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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AWOL again

Um... hi, guys. Been out of the loop for awhile lately. Er... y'all are used to this by now, right? I'm afraid to look at the blog comment logs; I'm sure I've got a shitload of things to respond to. Reasons this time include:

1. Been dealing with a bunch of shit.

2. Been sick.

3. Been out of town. Actually, going out of town again in a few hours.

4. Been working on this:

Look for a few returning players (including one we haven't seen in quite awhile) amongs the sea of new faces. Honestly, I'm just a little bit disappointed... I was hoping to shatter the previous record for largest game played at lostbets.com, rather than tying it, but I had several players flake out on me at the last moment. Oh well. Maybe I'll do something bigger for the sestercentennial. It still turned out pretty well, I think. You can be the judge of that on January 14.

Coming this weekend: Maia and Catherine finish off their series. The winner gets to tell the loser to do whatever she wants... and what she wants is something we've never seen before on lostbets.com. Hope y'all like it.


Charlie said...

Yay, I love the large cast male/female games!

Anonymous said...

So,,,,, if someone lies about their age in an interview on lostbets, shouldn't they incur a spanking forfeit? Just wondering.

Love the game with lotsa players!


Anonymous said...

hey red
maybe a christmas present to all your long serving customers. Free game on the house?
That guy

Anonymous said...


you could publish your best videos as a DVD, so you could sell it to more people and your site woul be more popular.


Anonymous said...

The volume is very low, at least on my computer, in your samples. I could not hear what was said until the whole group spoke.

Myself said...

I have to agree with the previous 'Anonymous' reaction.
With my headphone on max, I couldn't understand a word, until I heard the group shout Lostbets.com. Guess they all said their names ?

PS : Red, glad to have you back on the blog.

Red said...

@Charlie: Cool. I'm hoping to do more big games in the future. And this wasn't the only game this crowd played, either.

@Gordon: Yeah, I'm pretty sure some of the players lied about their ages. Dante, for one, is full of shit. Honor prevents me from outing any of the ladies who may have exaggerated their youth.

@That guy: Not a bad idea. In fact, I have a clip or two that I wasn't really planning to publish but might make good freebies. It'd have to be a New Year's Day present, though... I'm out of town and can't set it up. Let me think about it.

@Tiger: Something I've thought about doing, a lot. Publishing as physical media is on my "to-do" list.

@Anon and Myself: Sorry about the bad volume. The final video won't be nearly as bad. See, I use pretty decent external microphones to record the audio that gets used in the clips, but this promo I just chucked together quickly (to get it out the one day I was home between trips). So it's using the relatively shitty on-camera audio. And yes, they're just saying their names and (alleged) ages. The players, BTW, were: Dante, Mary, Sassy, Komora, Ariel, Aimee, Kandie, Kelvin, and Isis.

@Myself: Thanks, it's good to be back. I always feel guilty when I've been neglecting the blog.

Anonymous said...

Red, glad to see you're back mate. Here's a thought maybe some of the better players who keep winning should have some sort of handicap (like in golf).

Anonymous said...


I have game suggestion:
A new game to determine how hard the forfeit will be. I call it: "Forfeit Memory"

First you should make a game, where the loser is quickly determined (like Strip rock paper scissors, highcard, etc.).

When the loser is known. The main game can start now. I would call it "forfeit memory". You have two photos of eacht lovetoy (for example several dildos, the pussy pump, razors, handcuffs, spreader bars, whatever you have) that could get used during the forfeit. Then the two girls play memory until all pairs of photos are drawn. Each pair the winner has picked up she can use the toy printed on during the now following forfeit.
For each pair the poor looser has picked up she had luck this toy can't get used on her.

To make the "forfeit memory" more exciting you can also add photos of sexual poses the loser has to examine or photos of bondage postions the loser will get bound in to the cards.

Before the quick game (strip highcard,etc.) starts you should show each memory card to both girls so they could say which cards they want you to remove.

But when the loser is determined the memory starts and the loser can't complain about any item on the memory card getting used on her during the forfeit.

For this game Ashley and Lilly would be great players because they are very competitive.


Red said...

@Furry: Thanks for the advice, but honestly, I really hate rigging the games. I'm not always happy with the outcomes, but I really believe the games are better when the reactions are real and the girls are playing to win. This can get frustrating at times but I think the results are worth it.

And besides, seeing a girl get cockier and cockier as her winning streak goes on only makes it all the sweeter when she finally loses.

@Ravenfan: It's an interesting idea, but I think it suffers from a fatal flaw. When the loser is known and all that's at stake is exactly how badly she's going to get it, there's not much tension. How much does it matter whether the loser gets violated with three toys or four?

But the idea definitely has potential. How's this? The memory with forfeit cards is the game. Each item depicted on the forfeit cards is worth a certain number of points. Once all the pairs are found, whoever has the most points is the winner, and the winner gets to use all of the toys she has captured on the loser.

Red said...

By the way, if anyone's written a blog comment in the previous post and is waiting for a response, I've finally gotten caught up. In that post, at least.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

don't know if you noticed, but you made a typo with a lowres of 196. It shows the picture of 169.

I'm missing the end-of-the-year double postings. I liked the fact that it doubled my change to get a film I like.

Keep up the good work in 2011 and all the best to you and your loved ones.


UKReader said...

Loving the updates as usual.
I had a small idea for a game over Christmas, Strip Xbox Kinect (or Wii). Preferably use a game where lots of shaking your body round is involved and get some girls with some lovely big breasts to play. Loser of each game loses an item of clothing. I think it could make for some very interesting sights!

Finally, any news on an old game featuring London that has been mentioned a few times? I hope after all the waiting that she lost the game!

Red said...

@Pete: Thanks for pointing out the error; it's been fixed. Sorry for not doing Double December this year... been just a bit too hectic for me to produce that kind of output. Thanks for the good New Year wishes, and the same to you and yours.

@UKReader: Believe me, I'd love to do a Kinect (or Wii) game. Or Rock Band. Or DDR. The problem with all of these is copyright. A lawyer friend tells me that a video featuring people playing a video game would most likely be considered a derivative work and require a license. It's a pity.

As for the London video, well, some progress has been made. The archived tapes I need to go to are now about halfway organized. Once that's done, next step is capturing everything. Then finding the video, then editing it, then publishing it. So it'll probably be awhile yet :(