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Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm about to head out of town, so my response time might be even slower than usual, but the first part of this double-update weekend is published. Julie, Sammy, and Mika take on the blackjack tables. Coming tomorrow: Mika and Sammy for a very special forfeit.


realnot said...

Man, was Mika trying to distract everyone with her leg show or what? Really looking forward to tomorrow's episode.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday you said it was "Mika and Julie" (yeah!) and today you said "Mika and Sammy" (sad :(). Julie is one of my favorites.


Red said...

Shit. Typo. Today's update will feature Mika vs. Julie, not Sammy.

Anonymous said...


Can't wait for the ones involving Zeyda... Hope they're hot.
Ref my emails Re-sent (again)... as you said you'd answer on 7th March.

Simon Templar

Piti said...

Hello, are more videos for Elora and Pettles? Thank you

Anonymous said...

No one does the "Embarrassed Nude Female" thing better than Julie. And why do the best forfeits of hers seem to involve noname? In any event, thanks for posting. I was hoping for something good for her return, and you didn't disappoint.


Red said...

@ST: Check your email.

@Piti: Yes! My archived old raw footage contains at least one unpublished game featuring those two. It's pretty quaint and innocent compared to the direction lostbets.com has gone over the last few years, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be published. I'll get it into the queue.

@faithofheart: Thanks! I'm very glad you liked it. And Julie sure blushed so prettily, doesn't she? As for why the interesting forfeits with her involve Noname... um... coincidence, I guess. Anything you'd especially like to see when Julie and Sammy return with two of their friends?

RS said...

Now that you've managed to track down Julie, I'm wondering if the two of you were able to talk to Troy about participating as a contestant? I mention it because I'm a fan of the co-ed games, and of all the guys that have appeared, he's seems to have more of a "boy next door" innocence than Dante and the others. One of the reasons I like this site is that most of the people on-screen don't seem to be professionals. I really like the games that feel like a spontaneous game at a college party that got a little out of hand, and of all of the guys who've been here, Troy seems to be the one who one wouldn't expect to d this kind of stuff on camera.

Anonymous said...

Mika seems like a dominant lesbian type who's uncomfortable with not being in control. Would love to see Dante get a hold of her.

Big Ninja Jim said...

How about this for a future game?

Anonymous said...


Acknowledged, read & replied. Many thanks

Simon Templar

Red Baron said...

Hey Red,
I haven't heard from you in over a month now in regards to the footage we talked about. Is everything all set on your end?

GreenMonster89 said...

Hey Red, I'm glad to see the new videos featuring Julie. She's one of my favorites. Any luck finding two ladies willing to risk the forfeit I suggested? It can't be easy finding two willing to put their hair on the line (along with everything else I mentioned), but hopefully you can.

Anonymous said...

"Anything you'd especially like to see when Julie and Sammy return with two of their friends?"

I've been thinking about that. Perhaps you could do the famous tradition of the orgasm race with a twist? Rather than two losers fighting over the ultimate loss, I propose to have two separate races consisting of one winner and one loser from the first game. Okay, yes, its hedging the bet by issuring that Julie and Sammy both participate, but really...how can I choose between them? Anyay, when either person in the race orgasms, their time is noted. Whoever orgasms first overall suffers whatever the final forfeit will be...perhaps spanking?


Red said...

@RS: Julie's lost track of Troy but she says she'll try to track him down. The one of Julie's friends I'd really like to get back is Claire, though.

@BigNinjaJim: That's a nifty device, but how would you use it in a game?

@ST: Read, but neither acknowledged nor responded. Sigh. Thanks for the patience.

@Red Baron: You've got mail

@GreenMonster89: I've tried. So far, no takers. RyAnna (whom you'll meet very soon) has short hair so I thought maybe she'd go for it, but no dice. I will keep trying.

@faithofheart: Actually, I have an orgasm-race-type game planned for tomorrow. It's a new game of my own creation, but I think it's pretty hot. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise by telling, but wish me luck.