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Friday, January 24, 2014

Lots of pricks

One of the things I like about the game Shockinaw is the nervous anticipatory dread it produces in the girls. Well, it turns out that pushing a spike towards a balloon that might pop is just as nerve-wracking as holding a handle that will give you an electric shock. It's great watching the girls wince and squeeze their eyes shut as they slowly push in the spike and pray for the balloon not to pop. Price Prick Bang makes its debut in today's Episode 383, with veteran punster Candle taking on fast-learning newbie Lela.

Next week we'll see Bex, Piper, and Madison competing again in Episode 384. We'll see Sassy too, but she's not actually playing. The game is Soccer Bowling, where the girls have to kick a bowling ball at a rack of pins and try to knock down as many as possible. Sassy,. as the loser of Episode 380, has to be the nude pin girl, setting up the pins in all her naked glory. The two losers have to greet the pizza guy naked, and offer him a lapdance. He agreed, albeit nervously and with trepidation. Good times.

Finally, a couple more ILAMC promos. Here's Angel:

And here's Jordana.



Anonymous said...

So reaching back into the blog I counted at least 17 players who are forthcoming but no yet introduced or in many cases reintroduced. Any previews about how they are grouped or what kind of forfeits are involved?


Red said...

@K, anyone in particular you want to know about?

Zeo said...

Hi Red,
Had a sudden idea for a new game scenario, after having watched your past couple of outdoor games.

A similar idea to how your did ep 281 Strip Mogadishu with Betty and Veronica.
How about you try having them play a game of Strip Tennis?
It could be played either as singles or doubles (singles for 2 players, doubles for 4 players). Boys vs Girls, or couple vs couple.

Hopefully you can find a suitable court (private outdoor or indoor).

Loser/s of the match have to run laps of the court nude equal to the number of points they lost to their opponent/s

Gade said...

To support Zeo's idea; badminton might work a little better than tennis, as it's easier to rig up a makeshift court in a back garden or somewhere else easier to film in

Anonymous said...

Red, Which video you fortold the coming of features a walk to the drugstore wearing next to nothing or something like that? Who is in it?

Lady Godiva Fan

Red said...

@Zeo and @Gade: I'd like to, but there are a couple of hurdles to overcome, the biggest being venue. The other outdoor games we've filmed were extremely risky and we're very lucky we didn't get caught. Finding a place private enough to shoot but big enough for tennis or badminton will be a challenge. Also, tennis is one of those games where if the players really suck at it, it's not fun to watch, so I'd need to recruit experienced tennis players. Badminton might be better in this regard. I want to get back outside for more shoots this summer, and I'll try to make it happen.

@Lady Godiva Fan: That would be Episode 386, Strip High Card with Olivia, Mouna, and Dakota. Coming Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

Hi red,
Why don't you answer to my post since weeks. You answered everyone except me. If my idea is that bad you can say it i will not be angry. But i'm angry, cause you ignore me.
I post my idea once again:
You could play a category game therefor you could ask for '100 most famous pornstars listed on
http://www.fameregistry.com' so it would work without long google searches. Would be fun seeing the girls having to name those stuff.

Anonymous said...

How about Caroline Addie Catherine Catherine's sister Sage and Savannah. Who do they compete against and for what forfeit.


Anonymous said...

Calm down Quizzking! There's no need to get angry about this. You're not the only poster Red hasn't replied to yet. There's a whole bunch of us that haven't had replies from "round 2" and others. I'm sure Red will get to it when he gets the chance. I'm sure he's busy making more great games for us to watch.


JJ said...

Why should the girls know many of "the 100 most famous pornstars"? I could not name even one of them (and as you can see I'm interested in porn and erotic films) so this might be a very boring game...

Red said...

@Quizzking: I'm sorry I didn't reply to you sooner. As @WAFan said, sometimes I'm not as timely as I ought to be with blog replies. Your best bet if I don't reply to a comment is to repeat it in a later blog post, and if need be, keep repeating it.

I really like the idea of category trivia, where the players take turns naming items from a finite list until someone can't and loses the round. But I think that lists of 100 items would be way too long. Some judge needs to verify that each named item is on the list, and he shouldn't have to paw through 100 entries to find them. And I agree with @JJ that "famous pornstars" is a very obscure category.

@K: Caroline will appear playing Battlestrip against Star in Episode 393. Addie will face off against Lela, Kandii, and Dakota in Episode 387. None of the episodes featuring the return of Catherine nor the debuts of Savanna, Sage, or her sister Nikole have made it to the schedule yet. All numbers subject to change to make room for new material. For example, Episode 393 was Episode 388 before Bex, Madison, Piper, and Sassy came along.

Red said...

By the way, if @TrueS is reading this, please send me an email at red@lostbets.com. I owe you a free clip, if my memory serves me correctly and it was you who pushed to have girls use their pubic hair as an article of clothing.

Anonymous said...

Red, when do we get to see Brooklyn again? Many of the other players (and even spectators) from episode 369 have made (or will soon make) multiple reappearances, but you've given us no word on this delightful young lady! I was expecting more from both former 'Dakotas' after the freebie playoff between them, yet only the winner of the name game seems to have found her way into the schedule. *Please* don't break my heart by telling me she only stuck around for a single game!


Red said...

@LSD: Well, I definitely wouldn't want to break your heart. Brooklyn will return (against Olivia and Ashlyn) in Episode 390, and again in 394 with the same opponents plus Ashley.

Red said...

As always, future episode numbers are subject to change if they need to be bumped to make room for new stuff. I may want to publish some of what happened yesterday between Jelly, Blossom, and Indigo before 390.

Anonymous said...

Red, is there a set time after a clip is published until it is handed over to the membership site for them to have the option of publishing that clip? I don't have access for several months from time to time and getting caught up after that can be quite expensive. Just trying to decide if I should just pick up a few highlights or wait for most of the ones I want to appear on the membership site.


Anonymous said...


With great appreciation, you are correct, it was my idea that girls should use their pubic hair as an item of clothing! I was meaning to post asking when that game would be going online. Do you mean that you have already sneaked that through without highlighting it?

I will drop you an e-mail in a moment.

All my best wishes,

Red said...

@Pareto: You should definitely just buy every clip from the clip store. Both HD and SD versions, too.

But seriously, there's no fixed time after which clips migrate from the store to the membership site, but it's generally six months to a year.

@TrueS: If you don't mind me quoting what you had to say about Episode 384: "One of the best, if not the best, softcore video you have ever made." Very glad you liked it so much and I hope others do too.

Anonymous said...


Not at all. The video is that good! Some of the reactions are the best ever...

I will say no more than that and simply let people enjoy.

All my thanks,

Anonymous said...

So I just added every clip (HD and SD) to my cart like you suggested Red, and although 894.42 is less than the thousand dollars I thought it would be its close so I still think I'm gonna have to narrow the selection down.

I guess I'll ask everyone here, what episodes are highlights from the past 5 months that are just too good to wait for 6 months to a year?


Red said...

@Pareto: Oh well. It was worth a try.

It's a good idea to ask others to comment on what they thought were the best episodes. I can tell you that the best sellers over the last five months have been:

Strip Disc Golf with Maddie, Brooklyn, Dakota, and Selah

Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Bob, Mouna, Olivia, and Grace

Strip O'Connell with Olivia, Mouna, and Grace

Earth and Fire with Dakota, Mouna, and Olivia

Strip Basketball with Jennie and Amber (HD)

All hardcore. The top selling softcore clips were the two with Bex, Madison, Sassy, and Piper.

Anonymous said...

what was the "alternate humiliation" in Strip Pod Stomp with Candle, Billy, and Ashley?

Obelix said...

Hello Red,

I love the hardcore scenes you've been publishing lately. It's about we get to see Olivia losing a hardcore bet, she absolutely beautiful. A pity though that Grace got fucked in only one position, she too has an amazing body.

If I remember correctly we've seen only one scene with more than one girl getting fucked. Some more of those would be welcome.

BTW. will we see Ashley returning any thime soon?

FederBear16 said...

Been loving the stuff recently, Red! Just a couple things:

1.) Definitely agree with @Obelix, now I'm ready to Olivia lose a hardcore bet. But make no mistake, I was rooting for Dakota to lose that most recent one. She's amazing.

2.) Is Jennie coming back anytime soon? She had some of the best reactions, because it genuinely looked like she didn't want to lose!

3.) Any chance of some hardcore spanking/domination forefits? Perhaps a game between a few players, but the loser gets spanked/dominated by a professional spanker? Personally, that for me, would probably be the hottest thing ever.

You're the best Red!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the hardcore bets are the best sellers. Without naming any specifics, I recognize a few pros in the top sellers list (that's just reality guys). I realize there are no church-going-virgins on this site, all the girls have to be at least fairly liberal to be on camera... but at the same time if I want to see a professional porn star getting fucked by another professional porn star, there are a million sites where I can see that anytime. Just remember Red, the strength of your brand is in your niche'. I'd prefer making a model or dancer who's never made a video before turn beet red with an embarrassing forfit over a professional porn star just going through another day on the job, any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

I'd second "Q". People who are into hardcore are usually willing to spend more $$, but you have a uniquely strong softcore brand. The more you can get people genuinely risking things they don't want to do the better--even if those things are relatively "tame".

I'd love to see a game that has built into to an "up the anti" aspect. Hell, maybe even make a game for two losers where one girl says what she's willing to do, then the other has to top it with something "worse". At any point, either girl can call the other's bluff and that girl has to make good on her claims. If she does, the "bluff caller" loses, if she doesn't the "bluff caller" wins...


Obelix said...

@FederBear16: you make me curious now. Which of these "top-seller" girls are pro's then? Not my favourite Olivia by any chance?

BTW, what is wrong with a combination of hard- and softcore. apparently both are selling quite well, so why not have some of both?

Anonymous said...

@Q / @Spot

While it is certainly true that you can find other hardcore videos for some of the players (often times very easily and for free), I would argue that seeing these same pros in the Lost Bets arena is more entertaining. I've stumbled across other videos for some of the players (no spoilers) and they never stack up to what they do on Lost Bets. Pro or not, often times it is Red's brand of awesome that makes it worth watching.

That said, the girl next door, amateur, first timer ladies do generally provide for a more fun overall feel to the games.


Red said...

@RG: After taunting and mocking him, the ladies make poor Billy kneel and make a little speech about how he's a pathetic loser who can't cum. I'm glad I'm not him.

@Obelix: Well, both of the shoots with the circus folk ended with massive orgies. That counts as "more than one girl getting fucked", doesn't it? You'll see Ashley again (although as a mistress of ceremonies, not a player) in Episode 390.

@FederBear16: Well, as you know, the overwhelming majority of games here are played completely fairly. I think that adds a lot and gives the games a genuine feel they'd never have if they were rigged, but the downside is that the outcome isn't always what we'd hope for. Sorry Olivia hasn't lost a hard one yet, but maybe she will in the future.

I don't have specific plans for Jennie to come back, but as far as I know she'd like to. Maybe I'll invite her back for the next shoot. What exactly is "hardcore spanking"? Can you link a video example?

@Q and @SPOT: I'm definitely more of a fan of the amateurs than the pros, but just because a girl is a professional model doesn't mean she's not a good LostBets girl. I well remember seeing Paris Kennedy, a very experienced fetish model, looking up from the couch with a slight blush after masturbating in front of gloating Ashley and Allen, saying, "wow, that was actually really embarrassing." Something about the game format and the fact that they might get off the hook if they win makes it more than just "another day at the office" for many of these girls.

@Obelix (again): If you'd like to know which of my players can be seen elsewhere, please ask me via email at red@lostbets.com. There are people here who'd rather not know, and for their sake I'd rather answer in private. And for what it's worth, I fully intend to continue producing both hard and softcore vids.

Anonymous said...

Madison really is a very pretty girl. So is Sassy.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the Paris Ashley and Allen game. Please feel free to re-create that one anytime :P


Bex said...

@TrueS I'm glad you enjoyed #384 :) When I was first interviewed by Red he asked for my most embarrassing moment. After video #384 was done I definitely have a new most embarrassing moment!! Lol

Bex :)