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Friday, August 6, 2010

Aaargh, part 2

Hi guys,

As if there weren't enough trouble in the world, the Clips4Sale admin page is not letting me get to the "add new clip" section, which is why this week's clip is late. It'll be up just as soon as I can do it. Sigh.

In other news, I've got an email out to the guy who runs lostbetsgames.com asking WTF. Also, the shooting is going pretty well. Wait 'til you meet Alexis, Alicia, and Alissa, and that's not even all of the A's.


Anonymous said...

he doesnt respond to emails. you are wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2010-08-06 16:54:

I would presume that, since the guy running the membership site is licensing the clips from Red, the membership site guy has a greater incentive to respond to Red than to respond to a mere customer such as you or me.

-- Mycroft

Anonymous said...

It has been very irritating with nothing changing on lostbetsgames.com for a long time, then a couple of clips and "coming soon" for two others, and then nothing happening.

Is it really that difficult to post content you get from another source?

Unfortunately, it will cast Red in a bad light, even though he does not control the site.

aystole said...


is this the only update for the weekend. anychance of getting a hard core foreit also. just checking so i can decide if i want to purchase or not.

Anonymous said...

Four A class girls. I would love to see your little black book. Jack.

Anonymous said...

forfeit suggestions:

-winner fucks loser with a strapon

-2 loosers have to blow a guy each, the one who can make the guy come first wins, the other one gets another forfeit of your liking

- and how about once in a while a reverse game: guys get to play and winner fucks a hottie

Just ideas, keep up the good work


UKfan said...

Loved this one, thanks Red - great forfeit, fondling forfeits seem to be good for causing genuine embarrassment (which is what first attracted me to your videos, I guess I'm not the only one)

Just annoyed Berenika won AGAIN! I know you don't like fixing games, but how about weighting the games against repeated winners? Say if someone's won two in a row, they start with one less item of clothing, or if they've won three, they start in their underwear?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Any news on getting Julie back to play some more games?


Anonymous said...

re lostbetsgames.com...it's a shame that Red licences the clips to him, because his actions are damaging Red's reputation (until very recently I didn't realise that it wasn't Red that ran the site). Quite apart from not doing what he says ("updated weekly") - maybe he meant "updated weakly", he's now started duplicating items (Ashley & Amber in Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors was added on 5th August 2010 (actually 7th August 2010) but had also been put up on 13th April). Certainly in the UK he's now put himself in the position where he could be prosecuted under the Trades Description Act and the Sales of Goods Act. I assume the same sort of legal redress exists in the Us, might light a bit of a fire under him....

Chris G said...

Now that you're doing more extreme forfeits, I have an idea that may make sure that no one loses on purpose and no one *wants* to pay up. You've done battle of the sexes games before, boys against girls. How about a battle of the sexual orientations? One team with a boy and a girl, both 100% straight, pitted against another boy/girl team with a gay man and a lesbian. The losers have to perform oral sex on the winners. If the gay team loses, the gay man performs cunnilingus on the straight female winner and the lesbian gives a blowjob to the straight male winner. If the straight team loses, the guy gives a blowjob to the gay male winner and the woman performs cunnilingus on the lesbian winner.

Too extreme?

Anonymous said...

Chris G,

I would pay double to see that clip. Well, if I knew the outcome. I would love to see a little bi-guy action, but I think there's a 0% chance of that happening. This is already a niche focus, so I think gay sex AND strip games are as likely as winning the lottery on Haley's Comet.

I'm way more into girls, but I definitely felt like "that other strip game website" made it feel VERY real when the two random dudes would roll each other on the dice and have to go down for 30 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didnt sign my post above. You can call me Mike. Anyways, wow -- I've been spending too much cash on this site, since the hardcore stuff came out. Don't get me wrong, I loved the softcore stuff too, but I've been slipping you 20s every week for a while. I read the cumshots on the two girls each getting their one guy wasnt too graphic, so I will let that one go.

So that leaves, the twofers: the two girls blowing a dude, and the two dudes giving one girl the chinese finger trap. 40 bucks, well my birthday is tomorrow.

I'd love to see some more positional loser spots. Two girls get fucked, but the bigger loser of the two has to eat the creampie, or take both facials.

You haven't done any ass stuff; I surmise it's harder to find girls that do that that also look as good as your girls look.. I'd love to watch the frownie face on a girl who loses first, stays naked in the corner pissed off, knowing that after the other losers finish, they get rim jobs or eaten out.