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Friday, March 26, 2010

There's an update today

Gentlemen, I am sick as a dog. Nothing serious, just very annoying and draining. I'm far too groggy to write something witty that will convince you that you must go out and buy this update right away, so if you could just imagine that I've done it, I'd appreciate it, thanks. I'm going back to bed now. Where's my chicken soup?


Unknown said...

Forgot to upload the video.

Unknown said...

there it is.

Anonymous said...

I must say I don't understand..
First you go through all the trouble of producing a clip, all the organisation and planning, you get the lights right, hiring actors etc etc.. all this work..
And than you're just going to let it fly that Betty Jo keeps whining during the forfeit????
Did someone remind her she was starring in an erotic movie???
Did someone remind you that you were the director???

Anonymous said...

Not that Red needs defending, the man can take care of himself, but the previous Anon must be new to the site. These aren't "acted" clips. They are unscripted, and some of the people (myself included) who support this site prefer that fact.

Hit up Google if you wanna see some girl pretending that she likes to ride a dildo and faking an orgasm. I'd rather see the girl bitch about it then watch something fake.

Also, since no one has said it yet: get well, Red.

- PTron

Mindworm said...

Hope you're feeling better, Red! You don't have time to be sick, you have to make more of your awesome videos! :D

If it makes you feel any better, I can tell you that I enjoyed this one also! The fact that the loser felt really uncomfortable doing the forfeit, just made it more sexy! I also agree with the words of PTron.

Just a word about Erin. You have a lot of beautiful and sexy girls featured in your videos, and Erin's no exception. What makes her stand out though, is that she's also probably the cutest girl I've seen here! Hope you have more games with her!

Red said...

@Anon 1:24 (please sign your posts): I may be the director, but the truth is I'm not a very good one. So my "direction", such as it is, usually consists of: "Play the game, have fun, try not to lose, and let your personality show." Sometimes I throw in something about it being okay to break the fourth wall and address the audience directly -- some girls do this better than others. So in other words, I'm trying to get "reality porn" here, with as much realism as is possible in an admittedly artificial setting. Sorry if it isn't to your liking.

@PTron and Mindworm, re. the good wishes for my health: thanks. I'm feeling better today than I did yesterday, so hopefully I'm on the mend. Prudella is bringing over some chicken soup, which should help.

@Mindworm: You haven't seen the last of Erin, fear not.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see more forfeits of bj's and hj's.

Red said...

Duly noted.

Coming this weekend: the first of a two-parter. Episode 149 is a team game of Beer Pong, with the losing team playing a very special role in Episode 150. Softcore fans, these are for you. Hardcore fans, don't worry. More of Cory/Britney/Renna and Erin/Betty Jo coming soon.

Lotfw said...

Sorry off topic..someone snuck a spam post in one of the old posts


Red said...

Thanks, Lotfw. Dealt with. (In the future, if you just post a comment on the same article with the spammy post, I'll see it.)

Charlie said...

Yay, beer pong! I love games like that -- games that make you feel you're at a college party where things got a little out of hand...

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I know you are trying for reality but you ARE paying these ladies and they do know what the forfeit is going to be BEFORE they start the game. If you are not willing to pay up then don't play. You should have some kind of penalty for those who pull a stunt like this, say another forfeit, could be spanking or streaking or showering??? This way we all get the poorly done forfeit plus a second one to make up for the weaseling out of the original.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to sign it Red...gb

Anonymous said...

I must confess main factor that come in to play when I buy a clip is the players. If Ashely of Julie are in the clip I may buy. If Ashton or Mia are in the clip then I will Buy. I remember I saw A Prome whit Ashotn, MIa and two other girl with a paddle what happen to that clip? MJ

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

What a great girls Cory/Britney/Renna are! Really your top girls for the moment.

For sure Cory is my Fav.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

@Red More of Cory/Britney/Renna and Erin/Betty Jo coming soon..

Could you give any indication when?

I saw on the clip4sale that you can make different shops. Maybe you could split the softer and harder forfeits in different shops, so people can easily find clips of their interest.
And if you alternate the publising of softer and harder forfeits everbody know when to check the site. (I know, i'm lazy; that is were these ideas come from)


Red said...

@gb: Thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep it in mind. But truthfully, despite the loser's reluctance to do the forfeit I didn't think this game turned out all that badly. It was kind of cute, actually.

@Anon (please sign your posts): If it's the game I think it is, it's the very last game I have (or ever will have) featuring Ashton and Mia. It hasn't been produced yet because I've had other stuff to publish, and also because the nature of the game is going to make it challenging to edit. You'll see. I'll try to get it published sometime this month or next month.

@LBF: Glad you liked those three. I can pretty much guarantee that you'll love their next appearance (see below.)

@Pete: The current plan is to publish the next couple of games with Erin/Betty Jo and Cory/Britney/Renna as episode 151 and 152, meaning April 16 and April 23. The good news is that they're both really hot clips. The bad news is that with both of these sets of girls, I only had them for a couple of hours, and so I only have the two games for each.

I've thought about opening a second store and splitting my clips into hardcore vs. softcore. I'm worried about having enough material to maintain two updates a week, but I could always get more. (Lots of girls who've appeared here before have been calling me lately wanting to pose again.) Maybe.