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Friday, December 16, 2011

Isobel ringing

Way back a long time ago, in May 2009, I published episode 096, featuring two girls, Isobel and Esther, who played that one game and then vanished like ghosts, never to appear here again. Well, never until now, at least. Isobel returns to LostBets.com, along with fan (and personal) favorite Candle, plus two brand-new girls whom I hope you'll like. Enjoy.

(If the blog commenter who goes by LostBetsFan is out there, please contact me.)


Anonymous said...

how do i cancel subscription? I sent an email asking and never got response.

Red said...

@Anon 7:23: Go to http://support.ccbill.com, you can cancel it there. Sorry the guys at lostbetsgames.com haven't been responsive.

Anonymous said...

LBF here. YEAH Great the game is on!!!! I am proud of you, Red!

@Isobel. Great you are back. Mentioned it once to you on the webcam months ago I would like you to come back to LB and great it happened. The old vid is one of my favs and this one will as well.


Red said...

@LBF: Um, the reason I wanted to get in touch with you is that you've been waiting so long and so patiently for the return of Isobel that I figured I'd send you a free copy, but I guess it's a bit late for that. Drop me an email, I'll get you next time.

ForfeitFan said...

Hey Red,

Any idea when the clothespins / zipper forfeit will be published? Thx!

Anonymous said...

What's coming up in the next few weeks, Red?


Red said...

@ForfeitFan: No, I don't have a date when the clothespin game (with new girls Alice, Marie, and Leda) will be published, but thanks for reminding me about it. The problem (if you can call it that) is that I've got soooo much stuff waiting to be published. There's more from Salem and Lumen, more from Xena and Zayda, more from Isobel, Candle, Graham, and Kitty, more from Camille, Catherine, Ziggy, and Michael, more from Whitney, Alexis, Tony, and AJ, more, more, more. Reminding me about videos I've promised is the best way to ensure I don't neglect them until we all grow old and they slip into the B-Sides.

@Len: Some decent stuff. I've been swamped lately with preparing to move to a new house so the queue of ready-to-publish videos has gotten pretty short, but here's what's in the immediate future:

Episode 256 has Whitney, Alexis, AJ, and Tony returning to play a game of Team Noname. But instead of being teamed as couples, this one is a battle of the sexes as it's Boys vs. Girls, with the winners delivering some fairly solid swats with the LostBets.com paddles. Do not expect either sex to be chivalrous and merciful to the other.

Episode 257 has Angel returning to try again to achieve a victory against Brianna. The game is Mogadishu, and the loser has to fuck herself with the glass dildo for us.

Episode 258 hasn't been edited yet so maybe I should hold off on saying what it is, but the current plan is Julie vs. Kandie, playing the new game of Jerk-a-Mole. It's like Whac-a-Mole but with dildos instead of mallets. The outcome will change one of these girls forever.

Anonymous said...

If you have so much waiting to be edited and published, why not publish more than 1 game a week.

You would make us happy, make a bundle and be sure that years later you'll find unpublished material. Publish a softcore and a hardcore every week, keep all your fans happy.


Anonymous said...

And you think I could wait for a sec when u uploaded this game????? Red, I thought u knew me..... Isobel online and than wait? But appreciated! would LOVE one of the later ones. Whats ur email?

@Isobel. Hope you read this as well. Really great work. Looking forward to many many games....


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, just a suggestion for a forfeit(s).

1) How about a naked crab walk? film it well and there's real good opportunity for some between the legs shots imo. might work for those who don't like doing hardcore.
1a) how about a naked crab walk race? have two (or more?) losers race doing a crab walk and whoever loses gets another forfeit. If you're cramped for space, do one at a time and whoever does it the slowest loses and another forfeit for her.


Red said...

@Pete: I've thought about it. The bottleneck is editing: there's only so much time Johnny and I have to postproduce these things. I've tried farming the editing out to other people, but I haven't found anybody who can get it quite right and I'm too much of a perfectionist to be satisfied with less. I'll keep trying, and we're also attempting to teach the art to Casper, which would help.

@LBF: I'm red@lostbets.com. And i'm glad you liked this one.

@E-Male: That's an excellent idea for girls with tight limits. Thanks!

RS said...

Pete's suggestion (of multiple updates each week) sounds like a great one to me, assuming Casper can be trained properly. Maybe you could find some local film school students willing to volunteer their time and skills in exchange for being able to watch the filming? (Even if they were off camera, just hearing their reactions off screen could add a cool element of being exposed in front of an audience.)

Anonymous said...

Not to add to you queuing problem but how about some more public forfeits?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I've got a forfeit idea that may or may not work. My idea us for a game with girls with strict limits. They play the game, then the loser has to pose for a bunch of pictures, taken by a PRO (either find one, or if you're good enough with a camera). The pictures are then uploaded to numerous sites (that's why a pro picture taker would be best: so the photos are as good as can be). This may not work because the girls are already naked, so it's not that much worse, but this is a little less "private" because it's on the Internet for anyone to see. So like I said, it may work, it may not. And this would be great publicity for you.

Yo Momma

PS: I can provide some sites with free uploading, as I'm sure many other people can.

Red said...

First of all, it's a tremendous compliment that you like our videos so much that you want more than one a week. But did you know that I already update twice a week? I haven't exactly gone out of my way to publicize it, but every Tuesday there's a new B-Side. True, some of them are there because I didn't think they were good enough for the main clip store, but at least they're cheap and many of them are actually quite good. I'm reluctant to increase the publication rate any further on the theory that there's a finite number of good stripping game videos to be made, and the faster I publish, the sooner the well runs dry.

@Yo Momma, I like the idea, and it's another good one that might work for girls with tight limits. I was thinking about making a game for a film festival, with the loser having her picture handed out to everyone who attended, but they said no.

Anonymous said...

OK Red I Know you get A lot of game ideas. You are porbaly sick of hearing them. However, this idea is fun and workable. Two Teams of girls Playing what ever game. The two loser have to play spanking rock paper scissors with there legs open. Everytime one of the girls loses she gets spanked. The loser is the frist one say I do not want to play anymore. Then she has to do a forfiet. MJ

GreenMonster89 said...

Hey Red, do you have anything special planned for this week's video update? It is Christmas after all.

Anonymous said...

Red - just a suggestion:

When you psot the videos on clips4sale, could you make sure the clip name/number is in the description somewhere? For instance, if I am looking for clip 254, how would I know exactly which one it is?

Anonymous said...


Hey, I'm that guy who suggested the fucking machines thing, remember when I said I was a video editor?

If you'd like me to assist in editing a bit to take the workload off, I can definitely help out, would like to talk details with you.

Do you remember my email? Or if not, should I just send you one?

-YouTube guy

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Either you running behind or forgot to make it viewable. The video that should of been up yesterday does not appear to be there as of yet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red...

I'm a new subscriber and love the kind of videos you provide. It's a niche market and you're one of the few who keep new videos coming. Darering is another top dog but it's long gone dormant. Too bad.

Anyway...my favorite kind is the Bender/Twister video and I'd like to know how many have been produced and if you have plans to do more. If so, can you get close-ups of the girls' genitals and buttholes when they're in those awkward positions?


Pretty please?

Regards and Happy New Year.