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Friday, December 9, 2011

New blood

Meet smooth Salem and antsy Lumen.

The camera that comes in close to catch the stripping is being operated by my intern, and I'm proud to say that this shoot tripled the number of girls young Casper has seen naked. And one of them was his sister's hot friend. I never got to see any of my sister's hot friends naked. I hope he appreciates his good fortune.


realnot said...

Love these new girls! Both are attractive, but Lumen is really cute. Hope to see more of her, and hope to see them doing some more stuff together. They seemed very comfortable with each other being naked.

Anonymous said...

Casper is a very lucky young man. I hope he doesn't become jaded.


RS said...

Lucky Casper! Perhaps he should actually play a game so he'd have a chance of doing more than just seeing...

Anonymous said...

nice choice of fresh talent. i like them, and their bodies.

some criticism: i would really appreciate more lingering close ups on the sexy bits. its an often peeve of mine with your work.

one more: would have prefered a deeper, more thorough rub down with the baby oil. was hoping for more down below shots as well. geez, ya got a naked woman in front of that camera so show all of her that you can get away with...

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered using oil wrestling? Regular wrestling could be used as a strip game, but in order to keep it fun and nonviolent, I'd suggest oil wrestling as a forfeit instead (in a game where there are two losers, oil wrestling could be used to determine the ultimate loser, who would have to perform another forfeit). I can think of two ways to determine the winner: either first girl to pin the other wins (the winner of the game could be the referee), or have both girls put on a LostBets thong, and the first girl to strip off the other's thong is the winner (I'm sure there are other ways to determine the winner as well). For the wrestling you would probably just need an inflatable pool or a tarp or something.

For example, have three girls play a game to two losers. Each loser then puts on a LostBets.com thong and applies baby oil to her entire body. The girls then wiggle and squirm around while trying to remove the thong from the other girl. Whoever loses her thong first is the ultimate loser, who must perform the final forfeit (i.e. the winner of the wrestling sits on her face while the loser eats her pussy, and the original winner of the game uses a vibrator/dildo on the loser). Although if the ultimate forfeit is something tamer, the oil wrestling could possibly be used with girls who have stricter limits.

Mr. X

Anonymous said...

Lumen is amazing, please please bring her & her mate back.

Red said...

I totally agree with everyone about Lumen. She's got an elfin beauty that reminds me of Julie. Her limits are nearly as tight as Julie's were when she first stepped onto the LostBets.com stage, too... let's hope they loosen the same way Julie's did.

Casper is properly appreciative. And if I haent gotten jaded after doing this for five years, why should he? As for him actually playing a game, maybe. His girlfriend had vetoed him appearing on camera, but she recently relented on that. But that may not extend to actually playing and undressing.

@CA Fan: yeah, about the lack of lingering closeups of the naughty bits, I agree. And I tried. These girls did not take direction very well. At the start, I told them that when they stripped, Casper would come up to get some good shots, and they were to stay there and let him do it until he was done. They seemed to understand, but they didn't do it.

I hate interrupting the games, preferring to let them flow smoothly from start to finish. Because of this, I've had videos turn out worse than they could have because I was reluctant to stop the girls to tell them to do things differently. But this game, I interrupted twice to remind the girls to stay put for the camera. Both times they agreed, both times they kept right on doing what they were doing. It was a bit maddening.

In future games with them, we'll get better looks. Promise.

@Mr X: That's a great idea. I've shied away from wrestling before out of fear that somebody would get hurt, but that sounds like it could be safe, and seeing oily topless girls squirming against each other as they try to strip off each other's thong sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the idea (obviously I agree it would be hot). I can see your concerns with injury, as you wouldn't want anyone being thrown to the ground too roughly (or worse). I think using oil should prevent most injuries since it probably won't be real wrestling, but avoiding hard surfaces might still be a good idea. Nothing ruins a good time like someone getting hurt.

Mr. X

Anonymous said...

MR X: the japanese have perfected that type of wrestling porn, complete with loser getting gangbanged.

fun stuff, but hard to come by unless you know somebody with a japanese AV connection.
(need a link?)

Anonymous said...

try this: http://www.dnanpa.com/dnanpa/VideoList.php?selection=12

Mindworm said...

Talking about wrestling; how about a game of Leg-Wrestling? See this link to see how it works:


I think this would make a very fun game to watch, and I think the girls would have fun as well!

Anonymous said...

@Mindworm: I love that idea. Would it be if you get "flipped," you strip?

@ Red: I think a "wrestling special" would be a great clip. Mindworm's idea for the "main event," then Mr. X's oil wrestling as the forfeit.

Yo Momma

Mindworm said...

I'm glad you like the idea! Yes, the loser is the girl who gets "flipped" and has to strip. As the girls get more and more naked, an "action-game" like this one, should be fun to watch. It also doesn't require too much space. The game can be played with two girls, of course, but also with more players. With more plauyers they can take turns leg-wrestling each other, or maybe it's even possible to make teams of some kind.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is there any game going on where the participants might be shaved. Maybe a game on three, two girls and a guy where the loser gets shaved.


Anonymous said...

Genius time (I'm so modest, eh?)

(For the "wrestling special") Get three girls with "strict" limits (first time/amateur-maybe Casper's three friends?) and do the game. Losers do the oil wrestling, and try to strip off the thong. The ultimate loser has to open the door for the pizza boy, with oil freshly applied. ( You could probably do the "main event" inside, then go outside for the forfeit, and possibly put up some kind of screen, so others don't see anything. Then they come in, reapply the big loser's oil and the ultamite loser opens the door.

Yo Momma

Anonymous said...

I think this was a great vid for a first shoot. Lumen is so cute and sexy. I really hope to see her embarrassed and redfaced in the future.


Red said...

@Anon 11:31: (please sign your posts, especially if you're plugging another site): The Japanese have been my inspiration in a lot of what I've done here. They've got great stripping game videos as well as wrestling videos.

If you like that sort of thing, I recommend sokmil.com. Google Translate does a decent job with the site, but a little bit of Japanese helps. And you have to live with Windows DRM. But they've got an enormous collection at reasonable prices.

@Mindworm: Yeah, leg wrestling would make a most righteous stripping game. It's on my "definitely do this next chance I get" list.

@swedishguy: Yes, shaving is the forfeit in episodes 019, 069, 071, 077, 092, 170, 174, and 199. Been awhile since we've had one, though. Maybe it's time for another.

@Yo Momma: I'm not sure if some of these girls like Lumen and Salem would be willing to answer the door for the pizza guy naked. I'll ask.