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Friday, April 2, 2010

Mmmm... beer

In retrospect, serving alcohol to Holly might not have been very smart.

We've got a brand-new beer pong table, much cooler looking than the old one, and this week's update features its maiden voyage. It's sort of like the first part of a two-part episode... episode #150, next week, definitely follows off of this one. Hope y'all like it.


Gymfrog said...

I have an idea for a great game, called suck and blow. Take a playing card, player one sucks it to their mouth, then to pass it to player two using only their lips.
I think this would be a great mixed company game. The TWO losers each turn would be the people the card fell between. Or if one person was moving to the other, then only a single person.
When the card slips at in oportune times it is interesting

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

After seeing the Cory, Britney, and Renna for five times now I know for sure. The best girls ever!!!!For sure Cory. WHAT A CUTIE!

Please please book them again soon. Cannot wait for the next issue. That's the next weeks one where they pop up again?

And they are daring. So why not let the loser order pizza!

Lost bet fan ( and now Cory Fan as well)

Anonymous said...

Really loved clip 147! I think Renna is really cute, it's too bad we didn't get to see more of her. Cory is cute too


Red said...

@Gymfrog: Hmm, I don't know. I'll try some experiments with card-passing and see how well it works.

@LBF/CF: You'll see Cory and the other two again in 18 days. The schedule is:

#150 (April 9): Best in Show with Holly, Franco, Dick, and Zayda
#151 (April 16): Estonian Roulette with Erin and Betty Jo
#152 (April 23): Rock-Paper-Scissors with Cory, Renna, and Britney.

It's worth the wait. Trust me.

As for booking them again... believe me, I want to. They're not local. But given the extremely positive response to their first appearance, it may be worth flying them out here, or flying out to them.

And as for pizza... well, there's a game for pizza between Holly and Zayda. The delivery driver was very happy.

@BK: Yeah, it is kind of a shame that Renna didn't show more. It's one of the real disadvantages of sticking to un-fixed games, I'm afraid :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Thought about some nasty forfeits (pref. for Cory of course :-))

1) Let the loser call mum/dad/sister and talk chit chat while being licked by the other girls. Mum/dad/sis should not notice
2) let loser call GF not on set to walk by, let them in and convince to participate.
3) There is a vid on the internet from a girl who strips for friends in the underground. Very daring. So loser has to do that as well.

Just some ideas.


Anonymous said...


any tips on where to get the stripping for friends in the underground vid? sounds good :)

Im hoping for a good forfeit with Erin, something like pizza would be great.


Unknown said...

Have you heard of the strip spelling bee?


I don't want to say you should just rip off their idea... but... yeah, you should just rip off their idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,

Go to megaporn.com and search on underground and prague.

Title of vid is: Beautiful voyeur in prague underground

That and Cory.... what a vid would that be....

Have fun.