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Friday, May 7, 2010

Coming today

By popular demand, Candle returns, along with Addie and Malloy. This is actually sort of retro... this was the first game these three played together (and the first game Candle and Malloy ever played at lostbets.com). Enjoy.


GreenMonster89 said...

This video definitely looks promising and is one I'm considering adding to my collection. I have an interesting idea for a forfeit, if you can find two girls willing to take the risk. It's a head shaving forfeit. The girls play one of your stripping games, and then the winner shaves the loser's head bald. By bald, I mean when the winner finishes clipper shaving the loser's hair off, she uses shaving cream and a razor to shave the loser's head smooth. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that would take them out of the industry for a good number of months while their hair grows back. Sounds excessive to me.

GreenMonster89 said...

I'm talking about one game with ONE loser. That would possibly put one girl out of the industry for a little while. This could be a moot point anyway. Finding two ladies willing to risk their hair could be easier said than done.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I sent you a couple emails about a new game idea called Tickle Strip and an idea for the store. Please get back to me when you get a chance.

Fan request: More tickling and/or feet forfeits.
- N

Anonymous said...

For the record, I'd be on board with a head shaving forfeit.


GreenMonster89 said...

Hey Red, you have any thoughts about a possible head shaving forfeit? Just wondering. Again that's if you can find two girls willing to take that risk.

Old Man said...

I like the idea of head shaving as well. I have bought downloads from Haircut.net of women having their head shaved. Models probably could still work with wigs.

Red said...

Head shaving sounds like a great forfeit, but as you say, it might be very hard to get girls who'd be willing to risk losing their hair. I'll see what I can do, but don't hold your breath.