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Friday, December 31, 2010

Worth the wait

Episode 197 is uploading to Clips4Sale right now, meaning it will publish maybe an hour or two late. It's worth it. I think it's one of the hottest videos I've published yet. I'll update this post when it's ready.

UPDATE: The clip is now live! Since I've been known to rag on them when they've been a source of frustration, it's only fair to give credit where it's due: a big Thank You to Clips4Sale for allowing me to sell this 49-minute episode for a reasonable price.


Anonymous said...

Red, this is by far the hottest and sexiest vid you have ever done.

i like that the forfeit truly was a sacrificial forfeit and would love to see more of that type of agression on the part of the executor.

and thank you for bringing Amber back. i'm hoping she risks many more forfeits of this nature in the future.
whatever you do, keep her # on your speed dial. :)

once again...excellent! a new standard for Lostbets.

CA Fan

realnot said...

Loved it. I'm not convinced that was "punishment" for her.

All three girls were great, but I'd love to see Sassy again.

Anonymous said...

All I know is Dante is one of the world's luckiest men. That being said I find it remarkable that if Sassy is his girlfriend that she lets him get away with this. Some guys have all the luck. All three girls were great, happy to see Amber back and love to see more of Sassy, actually would love to see all of Sassy, she is hot. Another great vid, 2011 off to a stellar start.

Senseless City said...

I think we'll all agree that we'd like to see a lot more of Sassy. I wonder if she'd like a little revenge on her boyfriend? Maybe they could play a head-to-head game. If she wins, Dante is restrained and forced to watch her do something that she wants to do but he doesn't like; if he wins, he gets whatever he wants. Or something like that.

Jack said...

I don't agree that this one is a really good one. Not bad, okay. But the game itself is rather long and boring. There is no interaction, two girls sitting around watching the other one play a game in which you get an idea of who will be the loser quite early. And the result of the game seems to be what all three girls wanted... The loser doesn't seem to mind losing and even enjoys the forfeit.
Personally I would have preferred any other girl losing as I'm not a fan of the losing girl.
The filming of the fuck by the way has definitely become better, so this is what makes it a video I at least enjoyed a bit.

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with the last commenter. I enjoyed it, but it seemed like the girl who wanted to lose, lost, and the other two kinda sat around. While I don't think this was fixed by Red, I wouldn't be surprised if it was fixed by the loser.

I really enjoyed the last two though. Love both Maia and Catherine, and the group of 4 girls is ridiculously fun to watch.

Speaking of the last video, I'm a big fan of "Whatever the winner wants". I think you should have veto power if it is too tame, but you get some really twisted things if you let the winner devise something. If the loser had to let Dante do whatever the winner wanted to her, she wouldn't want to lose. Ever.

Keep up the good work bud.

-Random Guy

Red said...

@CA Fan: I'm glad you liked it so much! I sure hope this ain't the "new standard" though... I'd hate to have to try to live up to that every week.

@realnot, @Anon 1/3 (please sign your posts!), @SenselessCity: Sassy knew that Dante occasionally leased his penis to enterprising videographers like me before she got involved with him (and yes, she really is his girlfriend, and yes, she really did not show up intending to play) but I don't know if she'd ever seen him in action before. She did play some more games and you will see more of her. I'll see if I can talk her into a one-on-one vs. Dante. First I'd have to see if there's anything she wants that Dante doesn't.

@Jack, @RandomGuy: I'm sorry you were disappointed, but really, thank you very much for the feedback. (I can't stress this often enough. Please, nobody hesitate to tell me you didn't like something; it's the best way for me to learn.)

Regarding the game itself, yes, Juggleballs is non-interactive (when played by the rules) and does tend to run a little long. In its defense, though, it does get the girls up and moving (and bouncing). Maybe I can tinker with the rules a bit to fix the drawbacks while leaving the positives. (I do have another episode of Juggleballs filmed awaiting postproduction, with the same rules albeit with far more blatant and physical rules violations by the girls who weren't playing. Maybe you'll like that one better.)

I don't know if the girl who lost wanted to lose. (I sure hope not.) But it's undeniable that she certainly got into the forfeit. To me, that's one of the things that made the forfeit hot... I'm a huge fan of ENF and reluctance, of course, but there's just something about watching the loser's eyes pop as Dante reams her. You can tell that it's having a real effect on her and that she's thinking "oh my God holy shit" the whole time.

And I am pretty happy with the production quality of the fucking scene. Thanks for noticing :-)

@RandomGuy: I'm glad you liked 195-196. That's all I've got of Maia and Catherine (although I can try to get one or both back) but Zayda, Bijou, Jane, and Elise played a couple more games that day. Stay tuned.

Bryant said...

Hi Red, I have a question for you. Does your site still carry the interactive game involving Anna? If so, could you provide with me with a link so I can purchase it.


Red said...

RedBaron: I'm sorry to say that the stripping games with Anna, despite appearing in a promo, were never actually produced. I tabled my plans to make interactive games when Clips4Sale decided to no longer allow ZIP file downloads. As I usually say when asked, I haven't abandoned hope of someday producing some cool interactive games (I've got a lot of footage for them) but please don't hold your breath waiting. No promises on how long it'll take.

Bryant said...

Is it possible that I can buy some of the Anna footage from you?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, any hints for whats on tap for todays vid,


Mark said...

the hottest one never loose but i was glade to see amber agine

Red said...

@RB: Drop me an email (red@lostbets.com) and we can talk about it.

@jo: Sure! In fact, I can go one better and give you a video promo. See, I've got a Facebook page now. Not a whole lot there, but it does have headshots of all 104 (!!) players. And a video promo of this week's update. I'm not going out of my way to publicize it yet, since there's not enough content to make it worthwhile, but I thought I'd share it with the folks who take the time to read not only the blog but the comment threads. Just look for Lost Bets Productions, you'll find us.

@Mark: I'd be careful about saying that the hottest girls never lose... some of the losers may kick your ass for saying they're not hot. And you just might end up seeing more of Amber in the near future.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up on the facebook page. so one more question so i saw that u said that u have more games with sassy...can u publish those soon please


Anonymous said...

please more of Sassy. would love to see her creampied

Anonymous said...

Red, so what good be the next step after a cream pie, how about a cream pie that gets eaten. I am sure you will be able to come up with some great scenarios for this to happen.