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Friday, January 17, 2014

Not quite dead

I've been away from the blog for the last couple of weeks. First of all, gratitude to those who expressed concern for my well-being. I'm fine, and thank you for caring. Sorry I've been away. A huge backlog of unresponded-to blog comments has accumulated, and I'll try to get to it soon.

The POV site hasn't been updated because quite honestly, I'm not very happy with how it turned out. As more than one person has noted, an awful lot of the videos feature the players being real bitches to the viewer, seemingly disgusted by him. While I'm sure that's very appealing to some, it's not really my thing and apparently many of you agree. Johnny's edited together "de-bitchified" versions of these clips, with the worst of the bitchiness cut out, and I'm planning to do a re-launch of the site later this month. If you bought the "bitchy" version and don't like it, I'll be offering free de-bitchified replacements.

This week's update is Episode 382. Featuring three extremely hot and popular new girls, Olivia, Mouna and Dakota playing Earth and Fire, while Conor, Flynt, and Richard stand by to learn which of the three will cum first and be at their mercies. This episode revealed a serious flaw in the game: if everyone throws Earth, everyone might just continue throwing Earth, resulting in a never-ending series of ties. Nobody has any incentive to switch to Fire. The girls worked it out, but I'll need to fix the game. Still pretty hot, including a squirting orgasm from the laser.

Finally, enjoy a couple of promos for upcoming Episodes 384 and 385.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if Dakota is in other productions/on other sites under a different name? Would like to see more of her stuff if so.

-Dakota Fan

Johnny said...

Just to clarify; Red meant "fix the flaw in the game" not rig the game. We've been discussing new rules to prevent the game from getting bogged down in 3-way ties.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and thanks for all the hard work! I was just wondering if you or anybody else has ever thought of easily categorizing this "game-and-forfeit" style of erotica. It's so unique and wonderful but so difficult to describe. When you think about the tension and unpredictability and emphasis on natural personalities, the gaming format in itself feels like its own little fetish regardless of whatever forfeit is being featured in each individual video. At least that's how it is to me. I'd love of there were a way to easily discuss what you do and perhaps spark interest in more of the same.


Anonymous said...

384 look like it's going to be a new personal favorite, whatever the outcome.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dakota Fan here again; easy way to fix the flaw in the game would be to give each player 3 sets of 5 cards each.

Each set would be all one thing (Earth, for example, would be one set of 5 cards).

Each player can therefore play one card a round, so if they go straight all Earth, they'd run out eventually.

It'd make it really hard to rig the game, but additionally, you could give each player one EXTRA of one of the three sets (so one player would get an extra Earth over the other two) and therefore make it even harder to rig.

-Dakota Fan

Anonymous said...

how's the acquisition of the St Andrew's Cross coming along?

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

Any chance of next door Jacqueline returning? She's my absolute favourite


Red said...

@Dakota Fan: Please send all requests to know if/where the players have posed for other sites directly to me via email at red@lostbets.com. Not everybody wants to know, and for their sake I'd prefer not to discuss it on the blog. As for Earth and Fire, that's one of the things I'm considering. It's not perfect but it's not bad.

@Johnny: Yes, of course I meant "fix" in the sense of "repair", not "rig".

@Eric: Thanks, it's good to be back, although if I really did that much hard work, things would be a lot farther along than they are. Yeah, it can sometimes be tough to describe what we do in a few words. I usually say things like, "I film people playing games where the loser of each round has to take off a piece of clothing, and at the end the naked loser has to do something embarrassing and/or sexual," but that's pretty wordy.

@E-Male: 384 has a lot going for it. Sassy naked throughout, highly competitive soccer bowling, and a very real and very nervous pizza delivery boy having two naked and embarrassed girls gyrating on him. Good stuff. Hope you like it.

@CA Fan: Still on hold I'm afraid. I've got Hippo thinking of how to make one that'd be sturdy yet easily portable.

@Nova: Next-door Jacqueline may not live next door anymore, but I would dearly love to get her back. She's one of the most fun and prettiest amateurs I've ever recruited. Unfortunately she's not answering Facebook messages asking if she'd like to come back.

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited for this laser orgasm...pewpew!

Johnny said...

@SPOT - I know, right?

Red said...

If I was going to make a typo, that's a pretty good one to make.

Anonymous said...

POV style vids come in many varieties. Financial domination, small penis humiliation, jack-off instruction/encouragement, cum-eating instruction.... blah, blah, blah...
Red, just stick with your winning recipie that's worked for years. Cute girls with witty banter loosing games and dreading their forfeits.
Keep it old-school Red. Keep it old-school...

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, welcome back! I had a forfeit idea... I'm not sure it's up your alley, but have you ever thought of having the loser acknowledge that the viewers are fapping to them? Maybe the loser has to expose themself and give the viewers a "cum countdown", like in a jerk off instruction (joi) video? I can imagine with some of your amateurs it might be tough to talk them into it but it'd be hot...
Anyway, just an idea. Keep up the great work! -SP

OD 99x said...

Red, I know a lot of ideas about what to do for your 400th clip have been put out there so here is another. How about a “best of’ compilation. Like a best blow job then show a partial clip of that forfeit, then best spanking and the high light of that and so on, hottest forfeit, best girl-girl oral, best hardcore best breasts, best masturbation, ext,. I’m sure you could come up with the categories. As someone who’s seen all of the clips and all of the over 200 players, you and your assistants could chose them. You may be reluctant to be seen as picking one girl or one clip over another, so you could pick your top five and put them on the blog, on the side, like you have asked other questions in the past. You could do one category a week for the next 15 weeks and you’d have a month to edit a large compilation with the best of your excellent work. OD99X

Gade said...

An easy way to fix Earth and Fire would be to switch to, for example, Water and Air after a certain number of ties in a row. That way the girls no longer know what everyone else is going to pick.

With regards to the POVs, my problem with them isn't just the bitchiness, but the more general idea that the girls are acting. I bought Amber's POV, where she's acting sexy rather than bitchy, and still found it offputting because it wasn't her real personality. In future, maybe you could try giving the same 'act natural' directions than you give to players in regular games.

Riggins said...

For #400, I like that "best of" idea, but would prefer if there's any way to put together a brand new all-star game.

Repairing Earth and Fire: 1. Give each player a deck of cards that has been split into 26 pairs of one red and one black card. Face down, so each player picks one to play but doesn't know the color. Odd color out loses.
2. Have three vibrators on hand; three ties in a row and they all have to hold the vibrator to their clit instead of attacking one loser.

Eve said...

Hi everyone, haven't heard back from anyone about our idea about what our endgame should be. right now the score stands at 2-3 Adam. Hope you guys didn't forget about us!

R said...

I think the community is still very interested in your story! :-) Could you provide more information into how your relationship is going now that you made this bet? For example: Are the both of you still excited about the bet? Or are the both of you dreading the payout? Do you two have a preference on both getting your prize or is it more exciting to have one person win? Have you thought about how the relationship will continue if just one person wins the bet? I think answers to these will spur some ideas from the community for how the endgame should be.

Adam and Eve said...

Everything is still going great between us and we are still very much excited about this bet. Every week we get more and more butterflies that the punishment is coming. We do like one idea that the winner gets to spend the whole weekend with their 'prize' but we are still unsure if we do have a weekend prize if the loser should at least get a little time too with their person. We are secure enough to know that there wont be any problems regardless of who wins or what we ultimately decide on the full punishment/prize should be. We both know it wont be totally fun to watch the other person with someone else but that is what adds excitement to this bet.

Johnny said...

@ Adam and Eve. I'm still curious how you guys work out the bet when there's more than two players. The last three games have had three or four players each.

Anonymous said...

You could play a category game therefor you could ask for '100 most famous pornstars listed on
http://www.fameregistry.com' so it would work without long google searches. Would be fun seeing the girls having to name those stuff.

adam said...


When there are more than 2 players, who ever's week it is gets the first choice on who they think will win. then the other person choses someone and then the original person choices again. its not the most scientific but that has how we have been doing it

Red said...

@Walt, keeping it old school is exactly what I'd like to do. But I didn't shoot this batch of POVs, Lily did, and like I said, she didn't do it the way I would have. (I blame myself, for this, because I clearly failed to give her the right idea.) I'll try to get the POVs back to basics.

@SP: Not a bad idea, and I could get the winner involved too, pointing at the camera and encouraging the viewer. I'll see about getting it done at the next shoot.

@OD 99x: It's a great idea, making compilation videos, and it'd be a good way to highlight some real classics that are now buried in the massive catalog. Once we get some editing breathing room (building back up the reserves after Double December) I'll try to make it happen.

@Gade: Yes, switching to different symbols after a certain number of ties is another way of fixing Earth and Fire that I'd thought of before. I'm also considering a few other things, like getting rid of the throws altogether and using a different method (a spinner, maybe) to quickly choose a loser of the round. Or if I want to keep the RPS throws, each girl could throw 1, 2, or 3 fingers, and the loser would be the sum modulo 3, but that might be a little much for the girls.

As for the POVs, yeah, they can't be real in the same way that the regular games are, and necessarily involve acting. That doesn't mean they can't be hot, but they're definitely not to everyone's tastes.

@Riggins: Yeah, I don't know about making a compilation #400. Still haven't decided what to do about that yet. Your first idea for fixing Earth and Fire would work, but it (and all card-based solutions) has the problem that cards are bulky and can be tough to keep together in stacks when girls are racing to maneuver the loser into position and get her off. The vibrator thing might be worth a try, although it could still lead to a neverending series of ties, and it'd be awfully easy for the girls to sandbag with vibrators on their own clits.

@Adam and Eve: You could maybe generate a bit more interest if you'd post what your picks were ahead of time, so people could anticipate with you and could imagine which of you will win or lose as they're watching the updates.

eve said...

Adam has lela winning the next one and I have candle winning.... thoughts?