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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lessons learned

Even after doing this for nearly three years, I still have much to learn. For example, next time I have a girl fellate a dildo, I'll make sure the dildo's latex or plastic, not glass. The loser of today's update was lucky to escape without chipping a tooth. Oh well. It's a pretty hot clip anyway.

By the way, I'd like to give a shout-out to all my relatives, friends, relatives' friends, and friends' relatives who recently learned about this site's existence. Um... hi, guys. Any publicity is good publicity, right?


not Crosis said...

Or next time you could have the girl fellate one of your camera operators instead ;) (now I just hope my wife doesn't read this post)

Lisa said...

Wow, your whole family knows about your site.

I have thought about playing a strip game here, but I do worry about my cirlce of friends and family will discover what I have done.


Lisa said...

I come and go with this site. I'm not sure if this site is changing me or not.

My ultimate favorite is forced public nudity dares, streaking etc.... But I do have to admit that I have been turned on to some new things.

After reading some of the posts here, a new turn on in terms of a forfeit would be for two rival and beautiful women to go head to head in a game of skill. They are dressed to kill and ready to impress.

Perhaps a game of pool, where the players are able to move around would be good.

As each piece of clothing is lost, the winner cuts the article off with a knife. When one of the women had lost all of her clothing. The forfeit begins.

The forfeit is that the winner sits the loser down and spreads her legs wide open then proceeds to shave off her bush. Then the winner gets clippers and shaves the losers head completely bald.

Once hairless, the losing woman must spread her legs and masturbate while the winner gloats. How humiliating is that, wow!

I went to www.haircut.net and there are very beautiful women who agree to be shaved bald. I'm sure you can find some women who will agree to this.

I have to masturbate now, this is getting to be too much.


With each

Red said...

@notCrosis: It's a good thing you're not Crosis, 'cuz his wife would kill him if he wrote something like that.

@Lisa: Yup, my whole family knows about this site... mainly because certain female relatives of mine are BIG BLABBERMOUTHS. At a recent family occasion, it was all anyone could talk about. "So, Red, I hear you're a pornographer now. How's that working out for you?"

As for you playing a game here, well, the offer is wide open... as will you be, if you lose. If you're worried about family and friends finding out, I'll let you wear a mask. (Although it should be said that my F&F mostly took the news with good humor. My uncle wants to invest, and his babe of a girlfriend wants to pose.)

As for your fantasy game, it sounds great. How about throwing in a few non-playing spectators, male and female both, to enjoy the spectacle of the loser's humiliation and to laugh and cheer as she masturbates?

Charlie said...

One of the things I love about the "snip" games is the thought that the losers are trapped without clothing (and even the winners may have very little left). I'd love it if you could film them going home that way, especially if they had to walk.

GreenMonster89 said...

Damn if I don't agree with Lisa's forfeit!! She came up with a much better idea than I did, and I guarantee that I would buy that clip, if it ever comes to fruition!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Red
Do you mean to tell us that your family did not know about the site for two years? I bet there is a story good story behind the way they found out. PsI would not consiner this site to be porngaric MJ MJ

Red said...

@Charlie: That's a good idea. So far, I've got a perfect record: not once has any of my players (nor myself) been arrested, and I'd like to keep it that way, but I'll do what I can.

@GreenMonster: Duly noted. I'm already seeing if I can find some players who'd risk their hair (and the other stuff, too) and I'll let you know if I succeed.

@MJ: There's not really much of a story. It's not like I was keeping it secret from a wife and kids (I have neither), and I did tell my immediate family (parents and siblings) awhile ago. Some of them decided to blab to aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, in-laws, and oh yes, Grandma, who was thrilled. One of the disadvantages of becoming a pornographer is that it instantly becomes the most interesting thing about you, and therefore seemingly all anyone wants to talk about. By the way, if you don't consider this pornography, it's only because you haven't seen some of the stuff I've filmed but haven't produced yet :) Jack asked me awhile ago if I'd ever have games with actual sex as a forfeit. Yup. Coming soon.

Anonymous said...

I love the three way games where the two losers have an orgasm contest. Seeing them with the vibrator pressed bewteen them is very hot. I would also like to see the sybian again.

Red said...

@Anon (please sign your posts!): The orgasm races are among my favorite forfeits too. Watching the girls trying to fight off their own orgasms while pressing the vibe into the other girl's clit... man, I gotta do more of those.

I'd like to see the sybian again too, but it wasn't mine... it was borrowed from someone who lives out of town. I've thought about getting one of my own, but geezus those things are expensive. Well over a thousand bucks. But maybe it'll turn out to be a good investment.

Anonymous said...

Hi red, im sorry i don't mean to be rude its, just i have sent a few messages to your email. and im still waiting for a reply.