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Friday, June 21, 2013

Guilty Spark

I'm sure a lot of you will get the title of this post without needing to resort to Google.

Episode 343 publishes today. Billy attempts to get his revenge on Candle and Ashley for the ungentle treatment he received in Episode 337. Does he succeed? Watch and see.

Still falling behind in blog and email replies. I'll catch up soon, hopefully.


Anonymous said...

This week's clip on the member site is the same clip we had in December -- december 14th to be precise. Can you please give us something new for our money?

Gade said...

Red doesn't control what gets published on the member site, it gets outsourced to some other guy. Although that other guy is completely clueless and, Red, if you ever get the opportunity to replace him, please do.

Anonymous said...

Btw can you speak on y the membership site is on delay.

Big Ups

Anonymous said...

Very amusing Reclaimer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I repeat my post made on May :
I think the idea of an anal butt plug is good.
You must not pump it till the maximum. If nobody agrees to anal insertions you could also use an inflatable dildo in the pussy of a girl.


but I would prefer the anal toy. It is very good I've seen it on several porn sites used. You pump it up slowly so it won't hurt the girls. You could also use it on a losing guy. I think the winning girls would have a lot of fun inserting a plug into a guys asshole and pumping it up slowly.


you can see descriptions how to use it at youtube:


you can see a guy using it here:



you can see non kink girls using ith here:





you can see a girl using it here.






Anonymous said...

the idea of using an anal butt plug sounds great. it would be very funny if a guy looses the laughing of the winning girls would be great by inserting the toy into his ass.

Also a great forfeit would be a gynecological inspection with this toy.



Anonymous said...

Hey Red, just curious as to if there is a way that you can see which clips is the all-time best selling? If you can, which is it?

Thanks, J

Anonymous said...


The top 5 selling clips are listed at the top of the clip store page. It looks like Amber has reclaimed her title. After topping it for the longest time with strip mogadishu with Amber and Mary, Amber reearned the title with her role in strip cutthroat and unless Red has some major tricks up his sleeve (knowing Red he most likely does) she will maintian that spot for quite awhile again.


Anonymous said...

The idea of a butt-plug sounds great to me, also with the guy losing and the girls having fun.

However setting the mood for this one is difficult I think.
This is how I would like it: the guy must be a little embarrassed, but should not be too much of a "sore loser" about it.
I also think hiring an obviously gay man for this would be a mistake, just like introducing a second male into the clip.


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for a next video. Four really cute girls play a game and, as usual, a naked girl has to lose again to be the loser. You call a pizza and the naked girl has to open the door. But the fun begins here. When the pizza guy is gone, three boys masturbate and cum on the loser's slice (the boys should pay attention to really cum on the slice)... and the loser eat her special topping slice in front of the winners and of course in front of the cameras.

Anonymous said...

the butt plug idea is great

here is another video:


also a speculum would be great: you can see it herre:




RS said...

Now that summer is here, maybe there will be opportunities for fun outdoor games -- strip volleyball, strip basketball, strip dodge ball, strip capture the flag, strip lube wrestling....

Very active games that prevent nude and nearly-nude from covering up while they continue to play are especially fun.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say love the work you're doing, thanks for the excellent games you keep making. Keep up the good work.

I just have a couple of requests:

1) More public forfeits. You haven't done the Pizza delivery forfeit for a while. To make it more interesting have the loser get dressed again then perform a strip for the Pizza boy, or even better if you could get the Pizza boy to remove all the losers clothes.

2) Have Ashley (my favourite girl) lose a hardcore forfeit. Ashley has risked Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs and even full sex but always wins. Please get Ashley to lose when there is a hardcore forfeit. I prefer games not to be fixed so I think it would be better to just keep having her in more and more games until she loses. If you use games of luck instead of skill she is bound to lose eventually.

the foxer

Anonymous said...

yes I also would like to see Ashley losing in a hardcore game.
She' s real hot.

an inflatable anal butt plug is a very great toy. I know it will be difficult to talk girls to accept it as forfeit but it would be worth all the stress.

By the way I've got an idea for the next game. You make a posing contest called "MissLostBets.com". The winner can choose forfeits on the defeated competitors.


Anonymous said...

the anal plug is great you can also see girls using it here.


all ladies shaved clean

Anonymous said...

p131213 said... Hi red,

I had a dream: a Snippety-Hop Race between candle, ashley, zayda and catherine. The two loser get spanked by the winners and then they have to go the walk of shame in public only in a c-string! That would be great! Sorry for my bad english!

Cheers, p131213

June 2, 2013 at 1:52 PM

Only to remember :-)

Jordan said...

Hey Red I asked if you could bring Amani back awhile ago and I was just wondering on how that was coming along and if it was possible for her to make a return.

Anonymous said...

the last clip was awesome, Red.
both funny and fun to watch, as well as erotic.

the editing, on the other hand... dude, lets just say the editor needs the stockade and paddle treatment. no, i dont want to see a clip of that.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

Hey Red

Have to agree with CA Fan, the editing of the last video was not up to your usual standard.

The content though was awesome with the result I wanted.

Having recently seen the earth and fire clip as well I have a request. More of Zoe please.

A Fan

Anonymous said...

Hey Red

Have to agree with CA Fan, the editing of the last video was not up to your usual standard.

The content though was awesome with the result I wanted.

Having recently seen the earth and fire clip as well I have a request. More of Zoe please.

A Fan

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more public nudity forfeits too. Even the girls on this site who are actually pros (I won't name names) sincerely DREAD being overexposed in public. If the girls playing the games don't dread losing, what fun is it?

damndable said...

Also not too happy with the editing quality of last week's update, not look for any freebies or anything, but if you happened to re-edit this particular update, wouldn't mind being notified.

Johnny said...

@damndable A Fan and CA Fan - Hey guys, please do give us specifics about what you didn't like in the editing on that one. We're listening and want to make sure all of our videos meet a high standard of quality.

Johnny said...

...and if we can re-edit it and make it more to your liking we will, so please let us know specifically what should be different. Thanks always for your support and input.

damndable said...

@Johnny, the video tracks just weren't in sync, and obviously you were using audio from just one or two mics, which were in sync with a couple of the shots, and then you'd cut to a different camera and it would be completely out. ANd i'm not talking a few milliseconds, this was like a good 5 seconds out of sync, so you'd have things happening in one shot, and then cut and they hadn't even happened in the next, but we're still hearing the audio from the previous shot.

As an example there'sa shot at 35:20 where the loser is stood over the winner while she is in the stockade, and then it cuts at 35:24 and she's riding the loser, and then we cut againat 35:32 and she's back off, and at 35:34 and she's back on, and then lastly at 35:40, and we see her once again off, but about to climb onto her (presumably for the first time). It's really offputting.

Anonymous said...

^^^ what he said, exactly. ^^^

CA Fan

Anonymous said...


A Fan

Johnny said...

@ damndable, CA Fan, A Fan

Wow. That was really bad. I have no idea how that big a problem made it through our quality control process. My sincere apologies folks. I'm fixing it now and Red will be providing a fixed copy to anyone who bought the flawed version. I'll double check all of the videos coming down the line to ensure that nothing like that happens again. Thanks for letting us know and please keep the feedback coming. You guys are the best.

Johnny said...

@the foxer

We're working with Ashley again soon. We'll do our best to set her up in some more games with hardcore forfeits. I like the game of chance idea. She's a great lady but I think we all want to see her lose one of these for once.