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Friday, June 18, 2010

Double your pleasure, double your fun

No, I haven't managed to recruit twins... dangit. But this week's update does feature something that's "double". Enjoy.

Edit: Okay, this is freaky. Immediately after posting this, I visited a website which had a banner ad for Doublemint™ gum, featuring the slogan I used as the title of this post. WTF? Astonishing coincidence, or something more sinister?

("Double your pleasure, double your fun" is apparently a registered trademark. We are not in any way affiliated with Wrigley, and if you confuse us with them, you're an idiot.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
I partially like this film.

My preference goes to the harder forfeits, and this one delivers on that front. But what i dislike in this episode is the BJ.

I would have rather seen that the winner had her way with the loser of the first game. (a BJ would have been ok for me if the guy (can't remember his name) was a participant in the game).

But a BJ for BJ's sake is not what i expect from this site. There are some many sites who cater to that. For less than $40 you can see BJ's galore. So if that floats anybodys boat, they have plenty of choice.

Your films bring something different. It's the 'humiliation', not really wanna do it part, what makes your films stand out of the rest.

So I like this film up to the first forfeit.
I hope that in the going-all-the-way film the guy is an participant in the game and not a bystander like the guy in this film.
Because if the guy is not a participant and he is only there because he can perform in front af a camere, your films are losing that part of the charm that makes them different.

Sorry for the long post.


Mark said...

hi Red I did like this clip the one I wonted to loose did not but it was ok tho.I think if you going to have a orgasm races the double-headed dildo is not the why to go I think it be better if each had ther own dildo and do themself that why i think it would have been hotter it only my oppion I do love you sight

thanks Mark

Anonymous said...

I agree with mark that for individuals performing together with individual dildos gives a better show and a better result. Jack.

Anonymous said...


This was a good vid as it was clearly humiliating for the losers, and especially for the over all loser. IMHO it's a great forfeit combo. It's just a shame that there was some blatant cheating from a certain contestant who I'd have liked to see lose, which meant she ended up "winning".
I think that this particular cheat needs to be given a VERY humiliating forfeit, preferably in the near future.
Keep up the good work.

Simon Templar

Red said...

@Pete: First things first, you never have to apologize for a long post. Or for constructive criticism. I absolutely appreciate hearing any sort of honest feedback, and the more detailed the better.

As for the specifics:

I guess I didn't really see it as a "BJ for BJ's sake"... it's still a penalty for the losing girl.

There's more than one "all-the-way" clip in the pile, and others with other hardcore forfeits, but I do have to say that most of them are of this nature: girls play, loser has to give herself to the male spectator(s). Which isn't to say that I can't make more. The best way to make sure I make clips that are to your liking is to make sure I know what it is you'd like to see.

@Mark and Jack: Duly noted, and next time I have an orgasm race with dildos, I'll let the girls choose individual "weapons". This was me trying something new and different... sorry if it wasn't to your taste.

@Simon: Thanks! Glad at least someone liked it ;-) And yes, it was extremely frustrating to see a certain girl win over and over again, especially when she did so unfairly. If you can think of a suitably humilating forfeit for her, I'll stick her in a game she's really, really bad at :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say i didn't see it as a "BJ for a BJ's sake," anymore than it could've been said two girls had an orgasm race for its own sake. It was a forfeit for failing in a competition just like any other forfeit.

I'd also like to put in my $.02 for the next weekend having (possibly as a part of a double update if there were already other plans) one of the all-the-way forfeit games. The Amber Heavens pussy eating game was arranged, filmed, and released remarkably fast by popular demand, and likewise throughout the year(s) the long-standing customers have requested an all-the-way game. Frankly as one of those long-standing customers i'm a little disappointed to find out that there are several such games on the pile.


Anonymous said...

in the 'spectator guy recieves the forfiet' games, how about the girl performing the forfiet is blindfolded or something, so she doesnt know who it is she's giving to.
the guy will be led into the room after the losers is chosen, or something like that...

of cousre, she will have to know who the possible guys are so she can approve, but the actual guy will be a mystery.
or maybe the guys flip a coin to decide who?

CA fan.

Red said...

@PN: Believe me, I'm not holding out on you guys. These games were filmed very recently and are going through the editing pipeline as we speak. I will try (repeat try) to get one ready for next week, but I can't promise it. I know a lot of people have been waiting a long time for this, and I'd like to oblige them as soon as I can, but I'd rather delay an additional week or two than publish something I'm not fully satisfied with.

@CA Fan: That's an excellent idea... unfortunately it doesn't help for the "spectator" games that have already been filmed, but I'll use it next shoot. (Come to think of it, blindfolds would probably be sexy for a lot of "winner(s) get to play with the loser(s)" forfeits.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Haven't seen this game yet, but I do have a question. Why do you allow the cheating, especially when it is so blatant? Theses girls are signing up for realistic games where they have a chance to lose, if one of them is going to cheat that is not fair to the others. The cheater needs to be called out on it and the penalty just has to be you have lost that round, strip. You even had Dante there who could have been the judge for this one and called the cheater out. Or if Prudella is still around filming her voice could be used announce a cheat.

Also, watching the 2 losers race to see who can come first so as not to have to give a BJ can be great but can also lead to cheating, girls can just "fake it" too easily. Just an idea for a future going all the way shoot. You start with at least 2 girls because you need to end up with at least 2 losers. Then the 2 losers have to give BJs to 2 guys, the first girl to finish her guy off wins this portion and the loser then has to let the winning guy, the one who lasted the longest finish by going all the way.


P.S. I don't think you got PN's point, you have these going all the way games that have been sitting waiting for the editing to be finished, but instead you went ahead and edited a second game from a recent weekend instead. I know you were anxious to get the first game of that weekend published but why the second.

Red said...

@gb: It's a fair question. The short answer is that I prefer to let the girls deal with situations like that themselves. Sometimes cheaters are caught and called out, sometimes impromptu penalties are assigned, and sometimes cheaters get away with it. I'm going for realistic games, and cheating is part of reality.

But in this specific case, honestly, I don't know. I didn't remember that one girl so flagrantly didn't follow the rules (there was a bit of a celebration after the shoot, at which certain intoxicants were consumed, which may have impacted my memory), and I when I saw the actual footage, I scratched my head and asked myself why didn't I put a stop to it, especially when the cheater was someone I really wanted to see lose.

Although to be fair to her, I don't know if she thought she was cheating... she may just have been confused about the rules. But this doesn't answer the question of why I didn't put a stop to it, and again, I don't know.

And yup, I was aware that with this style of orgasm race it would be possible for a player to cheat. But I wanted to use the double-headed dildo, and I figured that it'd be well-nigh impossible for the girls to force each other to involuntary orgasm using it, because each girl would had too much control over her own arousal. So they were on the honor system for this one.

I like your idea, although if I want there to be two female losers, I'd need at least three female players. I've also been thinking about trying to put together a couple vs. couple game, and this might work for that: each girl is trying to bring the other girl's man off, each man is trying to resist the other man's girl's attempt. Winning guy fucks losing girl, while losing guy has to watch his girl get fucked. What do you think?

As for the all-the-way games, all I can say is what I've said: I'm working as fast as I can. It'll definitely be soon... if not next week, the week after or the week after that. Not very long.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Another idea for the couples game forfeit, would be to also have the losing guy go down on the winning gal. This would give her some additional incentive to win.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red
I tell you why, i did not like this video, and then tell you, what i think could help!
The orgasms race, is not working, becourse we never know, if one is cheating! So what could do, is making the forfeits as hard as posible, for the contenders, and then instead of the first one, who gets the orgasms winning, she will lose, and instead off doing themself, they do hiother, could be bye the hitashi, ore fingering ore a 69. Too make it more interresting, you could let them do it, where they have 2 cards in there hand, so they could get 30 seconds off break, while they self still could do the other one!

I also want too say, they it is for me, a real turnoff, when the guy in the end, have to make him finish himself, that is working as, the girl is not good enough for him, and i hade it!
Hello from Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Red...

I understand about just letting the games play out, but you also say you want to have fair games, which precludes cheating. If you think 1 girl does not understand the rules you could just stop the game, re-explain the rules and start over. We would never even have to know. I realized I made a typo after I posted it, you would of course need at least 3 girls. The couple idea is a good one.


George the Spanker said...

Hi Red,

I have been a fan of your movies for a while and will be downloading some more from the archives soon.

With regard to cheating, spanking is always an appropriate punishment, and one I enjoy seeing!

However, I suggest you create a unique punishment — the Lost Best Cheaters' Butt Plug! Anyone caught cheating must bend over and spread their cheeks for all to see, then take a butt plug in the ass and remain in position for the duration of the game.


Red said...

@Jester: The problem I see with that it would interfere with the losing guy having to watch his girl get pounded by the winning guy if he's busy eating out the winning girl. How about the winning girl rides the losing girl's face while her guy fucks her?

@kim: Thanks for the feedback, and I'm sorry you didn't like this one. As for the orgasm race: I've done half a dozen or so games featuring girls trying to force each other to orgasm. I wanted to try something different, and I wanted to use a double-headed dildo. And I don't think it's as bad as you think... true, a girl could cheat, if she were unscrupulous and had no honor. But again, I'm sorry you didn't find it appealing. As for the jerk-off... sorry, Dante had a little performance anxiety. He got over it later :)

@gb: I'm as surprised as you are that I didn't step in and correct the cheating. Like I said, I don't remember noticing it happening. I'm pretty sure I wasn't in the bathroom, so why didn't I stop it? Your guess is as good as mine.

By the way, tomorrow's special bonus update features an attempt to cheat by one of the girls that the other two emphatically did not let her get away with.

@George: You're evil. I love it. I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...


I like both your and gb's ideas for the orgasm/ejaculation race. As an extra add-in to the blowjob race, the winning girl could spit the winning liquid into a shotglass, then make the loosing girl swallow it, before getting screwed by the winning guy. You might wanna include a break of some kind, that way the winning guy gets more than 30 seconds in before busting. I think that would be awesome, I think brandibelle did something similar to it once.

I think it would also be cool to have a game where two or more guys compete in some way to see who wins a blowjob or something similar from a girl. Whoever wins #1st place gets full-on intercourse, 2nd place gets a blowjob, 3rd gets nothing or spanked, etc...

I'd also like to throw out two ideas for forfeits; ice water, and strap-ons. If you are a guy, both of those are huge incentive to win.


Anonymous said...


I like the couples game idea you posted before ...

"I like your idea, although if I want there to be two female losers, I'd need at least three female players. I've also been thinking about trying to put together a couple vs. couple game, and this might work for that: each girl is trying to bring the other girl's man off, each man is trying to resist the other man's girl's attempt. Winning guy fucks losing girl, while losing guy has to watch his girl get fucked. What do you think?"

... and I have a suggestion for an improvement upon it. What about a game where the losing guy has to watch his girl get it on with more than just the other contestant? Like the 1, 2 or 3 guy panel of spectators? Plus the winning guy.

Or have three girls, with their boyfriends/husbands, with a loser taking on the two other guys. Hint: Cora, Renna and Briney all appear to be married, and they are all three HAWT!

Anonymous said...

Cora, Renna, Briney???

i dont remember those girls.