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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Still Alive

So I've been kind of AWOL for the last couple of weeks. Folks who've been here awhile know that this happens to me from time to time. I can't really say why, but it's certainly not because I'm on a top-secret government mission, regardless of what you might have heard. Ignore any rumors. Apologies to those who've been waiting for email and blog replies; you'll get them eventually.

Last week's update featured Paige returning to face off against first-timer Katie. If you've been waiting to see Paige play again against Madison, don't worry, it'll happen. And it'll be good. We'll see more of Katie, too... and we'll also see Paige and Katie playing against hawt compact redhead Hollis, whom we haven't seen in awhile.

This week's update pits Nyssa, last seen over a year ago, one-on-one against new girl Dominique. (Do you like girls with glasses? I do.) The loser is forced to masturbate, leaving her flushed and sweaty and eager for revenge. We'll see if she gets it.

Finallu, news of a recent shoot. I'd mentioned that Amber was interested in returning, and got an enthusiastic response. Well, she did come back, and she brought company. First, there's Patrick:

Patrick is a veteran... not of LostBets.com, but in the more literal sense, having served in Iraq. I certainly don't want to get overly political here (and I know that war provokes strong feelings) but I'm profoundly grateful to him and to everyone who undergoes the enormous risks and sacrifices associated with military service. I'm also glad he assumed the lesser but still-substantial risks of a LostBets.com shoot. It wasn't without price.

And then there's Jennie, with her hair in her face:

Jennie was born in December 1994, which if you do the math makes her a bona fide Barely Legal. She's also never been naked on camera before, which isn't all that surprising since she hasn't had time to do much of that sort of thing. She was nervous but excited. Did she have beginner's luck, or was she fated to expose all? Wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Well, thank you Patrick for your service. And it certainly shouldn't be about politics to thank a vet.

And on a less serious note, Jennie is really cute. Can't wait to see the games.


Anonymous said...

I agree with E-Male on this. Supporting your troops is not the same as supporting any particular conflict.

On a different note , pleased to see you are back Red and very pleased to hear that Amber is coming back too.

Here's to hoping she's going to be a very wild & naughty girl indeed!

RS said...

One can always appreciate those who risk their lives for their country. They don't get to pick and choose where they are deployed. I am appreciative of the risks Patrick has taken, both abroad and on LostBets.

Red said...

Yeah, on further reflection, I was being overly paranoid about causing offense. Thanking vets for their service is pretty noncontroversial, or ought to be.

@E-Male: Yes, she is cute, and you won't have to wait too long to see more of her.

@FC: Wild and naughty? You might say that. There was a Sybian ride, a blowjob, a fingercuffing (in the figurative, not literal, sense), and a very special wet and messy. And a creampie, which may well be the best boy-girl fucking I've filmed (not that there have been all that many.) It was a good shoot, and a good intro for the newbies.

Anonymous said...


I don't think you replied to this, but if you did, sorry.

I don't know if you ever said why, but you stopped updating your episode guide at like, 218. Any chance of getting that back up to the present?

On a different note, any chance of seeing Patrick in a soldier game, if only for the irony?

Yo Momma

Anonymous said...

Thank you Patrick! Service to the country always leaves me speechless in appreciation.

Red, is there any chance we can get a bonus update of Dominique and Nyssa sooner rather than later? Between them and Paige and Madison, you've got a great pipeline, but do you think you can you do a double update sometime soon? I think we'd all love that

Thanks for the years of entertainment, you do an amazing job, quality of the videos continues to get better and better! You've come really far man, definitely something to be proud of!


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I asked a couple weeks ago about a forfiet where girls and guys both risk something bisexual (maybe a girls vs guys game!). Is there anything like that on the horizon?


Anonymous said...

Great picture of Jennie, wish her hair wasn't in her face.[=

RS said...

I'm curious how many of the regulars here would play a LostBets game, assuming that (1) the game was one where you had a legitimate chance of winning or losing (either a game of pure chance, or where skills were fairly evenly matched, and (2) the punishment was something you didn't want to do, but were willing to risk doing because the reward for winning was something you wanted. Would you be interested in playing, and under what circumstances?

1) You'd play a LostBets game on camera, and Red wouldn't even have to pay you.

2) You'd play a LostBets game on camera, but only if you got paid the normal going rate.

3) You'd play a game, but not on camera, but you'd be open to a wide range of punishments, lack of control of participants, etc.

4) You'd play a game, but only under tightly controlled circumstances for punishments, controlling who you played against, etc.

I personally think I'd fall around #3. Nothing on camera, but I'd be willing to risk pushing my other limits in a private game.

Red said...

@Yo Momma: Yeah, I haven't updated that episode guide in quite awhile. I haven't upodated the data file from which that episode guide is generated in quite awhile either, so I'll have to update that before I can bring the guide up-to-date. I'll get on that. In the meantime, there's a slightly more up-to-date (though still outdated) guide at http://www.lostbeta.com. That needs to be updated too.

What exactly do you mean by "soldier game?" I'd be happy to ask Patrick about it but I need to know what you mean first.

@impatient: In making these videos, the bottleneck has always been postproduction. Johnny and Quarry have really been kicking ass in post lately, and I think I've now got the longest queue of ready-to-publish episodes in LostBets.com history. So yes, I can probably throw in a bonus episode or two in the weeks to come. I don't want to wait to introduce some of the newbies.

Thanks very much for the kind words. We've been working hard on improving the quality of our productions and while we still have a ways to go (especially in audio and lighting) I'm happy with our progress so far. The last shoot we did, with Amber, Patrick, and Jennie, everything seemed to be clicking and we got some fantastic shots. I can't wait to see how the games turn out, and to share them with you.

@VL: I definitely want to do some of that but haven't managed to arrange it yet. Hope to soon.

@Anon 1:58 (please sign your posts): I'll see if I can find soem more shots of Jennie to share.

@RS: Bringing LostBets.com fans into the games, whether as spectators or actual players, is an idea I've been toying with for awhile. I'm still not sure about it, but it's something I'd consider, if there were volunteers.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the reference to Lostbeta, and for promising to update it. (Although, it might just be easier to update the one on Lostbeta, and link to that instead.)

And honestly, I have no idea what I meant by a soldier game. Maybe a strip Nerf battle or something. I just thought it'd be funny.

Yo momma

RS said...

A LostBets game with fan participation could be fun. Could be a good excuse for another game-show style game with an audience. Did you ever see the old "Man Show" (originally hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla, and later by Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope). They had an occasionally recurring thing called "The Wheel of Destiny," where audience members would be called up to spin an oversized wheel of fortune. Half of the spots were rewards, but the other half were punishments. In a game show style game, you could have audience members spin the wheel with rewards like spanking one of the game show contestants, removing one or more articles of clothing from a contestant, fondling a contestant of his choice, etc., to punishments like being spanked bare ass on stage or stripped naked and shackled on stage in full view of everyone for the rest of the game. To have the chance to win a reward, the audience member would have to accept the risk of a punishment...

Brian said...

I'd definitely like to be part of an live audience or even participate in lostbets games but to answer RS's questions aswell i would never risk doing something i didn't want to do simply because it's something i really really don't want to do. Same thing would apply to my opponents. If it's something she really wouldn't want to do (like some girls on this site don't want to do anal) then i don't think i would enjoy winning anyway. I would feel like raping somebody.
There's a fine line between not liking the forfeit and absolutely not wanting to do a forfeit. If it's a forfeit i don't like to do but wouldn't exactly oppose to either because there's a chance of getting a great reward then surely i would play. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Any chance of you bumping up the cream pie vid for a quicker release (pardon the pun)? Outside of the crazy carnies there hasn't really been much good old fashioned sexing on this site recently.


Anonymous said...

Agreed, I'd like to see more hardcore on the site. I don't care about the regular bets all the time, and the masturbation gets old. I like seeing people betting for the gold.

Jum Jum

Riggins said...

Red, if you had an auction for "be an assistant cameraman on a LostBets shoot," you'd probably make some money, especially if the winner got to choose the players.

Speaking of players, any chance for a return from Isobel?

Anonymous said...

This week's clip on the member site is the same clip we had in December -- december 14th to be precise. Can you please give us something new for our money?

Anonymous said...

From Jennie's pic it looks like she might have large boobs, unless the shadow at the top of her shirt is misleading me. What is she packin'?

Anonymous said...

Hey red
Its jenni was wondering when my vid would be up.
Was going to email you but not sure how whats goin on mann