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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ice is nice

Hey, folks. As usual I'm behind in answering blog comments and emails, but at least this time I've got an excuse: I'm on a motherfucking boat. Internet costs $0.37/minute. I'll be home on Sunday and plan to catch up then.

In the meantime, enjoy this week's update. In general, I don't give the girls much direction beyond "Be yourself. Have fun. Let your personality shine through the camera." With some girls, this doesn't work very well. But when the girls take it to heart, become super-competitive, and really get into the banter, it can turn into something special.

Mo and Lola took the direction to heart. I love the way these two play off each other.


Anonymous said...


I am glad you liked my ideas for the spanking promo and the picnic games, and I was very happy to hear that you are going to film some outdoor games this year. I had another idea for a game you can film while we anxiously await summer.

Try Sorry Sliders or, if you want to get fancy, Tumblin' Dice. Either should work well. Score each round separately: loser strips, but gets the advantage of going last next round.

As a forfeit for the loser, how about the old sorority initiation task of having to push a peanut with her nose. How far? Not too far. Let's say to the ice machine and back.

If you think it's too risky, you could let her put on the thong and duct tape first. On the other hand, if you ever want to kick it up a notch, you could handcuff her hands behind her back first.

One note: a poster once suggested filming spankings from the front and side as well as the back, that was excellent advice and it applies here as well, though you may have to plan ahead to get a good side view.


Peanuth O'Toole said...

Good to know you're behind in answering emails. I'm sure you'll catch up some day. :-)

Have fun on the boat!

UKfan said...

Wow, Lola may be the most gorgeous girl yet. Great game Red

Shame the vibe-in-public idea didn't happen - any chance of tweaking it and trying again? Even if the loser got dressed first and the winner didn't have a control, it would still be a great forfeit...

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe a girl who agreed to have her pussy pumped on cam is embarrassed to walk around in skimpy clothes. I miss the girls I could believe were amateurs on this site. As the amateurs progressed in their bravery to try harder dares, they've been replaced by fake tans and fake boobs.

I still love the creativity, but if the girls become like every other site out there, it just doesn't do it for me anymore.


Anonymous said...


Jack E said...

I do agree in a way, too.
Right now it's mostly the hardcore forfeits that sound attractive to me. That's because the softer forfeits performed by girls who had done hardcore don't seem to be a penalty.
It is definetely harder to get good content which all customers like as we have seen a lot.
But a "spread legs" forfeit would still work as good stuff - but only with a girl who hasn't done this before (or at least we believe so). That's why Ashton or Julie have become popular models with the site. So try to find new fresh faces (& bodys) like they were/are, and mix it up with some of the harder stuff - and yo have my dream website :-)

mismanager said...

I agree about the earlier open legs forfeits. The problem with some of the hard core clips is that we see very little of the losers. I'd like to see a bit of a display as the first part of more of the forfeits. Two examples where this would have been good are Camilla Nicole and Taylor playing Strip Memory and Erin and Navarre playing Jarvis.

Red said...

Hi folks. Back in the good ol' USA.

@UKFan: I've already started pricing out wireless remote control vibrators, so no worries on that score.

@Sad: In general, I agree with you, although not necessarily with your specific example. After all, just because a girl is willing to submit to having her pussy pumped behind closed doors doesn't mean she wouldn't feel embarrassed to be paraded around in public in very little. And I wouldn't exactly call her outfit "skimpy clothing". Her tits were hanging out for crying out loud.

But it's true that a greater proportion of the girls have been experienced fetish models, mainly because they're generally more willing to risk the harder forfeits which have proven so popular. I like the amateurs too, and I get them when I can. While I've hired a few pros lately, I've also managed to find some pretty awesome real amateur girls. I'll keep trying to do so. I definitely prefer girls with fewer tats and body mods. And I'll never let this site become "like every other site out there." If I were satisfied with that, I'd never have started doing this in the first place.

@Jack: Yeah, that's good advice. What I need is to find girls who are just barely willing to let themselves be exposed on camera if they lose, and then gradually lead them into darker and darker territory. Like I did with Julie. Muahahaha.

@mismanager: Duly noted. I've already started trying to correct that; I hope you've noticed it in the more recent videos and I'll keep trying to pay attention to it.