guys, there is some footage in the vault of a game played between two guys with their girlfriends' clothing and modesty on the line. There is some question on whether or not the video is legal for sale however (we might have combined some elements in the forfeit that aren't allowed by c4s). We'll have to consult our board of Standards and Malpractices.