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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Little help?

First of all, Happy National Surprise Drug Test Day! Although I suppose if it falls on a Sunday, they move it to the following Monday.

Second, meet a couple of new girls. First is Paige:

Her hair's a little wet because she just got out of the shower. Why was she in the shower? Oh, I don't know... probably there was some reason. Paige is a sweet Southern girl, tall and lean with great curves. She's got just the barest hint of an accent, which comes out more strongly when she's nervous.

I don't mean to give Paige short shrift, but I don't know as much about her as I know about her opponent, Madison:

Madison is a total amateur who's never been naked on camera before. She's a friend of Delilah, who's Johnny's new girlfriend. Delilah loves the idea of posing for LostBets.com, but her male relatives have made some fairly specific promises as to what would happen to us if her nude body ever appears on our site, so that's out. Instead, she did the next best thing and talked her friend (and one-time lover) into playing.

They played five games, all of which I think turned out pretty well, with forfeits ranging from the fairly tame (singing a song about how everyone can see her boobs) to the not-so-tame (Sybian ride). Their first game was to be published as Episode 338, but that seems like an awfully long time to make you wait. I'll probably have it jump the queue.

Which brings me to the request for help.

Madison is coming back for a second helping tomorrow. Well, technically, it is tomorrow. She's coming back later today. And this time her opponent isn't another young lady, it's a young gentleman. Originally, there was supposed to be another girl involved too and I was looking forward to my first GGB game of Earth and Fire, but that kind of fell through which means that most of my plans are scratched and I'll be starting from scratch. That's where you come in. One boy, one girl, what forfeits should they risk? I've got a few ideas but want to know what you guys think. Before you ask, they've both said they won't do any butt stuff.

Please post your ideas within the next 10 hours. 11 at the most.


OD 99x said...

I'm sure you have the loser giving the winner oral and loser masturbates on tap, but how about using the stockade to position the loser for a good spanking. The position itself is embarrassing to guys and girl sand would add to the spanking forfeit. Nude exercise is always a good but tame forfeit. Too bad you didn’t buy the electro-stimulator cock ring to go with the electro-stimulator bead you have, you could always make a guy loser put it between his shaft and sac, ouch.

Anonymous said...

How the loser giving the winner a massage including the happy ending.


Anonymous said...

I'm always in favor of more public nudity forfeits, depending on location of course.


mismanager said...

You've not used yoga positions as a forfeit for a while. Ring toss was an excellent game, only used once, I think. Could you come up with a way to adapt that? The loser of a game could be the object for a second game, if you have other players handy. The stockade is a good idea but if a guy is in there he is pretty vulnerable to a misplaced blow. It is really easy to do serious damage to anything that dangles.

Anonymous said...

Oral is always a fun one for B/G games.

Either that or a WAM forfeit. Perhaps a combination of WAM and then masturbation before washing would be a humiliating combination.

Do you have any plans for the 'upping the ante' idea I posted earlier?

I also have a suggestion for a game in the future specific to WAM;
-Play a 4 person game, 2 winners, 2 losers. Make the game one with rounds which allow girls to chose who takes something off (Say, Hungry Hippos) encouraging rivalry and therefore making forfeit interaction more exciting. After 2 losers have been determined, the winners are each assigned a loser (Person with most clothes left chooses). The 2 winners then play a different game, say rock, paper,scissors. Each time a winner wins, they can chose something to dump on their loser from a selection. Baked Beans/Eggs/Rotten Fruit/Whatever. Make the losers pour mess on themselves occasionally. Have the least successful winner join the losers in the shower.

Keep up the good work, C

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog properly Red, well that's scotched that idea!

Ok she has to use the sybian or he has to use a fleshlight?


Red said...

It is not too late. @Albert, the dude in question says no way he's getting jizz on his face, not even his own. He says he's okay with her cumming on his face.

Red said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RS said...

For the BG games, how about having the winner shave the loser of all body hair from the neck down?

Madison and Paige seem like very innocent girl-next-door types. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

We all win when it is a the loser gives the winner oral forfeit. But I'll second the happy ending massage.

I love public forfeits. Look for my full recap/review of the C-thong on Friday.


Red said...

Sybian or Fleshlight is gonna happen.

@RS: The lady is already pretty hairless, and the gentleman would take forever to shave. Good idea, though

Riggins said...

For the future, could Delilah serve as a Designated Spanker or some completely-clothed equivalent? I'm picturing her standing to the side, waving a paddle at the players while they play and struggle to concentrate on the game.

Anonymous said...

a severe tickling

Anonymous said...

Are possibilities of Sassy´s return?


Anonymous said...

I really looking forward To see Madison getting naked


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

A couple of really pretty amateur girls there! Does this mean that the pubic shaving as an item of clothing forfeit has finally happened?!?!? Please don't say "No"!

All the best,

RS said...

Well, I hope you consider the "shave all body hair below the neck" punishment in the future. Yeah, it would probably be extra embarrassing for guys, especially hairy guys, but you'd definitely need some fairly hairy women, too. Maybe some hippy chicks? You could always use Wahl clippers for a quick first pass, followed by a razor. For extra humiliation, you could also post before-and-after pics all over the Internet.

Red said...

@Riggins: Done and done! Delilah appeared in one of the games, not just as a designated spanker, but as the designated stripper. When one of the players lost an article of clothing, Delilah took it off her.

@Anon 10:04 (please sign your posts): There wasn't a severe tickling, but while one of the players was locked in the stockade being spanked, paddled, and riding-cropped, tickling occurred. Also, Madison risked a severe tickling in one of her games with Paige.

@Piti: Yup!

@Swedishguy: I hope you enjoy the sight!

@TrueS: Just to clarify, Paige is not an amateur and deserves to be called at least semi-pro. She's done nude modeling before. But not Madison. And regretfully, I can only do the pubic-hair-as-garment thing when botrh girls have pubic hair to bet. That wasn't the case here.

@RS: See above. I'll do it when the opportunity arises.

elshamy90 said...

please I want the full name for Madison or her account
sent me email