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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Um, hi guys. Remember me? I run this site, at least some of the time. A few things:

1. There was an update last weekend, as per the usual schedule. There was no blog post announcing it.

2. There are also about a zillion blog comments that have, to date, gone unanswered by me.

3. Also more than a few emails.

This is because I've been more swamped than usual lately, with tons of crap on my plate, including:

A. A high school reunion last weekend. Oh, incidentally: shout-out to any of my high school classmates I told about this site while in a drunken stupor. Who woulda thunk I'd grow up to be a pornographer, eh?

B. Planning and preparing for an absolutely monstrous weekend of shooting, shooting, shooting, featuring the return of several old favorites (including some we haven't seen in quite awhile) as well as the debuts of lots of new girls. I've got high hopes, but sheesh, it's been a shitload of work.

So I want to apologize (again) to everyone who's been waiting for me to reply to one thing or another. And to say that I'm afraid it'll be a little while yet before I get some breathing room. Hope you find the new material to be worth the wait.


Lisa said...

What high school? Let me guess, your 10 year reunion?


Lisa said...

What high school? Let me guess, your 10 year reunion?


Anonymous said...

please say something about the membership site

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
If you're planning on a game with a "going all the way" forfeit, would it be an idea to get the winner involved in a way other than filming the forfeit with a hand-cam? Maybe something like the winner gets to use the Hitachi on the loser for 5 seconds for every 30 seconds that the f**king is going on - like dive in on her clit with the Hitachi and make her squirm, then wait 30 seconds and do it again? The guy would be getting Rodeo Sex, but I'm sure he wouldn't complain.


iain said...

Episode 169 needs a standard def. Can you please get it on soon.

Anonymous said...

heh... and dont forget blindfolds and handcuffs.


Fading Fan said...

The membership site is staining you. Either whip it into shape or axe it. It's not doing you any favors.

Anonymous said...

Guys, Give him a break the membership site is not run by Red, it is not his site.


Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, if Red is going to promote that bogus membership site on the front page of his blog then he is equally responsible for the horseshit that it is. Red if you don't want to be blamed...remove the plug from this blog!!

Ripped off once but never again.

Anonymous said...

would love to see some electro...

Ostz said...

And what about preview for episode 171?

Viredae said...

I must say that I've defended the site before, but this is going too far.

Now, it's true that Red doesn't run the site, per se, but I assume he IS the one supplying it with materials, plus he IS advertising it, I'm pretty sure that most of the membership of that site came from here, so if he cuts ties, that site is dead in the water.

So all I'm saying to Red, please exercise whatever power you have in your hand, Red, this thing is really making you look bad! At least get someone else to run the site.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I purchased a membership which I cancelled after a month.

I would love supporting the site, I bought 2 clips and they are great (way better than the tamer clips I saw on the membership site)

So the problem is here, the membership site doesn't have enough material and especially not enough hardcore material for it to be worth paying that amount

...and paying by the clip is too expensive: 80$ per month if you'd like to buy all clips...

hoping you figure something out Red because I have the feeling that you are doing some great porn but you're not offering competitive rates.

I say either figure out a way to charge by the clip cheaper (without going through c4sale) or organise a better membership site.

Anyways, thank you very much for your great porn, and I'll continue supporting you buying a clip once in a while (I can't afford all) but I will not take membership again unless it improves

Thx for hearing me and sorry it's long

Anonymous said...


Please don't let the negative comments effect the quality you are outputting. The best c4sale site bar none!


Anonymous said...

Brian you are in a fog.
Nobody has said anything bad about the clips4sale stuff Red puts out. It is the membership site he advertises on this blog that is a total rip off.

Ripped off once but never again.

Anonymous said...

I would pay 75 dollars for a 1 day, all you can wank to, standard version only buffet access to the clip store content.