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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A familiar face

Oy... now I'm even farther behind on responding to blog comments. 24 on the last one already? Yeesh. Ain't enough hours in the day.

At least some of those hours have been spent preparing this, which is the start of what I think is a great series, featuring the return of yet another girl we haven't seen in quite awhile.


Anonymous said...

There's still no standard version of 169 :(

Anonymous said...

I guess her bush is back. Jack.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Since you are thinking about bringing old faces back, may I request Ashton and Mia again (any details about any other work they might have done will be greatly appreciated)?


Gino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

and the original Amber!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have heard this before, but I think it would be great for two Mistresses to play a game and the loser becomes a sub.
Boot licking, nylon foot licking, facesitting, forced pussy licing are just some ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that living room looks familiar! That's the same place where Lily got shaved on "Bush's Last Day"! I guess I'll find out in 10 minutes, when the clip is finished downloading, if Lily is gonna lose that black bush on the white carpet again!


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be the dude that complains, but its the 24th of July, and the membership site hasn't been updated since the 8th. I kinda like giving you money, you think you could call someone about the update schedule?

You're a good man Red, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

i agree. i made a mistake signing up for that site, and now i cant contact the guy to cancel. been trying to for weeks.

he needs to be in jail or something.

Anonymous said...

That membership site is a total scam. Before you sign up they make it look like it is regularly updated but in reality they only have a certain number of videos available and rotate them. If you are a potential subscriber you don't know this until later. A new subscriber sees a current update date not knowing that same video was listed a hundred times before under different update dates. Shame on you Red for approving this site. Even if you are not running it everyone thinks you are. That site should be closed down immediately.

Ripped Off

NovaD said...

Red doesnt own or run the membership site. He only licenses the distribtion of his content.

Just mp 2p

Terry said...

I have only been a member of the subscription site for just over a month, and I think the comments above are unfair. There have been updates on the site on July 21st and July 24th, you just have to log in to see them (I know ideally the non-members page would have been updated as well). That makes it 4 updates within the last calendar month (June 28th, July 8th, July 21st, July 24th) which is what I was expecting when I signed up. It also says coming soon for August 5th and August 10th, so I would probably expect 4 updates in the next month as well, even if they are not perfectly spaced out.

As for cancelling a subscription, none of the sites I've ever subscribed to make it very clear, but as long as you subscribed via ccbill the steps are the same. You just need to read the e-mail they sent you when you subscribed. There is a link to https://support.ccbill.com/ on that e-mail, and on the ccbill page you enter your e-mail address and your subscription number (in bold font on the e-mail). Then hit search and the next page will present you with a link saying 'Click here to cancel your subscription'.

I'm also not sure what the complaint about rotating videos is? There were 52 videos available when I signed up, and there are now 58 - none of the 6 that have been added recently were available when I signed up. I am able to download any, whether it is the oldest or the newest, so it's not like there are only a few of the selection available at any one time. There are multiple videos from the same series (e.g. Mary and Amber, which I think were great by the way, Red) but I can't see any actual videos repeated twice on different dates.

In conclusion I don't feel scammed or ripped off by that site, but it could do with non-members page being updated for the last 2 videos, and maybe a help page with some instrcutions on how to cancel membership (although no site I've subscribed to has actively had a link telling you how cancel membership).


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm happy. I wasn't logging in, so I didn't see the last two updates. I've been just kinda sitting back and waiting. That update schedule is fine by mean.

GreenMonster89 said...

Viredae, I believe I know the reason for the lack of spicier videos on the membership site. I seem to recall Red saying he prefers to license older videos to that site, and much of the older videos have tamer forfeits. If my theory is wrong, Red will surely point out my error.

Anonymous said...

how do you get back to the clip download page? my computer shut down as I got there and now I can't get back

MIndworm said...

I enjoyed this game, though it did look a bit painful for the poor loser. Nice seeing Lily again, I've missed her at these games, and Amber is always a delight!

Another thing, a long time ago we talked about you doing some Dare-Ring kind of games, and you asked for suggestions for this. I sent you a PM about this at the beginning of May, but never got a reply. Did you see this PM, and do you still have plans for trying this out?

Gino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charlie said...

I really like the game show format games with a studio audience. Especially when a member of the audience is chosen randomly to play.

dave35 said...

Red iv just been back to interactive rock paper scissors with mia copyright 2007 i know you said before its not up to your usual standard but is there ever any chance of more you once hinted at a websitr (not the sister one) and new on that at all ?

Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

membership site updated right on time...

close it down and give refunds.

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest a new forfeit. Could the female loser(s) of the game have oral sex to orgasm with male(s) who have been watching the game. The males would remain clothed or could be nude.

Anonymous said...

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