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Friday, October 12, 2012

Double your pleasure

Episode 304 is up. Five girls, two losers, one dildo. Enjoy.


realnot said...

Not bad. Would have been better if you had found a dildo that could spin better, but it was still a fun game.

Anonymous said...

have an idea how to combine the assholetickling forfeit.You tie the girl up doggy style wiht her feet spread wide open now the girl has to endure 5 minutes of alternating assholetickling and spanking. You start tickling her in her asshole. During time she decides whether she wants to be spanked or tickled in her asshole. You tickle her until she screams "spank" now you spank her until she cries "tickle" and so on. So the girl must decide during the time, if tickling is more stressful or the spanking.
I think you should have 4 girls with each of the three winners having another function during the forfeit. One girl must spread the buttcheeks of the loser during the tickling so the loser can't press the buttcheeks together and prevent the tickling, the second holds a feather and tickles, while the third one holds the paddle in order to spank during the tickling breaks.

I agree with the things Showmaster said:

The idea of Ravenfan sound great it would be much fun seeing a ticklish girl, cause I think her ass will soon glow red because she will often cry "spank" to avoid the tickling. It would be interessting seeing her at the point where she can't take any more spanking and has to endure the tickling her assshaking would be very nice.



Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

what about the cum on her face roulette suggested a while ago.
For those who don't know what a cum on her face roulette is I'll describe it:

You have two girls kneeling nude in front of guy. Now the first girl has to rub his cock for a period of time let's say 30 seconds in her hands and tries to make him cum. The cock is aimed at the face of the second girl, which has to hold her eyes and mouth wide open in order to receive the warm and messy load
When the 30 secs are over which is indicated by a buzzer the girls change their role and now the cock is rubbed by the second girl and aimed at the first girl. They change places every 30 seconds until the guy came onto one of their beautiful faces.

What do you think of this forfeit idea.


Anonymous said...

Another forfeit idea:

I call it "The pussy guessing".
You need a couple and a couple of 2 lesbian girls as losers.
You blindfold the guy so he can't see anything.
Now the 3 nude girls are posed doggy style.
Now the guy can touch the pussy of each girl in order to feel which one is his girlfriend.
In the end he has to guess which one is his girlfriend. During the whole procedure the girls must keep totally quiet even moaning is forbidden, so the guy isn't supported by any sounds. If his girlfriend breaks this rule they lose. If the other two break the rule they lose.
If he guesses right he and his girlfriend win and can do whatever they want to do with the other two ultimate losers. If he's wrong the two girls can do whatever they want to him and his girlfriend. It would be interessting what the couple does to the lesbian couple or what the lesbian couple does to the straight one.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys
Think the cumonface roulette would be a great game idea with the forfeit being the hotel revealing bikini walk with the cum on her face

Also red wondering how the PoV is heading. I'm really hoping for one soon :) . The only thing the last few are missing is interactivity... The two sided one didn't have much... The strip Mogadishu was great but should've been two sided endings and the interactive game seemed a bit cold ( yea I know it was made wayyyyyyyy back when) anyways I know a lot of people would not enjoy the losing aspect but to make it interesting I think you could get the girl(s) playing to act out themselves getting excited and enjoying it quite a bit. Or increase the girls interactivity with the player and make them feel as though they lost and they are at the winners mercy like any other player on your site when they lose. Also think that the forfeit is big key to enjoying a POV regardless of the winner. Anyways just wondering about the ETA.

Also perhaps if u greased up the dildo it could've spun better? Just a thought for the future. (grape oil works nice and is healthy too!)

Much appreciation for what you do, and hope my thoughts are beneficial...


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
Long time fan - first time poster

Just building on the idea already out there but...

How about spinning a double headed dildo where the 2 girls each head points to have to strip?

I.M. Incognito

RS said...

I'm probably in the minority for wanting this one, and would be hard to cast it, but I'd love to see a game that pitted a straight couple against a team with one lesbian and one gay man. Losing team has to do anything the winning team wants. No limits (or limited, well-defined-in-advance limits).

Anonymous said...

RS said...
I'm probably in the minority for wanting this one, and would be hard to cast it, but I'd love to see a game that pitted a straight couple against a team with one lesbian and one gay man. Losing team has to do anything the winning team wants. No limits (or limited, well-defined-in-advance limits).

I love that idea. Best ever :)


Anonymous said...

I guess Im in the minority, but I support Ravenfan & swedishGuy with their forfeit ideas. But I do prefer the idea of Ravenfan seeing a straight couple having their way with a lesbian couple. Just think of the possiblities.

Mr. Mister

Anonymous said...

Cum on her face roulette and real interactive games (I mean good acting and both endings) = profit !

Anonymous said...

but some girls are very ticklish at this very sensitive spot of her body so you should find a ticklish one and it would be real great.