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Friday, July 9, 2010

Still yet another double-update weekend

Two updates this week, the normal one on Friday-Sunday, and a bonus one on Saturday-Monday. Both feature the same two girls.

Awhile ago, I promised that we'd see more of Derek, who hasn't been in any videos published here for a year and a half. I know some of you were waiting patiently, and I'm sorry it's been so long, but the wait is over. Today, we see her and new girl Maya playing a game where the loser is at the winner's mercy with the "massager" (whose name is trademarked but rhymes with Smitachi Smagic Smand) until she comes for the camera.

That's part of the lostbets.com Summer of Hardcore, but I haven't forgotten that there are fans of softer forfeits too, and the bonus update is aimed at them. The two girls square off again, but the loser of this one gets drawn all over with markers. The winner has a good time with that one.



Lotfw said...


Just got 164 Strip Bender

What a great video!

Multi cams especially 'Sky' Cam are awesome....

The girls are cute and hot.

Having the guys there to officiate really adds to the video. Gives the game more depth to have someone there to enforce the rules and to view the girls up close while they play. They seemed to have a great time (obviously)

I think most games dont offer the nice poses we got during the game (it helped the choice of clothing removed).

Unless I missed it in my delirium the one thing that would have up really added to the forfeit would have been a game to match up who screwed who.

mark said...

I love you sight but this one was not very hot

Anonymous said...

It Sunday morning and the spoiler for the new clip is visable on the C4S site. Thought you might want to know. Jack.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about having a handicap for repeat players? Like the girls that win over and over, should start out closer to loosing(each won game brings their handicap up, each loss brings it down, or something like that), or you could have a weekly poll to see which girl begins the game by loosing one piece of clothing? That too could play into her handicap... just ideas


Viredae said...

I agree with the last Anonymous, Masturbation is alot hotter than forced orgasms.

And on the note of returning players, we've seen Samantha lately, but is there a chance of bringing Penny back?

Anonymous said...

personally, i'd like to see the original Amber back for more explicit opportunities.

Anonymous said...


Check out studio 26687.

There you will find out where Addie got her fascination with ballbusting.


Anonymous said...

Hey I've just bought 2 videos and was just wondering if there's an email you have so I can contact you, looked on the clip store and here on the blog but cant see anything?

Crosis said...

Personally, I quite liked the shot of Derek's Kermit the Frog tattoo :)

GreenMonster89 said...

Hey Red, any update on the game with the forfeit Lisa proposed awhile back?

effdot said...

Loving all the videos but have just watched 105 - Kala & Elizabeth in RPS

Why, Oh Why has Kala had breast enlargement? (Just compare with her earlier videos - totally and utterly unecessary)

Like you Red, I love them all, large medium & small, but Kala was just about perfection.

But now, I'm sorry, but they don't move like they should and they don't look like they should (too perfectly round) and for me, therefore, a turn off. I can't say whether they feel like they should...... :-)

But girls, just please, please, don't......

We love you as you are, not as a surgeon would have you........

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

chrisessex said...

Hi i thought that Strip bender was a great game. Both girls especially Camilla seemed to be enjoying the forfeit. Now to me that is what marked it out as an excellent example of hardcore. Will we be seeing more of these girls in future?