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Friday, October 26, 2012

Fresh fish

So episode 305, which was delayed a week due to a last-minute glitch, is finally getting published today. If you were eager to see more of new girls Jelly and Serengeli (against Fern), here's your chance. I got a few emails from people who liked my last sushi forfeit and wanted to see more, so here you go. Enjoy!

306 is already published, of course, and I described what 307 will be on October 3. In the next couple of weeks:

308 features Fern vs. Salem. Both of these girls had fairly tame limits until just recently, when they agreed to risk more daring forfeits. They play a new game, Ball Blast, similar to Pod Stomp and Puck Off but with little balls that go flying out and the girls have to collect and replace. I think it worked pretty well. Involved a lot of bending over. The loser has to endure an electric shock device that was suggested by fan OD 99x. She was not very happy about it.

309 as promised brings back Tori from last year's highly popular quartet. She faces off against another personal and fan favorite, Candle, in a fast-paced game of Noname. The loser gets blindfolded and handcuffed, while the winner has fun tormenting her with a massager.

And 310 is the crowd from 301 and 306 (I'm not going to list all their names), playing a really cool party game called Witch Hunt. This game was suggested by fan Carn22 with some really good input from Dex. Dex, I have your email address, but Carn22, I don't have yours, so please drop n line at red@lostbets so I can send you a free copy. The losers are required to service the winners orally.

I mentioned awhile ago that I was able to get Cyndi, whom we haven't seen since all the way back in Episode 125, back. She makes her return in Episode 311, along with new girls Eve and Grace. Two losers have to masturbate with glass dildos while we watch.

I've said this before, a number of times, but: good stuff coming up. Stay tuned.


RRFrope@hotmail.com said...

Grazz RED. You have done very nice videos, and the next looks awesome. For 308 and 309 looks phantastic and I can´t wait to see them.

Did you think about the armbinder forfoit I suggested months ago. Hope you can do it.

See you, Keep on making the best videos on the web!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey red

When the interactive game will be released? No hurry! Just focus on getting a convincing act on both endings.

The cum on face roulette idea it's great! It may be used in a game with two losers as a secondary forfeit or something else..

keep doing the good job!

Henry Brazil

Anonymous said...

After i see the gangbang last week I have an idea for a contest that I think would be a success, at least in my book.

Have a contest between four couples. One couple lose and 3 wins. the three winning guys have a gangbang with the losing girl. And the 3 winning girls will somehow humiliate the losing guy

Maybe a singelguy and singelgirl can competes lika a couple.


Anonymous said...


Have you ever thought of doing a strip game on stage at a strip club? Like this video:


You could have the losers give lap dances to the guys, or get tied naked on stage as a backdrop (as well as plaything) for the actual strippers.


Anonymous said...


Any news on the bro/sis pair, and with the recent gangbang videos i'm wondering about the potential for some more creampie forfeits?


Red said...

@RRFrope: Thank you very much for your kind words. "Best videos on the web", those are some mighty strong words. I don't know if I agree with them, but they're nice to hear. I'm afraid I haven't done the armbinder thing yet sorry. I will, eventually.

@Henry: No date on the interactives yet. Getting convincing acts out of the girls is a different experience for me. I'm not used to doing multiple takes.

@swedishguy: That sounds good, but kind of tricky to pull off I'd need to find four couples, all willing to engage in hardcore sex with any or all of the others. This is not only difficult, but expensive. I'll have to give you a solid maybe on that one.

@ForfeitFan: Holy crap, I don't have $40,000! Also, Washington has very lame laws regarding what's allowed to go on in a strip club. Bur I'll look into it.

Fantastic video, though. However, I have something like that coming up. The 15 folks from 301? They played a game of group rock-paper-scissors using the exact same rules: form a line, winner sticks. (Next time I'll try loser sticks. I think it might work better.) And the winners provided lapdances to the losers. Coming soon! Well not that soon. Coming in January 2013 as Episode 218.

@PN: I've decided that I really can't go there. Federal obscenity law is pretty vague. When pornographers dance to close to the line, they go to jail. I wouldn't last a day in prison; I'm too pretty.

Thanks to everyone who posted, and sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

Anonymous said...

The Idea from the swedishguy is great. I hope, you can realize it!