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Friday, April 19, 2013

C Thong. C Thong run.

Run, thong, run!

A fan by the name of BD Suit twigged me to these. They're great: they're the most barely-there bottoms it's possible to wear. I doubt anyone would want to wear one in public who wouldn't want to be totally nude in public, because that's about what they will be. In today's update, Episode 322, two girls find themselves experiencing that nightmare. Enjoy. (Might be just a little bit late.)


Anonymous said...

I loved this game. Great reluctance and embarrassment. The c thongs looked amazing. Are there any more of these three and if so what are they risking in terms of forfeit?


Red said...

@K: Glad you liked it! "At least I get to keep my dignity!" "Yeah, I see all your dignity hanging out." Sadly, this is the last one (for now) with these three. But I'd definitely like to get them back for more.

Anonymous said...

I can see the fun in embarrassing pictures on the losers, but maybe next time you do public exposure or post pictures, try no drawings, just the birthday suit.

Or, if you want to use markers, have people write ratings (numbers) for their bodies or tits so the will be covered in favorable or unfavorable ratings in the end.

Again complements for using so many blog suggestions lately!


Anonymous said...

I just had a great idea. Next time if the Person Loses they get walked about in a extremely revieling peice like now. The catch to this one is Free pics of the loser is spread around to random passerbyers who would like to have them.

PS when are the PoVs coming out? I AM DIEING HERE would love to see them soon


Anonymous said...

Speaking of POVs I cant remember any POVs with a blowjob forfeit. Do you have any like that. Or perhaps if thats too standard maybe you could do a game between two girls with the forfeit being oral filmed from the winners POV. Wonder if that would interest people.


Anonymous said...

Well I certainly hope the c thong makes another appearence. So far it has been the hottest walk of shame garment to date. Im glad to see that 2 of the last three forfeits have been purely enf. I look forward to see more like them.


Red said...

@Anon 10:57 (please sign your posts): Um, maybe. It might be a bit of a challenge to find girls who'd be willing to risk that level of pain.

@AV: I was actually thinking the same thing while reviewing this one: the drawing with markers is fun, but especially in a case like this, where the girls are virtually naked, bare pink skin might be a better look. Having members of the public write stuff on them would be pretty cool, too. But risky. Would depend where we were, I guess.

@DaM: You want the girls to be carrying naked pictures of themselves which they'd hand out to random passersby? Fun, but even riskier. Although I've been tempted to make the nearly-nude girls invite likely people back to the hotel room for a nude photoshoot...

I'm not making any promises on when the PoVs will finally appear, since I've broken so many such promises in the past, but I've got well over 50 of them on film now. I may as well publish them at some point.

@Pareto: I have shot one PoV blowjay and plan to shoot more. I'm not sure how well they work either, but we'll see.

@K: We'll C about the C-thongs returning. They worked great, but that particular bar in that partiuclar hotel has asked us to knock it off. Seems some of hte patrons complained. I doubt any complained about the show, it was more about the cameras. So I'll need to find a new place if I'm going to break them out again.

Law said...

I loved the game! I know you've already said bringing the C string back is tough, but I'd totally pay to see it again! And hopefully with some of the other girls too! I would give anything to see someone like Ashley or Candle have to do something like that!

Anonymous said...

C-thong got back - A Review of Episode 332 Strip High Card by Krycek

The public nudity forfeits remain my favorite. While I understand the limitations in that they usually aren’t actually fully nude in the forfeit, I was very interested to see if the c-thong moved us closer to true nude in the true public environment. So this one was clearly required viewing and inspired me to write a full review for the blog. It contains plenty of spoilers so be warned.

The Game – The camera work was spot on. All the girls did a great job of showing the goods when stripped. The viewers always win when the competitiveness of the players pushes for early nudity and pants go before shirts. Winner’s choice for striping is a mandatory rule. Clearly, none of the girls wanted to lose. And the game dynamics created some drama with Catherine losing early and then it still coming down to her and one card to determine the final winner. The game gets a perfect score in my book when all the players end up naked. Credit to Caroline for commenting on the order of card taking but fate is fate.

The Players – All the girls looked great. I found myself most interested in seeing Kimberly strip as the game went on. Catherine has a great rack and pussy cleft and I enjoyed many clear shots of it. Caroline’s facial expressions kept me entertained. She’s got a great overall body. The banter was great with the trash talking early and all of them really getting into the game. I liked the look on Caroline’s face when she lost with her sideways smile. She was like McKayla Maroney at the Olympics. The players really made the game enjoyable to watch. They are a great group of girls.

The Forfeit – When the c-thongs made their appearance, immediately I was like “Wow, that’s small!” And they just do cover the lower front. I don’t know what a really hairy girl would do which would be hilarious. I did not like the markers. I think they distracted from the “nudity” element. I think they need to be limited to lostbest.com on the shoulders. It was funny how Kimberly was so happy to win and decorate the ladies that she seemed to forget she was naked. She pretty much stopped trying to cover up.

Normally, I would want bigger and well-endowed girls to lose these games since they have more to hide. In this case, the c-thong and the losers were a clear match because the c-thong does not block anything in back for girls with some booty in back. And those were the best views. Women should always wear high heels and that combination with the c-thong made for the best views of the forfeit. Caroline has a great ass and it was rocking down the hall at the 19:56 mark. That is the clear image left in my mind. Plus Catherine’s great breasts looked great even with tape.

As for the walk down and the bar, the full elevator created quite the reaction. Plus the random plushie on there, wtf? As for the bar part, the pictures being taken was cool. But some of the patrons clearly ignoring them detracted some from the energy and gave it the wrong tension. It should be tension because the losers are embarrassed not because they are pulling a prank that irritates the public. But that is out of your control in this case.


Anonymous said...

Quotes of the game – Caroline – “I can see you dignity hanging out”
Catherine – “I was the first one to get my pants taken off… and now I’m about to win.” (She doesn’t)

Scenes of the game – Caroline looking at the c-thong at 11:11

Final Summary – In my final assessment, I put this near the top of the public nudity games. Not the all-time best but in the ballpark and the groundbreaking c-thong was a clear success. Better than the g-string suit by far. See my updated personal favorites below.

A final recommendation, the puzzle for public nudity forfeits is if you want the loser to be fully nude, you need a controlled environment like running in the hall or ordering a pizza which seemed to the be the plan in the early episodes. Or if you want a longer, more interactive forfeit, they’ve got to have tape and a thong which is the recent plan. I have a suggestion going forward that might be the best of both. One of my all-time favorite clips is 133 where Raven is nude, hands behind back, being walked down the hall to a party. While the clip ends and we don’t see what happens, my imagination loves that ending. So that said, why not recreate that? Instead of the loser going down to the hotel bar, just have them led to another room. There you can have the room filled with your own folks to make up the “public”. Ideally, they would be people the players don’t know. Have the loser serve drinks and pose for photos. In the losers mind, while it is not as public as a hotel bar it should still have the same impact on them without the potential for trouble from the hotel or the law. This is similar to the parties or games in the past where you’ve had a gallery watching but in this case, the uncertainty and unknown should add to the drama and embarrassment. In a way, this is a variation on what Fear Factor did, search youtube fear factor Jessica.

I’ve been around since episode 1. It feels like just the other day that I was writing up the Best Awards to mark Episode 200. Keep up the great work. You are champion of men everywhere looking to escape into some fantasy.


Anonymous said...

Top Public Nudity Episodes (no order)

Full Nude/Limited Public (Pizza guy, Run in hall)

134 Strip Cutthroat – Zayda and Julie naked before an audience

133 Strip Estonian - Raven walks naked to an unseen party

037 – Strip Poker – Pizza guy gets lots of looks, good camera work and lighting give us the full view of the girls

145 - Faye really RUNS the hall way and those cans are swinging!

Full Public/Limited Nude (Hotel bar walk of shame)

209 – Lola in the thong. This remains my personal favorite. First, because it is an active game leading to the forfeit and second because the winner actually still wears bra and thong to the bar. And third, Mo’s rack is so awesome that the tape does nothing to cover it.

332 – C-thong debut!

245 - Ashley messing with Cory and making her bend over and walk certain ways ranks this high. I consider it best of the g-string suit games.

183 - For some reason, I return to this game often. The game and forfeit is muted with neither girl really getting into it, but Navarre just seems very naked in the crowd. Plus her tear drop breasts look great even with tape.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I know it might be expensive but I hear there are C-thongs with built in vibrators that can be remote controlled. Just putting it out there- the one thing better than a nearly naked walk of shame is a nearly naked walk of shame while the clit gets teased.