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Friday, September 13, 2013


Episode .357 publishes today, with a little boy-girl action. Either Madison is going to get her amateur pussy eaten by fellow amateur James, or she'll be sucking his dick. Either way, it's a good show.

As for this week's previews, returning soon is Grace:

Grace was popular and I'm excited to have her back. (I wasn't able to get her partner-in-crime Eve, which is a pity, but I'm happy with what I got.) Grace will be joined by new girl Olivia, seen here blushing and trying to keep her nipples hidden:

You'll like her. I sure do.


Anonymous said...


I think you have found another special one! I can't wait to see Olivia!

Any thoughts about my suggestion for another headshave forfeit with younger, more apprehensive models? As long as it didn't turn too sadistic, I'd really like to see the genuine panic that might cause. The last one just didn't seem to worry the players quite enough. I know this is a tall order, but you have managed so many unexpected things before!

All the best,

Headshave fan said...

Yes please do another headshave video.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
Glad to see you've got Grace back & Olivia looks cute. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait to see the pair of them naked & blushing!

How about drunken hopscotch? That might be pretty funny plus we'll get to see some boobs bouncing around like mad!


JaJe said...

If Olivia is what she looks like, we can hope for a cute Girl next door getting naughtier and naughtier? Definitely the most promising girl for quite a while (I would say since Bibi, who has not been in enough vids to meet the expectations)

Anonymous said...

Grace is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Naturally busty is an understatement. But she clearly has loose limits. I'd love to have a fate await here that will even make her cringe, like a little good old fashioned forced public exhibitionism. Juggs like hers that are so hard to contain could really make for some overexposed fun! Even if you had to rig a game to embarrass her, I'd definitely forgive you! :-)
Cleveland OH

Anonymous said...

I thought .357 was supposed to go off with a bang? Oral? hmm.


RST said...

I also would love another headshave like trueS stated. Did James and Madison know eachother before the game or was this there first time meeting (and stripping in front of eachother?) Can't wait to see Olivia...she is definitely my type!

Girl Next Door said...


I am from NY and am interested in being in one of your shoots. Is there information about how to apply?

Anonymous said...

good camera work on this one, red. you've really taken yer game up a notch. and i liked the little interview at the end.

i have a couple forfeit ideas:
an OTK spanking. i see a certain humiliation/embarassment at being draped naked and head-down over a spankers lap,who sits upright in a chair, having to call out each spank before its recieved.
maybe where 2-4 girls compete and a designated guy is waiting to administer the spanks?

my other idea, i've mentioned in the long ago past: that bondage X thing that Kat/Naomi/Amber Heavens was bound too at some bdsm club long time ago. its a better device than door jam cuffs.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

I sure hope there is more of Madison. I think she is really cute and pretty fun to boot. I would love to see the chance of her on a sybian again.

MonsoonRAT (I am not sure what name I have been using on any of my posts anymore)

Red said...

Sorry it's taken me awhile to write back, folks. My router died and knocked me off the Internet for a couple of days. I'm just glad that it's back in time for tomorrow's update.

@TrueS and @Headshave fan and @RST: Head shaving is really a tall order, because as you can imagine, few are willing to do it. And while Episode 303 wasn't what I'd call a flop, it didn't exactly set the site on fire either. I certainly wouldn't rule out a future headshaving forfeit, but it's not my highest priority. Sorry.

@Furrychris: Well, we've done hopscotch (Stripscotch) a few times, in Episodes 122, 162, and 219. It's been awhile! Might be time to bring it back. As for drunken, I dunno... well, maybe. It'd certainly make the game more entertaining to watch, although I'd worry about people getting hurt.

@JaJe: Well, I don't want to mislead anyone... Olivia is certainly a cutie and very competitive, but she's not as timid as someone like, say, Julie was at first. She was willing to play for big stakes from the beginning.

@Cleveland: You'll just have to wait and see what Grace had to endure. The good news is it won't be all that long that you'll have to wait. The first of the new material will appear before the snow flies.

@J: Well, there was a cumshot, that's sort of a bang. Best I had on tap to use for .357.

@RST: Yes, James and Madison knew each other before they played at LostBets.com... but this was definitely the first time either of them had done anything like this in front of other people, let alone a bunch of cameras.

@Girl Next Door: Send me a picture and a little bit of information about yourself; I'm red@lostbets.com. But you would probably have to come to the Seattle area, where we play most of our games.

@CA Fan: Thanks for the compliment on the camera work! We've really tried to get a better handle on where our cameras are and what they're shooting, and keep them arranged to get the best angles. Johnny and Hippo have been doing a bang-up job improving our videography. We have a few OTK spankings, both already published and to be published in the future. As for a St. Andrew's cross (the X thing), we don't have one yet but I'd definitely like to get one.

@MonsoonRAT: Excellent news! There is more of Madison... including another game where she risks a Sybian ride, coming in the not-too-distant future as Episode 364. Hope you like it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ree,

I can't wait to hear and see what Olivia has been risking!

All the best,

Anonymous said...