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Friday, April 10, 2015


Let's talk about Dakota. Petite and spunk, pale-skinned, hot body, and adventurouis. She and her patner-in-crime Bailey team up against Star and Kimmy, another fine-looking girl of Asian descent, today in Episode 459. She's an awesome chick and I'm glad to have a lot of footage of her, but I may have gone a bit overboard. I was reviewing the schedule and realized that not only was Dakota in 459, she was scheduled to be in 461, 462, 463, and 464. That might be a bit too much of a good thing, but I kind of liked the idea of a theme month, so I've bumped those four episodes down a week to 462-465 and we'll celebrate the month of Maykota.

All of this is a roundabout way of explaining why this week's promo is for Episode 462, not 461. The replacement 461 stars Catherine and Isobel (whom we haven't seen since last September) and I'll get a promo up as soon as I can.

By the way, during Maykota, Dakota will appears with at least nine different players, so there will still be plenty of variety.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red speaking of people getting away, Savannah never had any forfeits. Doesn't seem right. Any chance you can get her back?

Also I love the multiple part games. Feels nice to have a running story.

Last I still hope to see mini forfiet in strip memory. Give the puller the instant ability to take that action. Wedgie, pie in the face, spanking could all be cards. Thanks.

Sorry for re-posting the comment, didn't know if you responded to comments after then new main post was up.


Anonymous said...


Worth a share


Red said...

@Blue: No need to apologize for reposting; it's the thing to do when I go AWOL. While I still hope to revisit the comment thread from the blog post two weeks ago, it's a good idea to pester me if I don't respond.

You'll see Savannah again in Episode 467. Ain't saying whether she lost...

Anonymous said...

Red you have done both gangbang & creampie videos. How about doing one combining the two.

Creampie fan

ForfeitFan said...

Hey Red,

First, I have to say that I really enjoyed Ep 456 - probably one of my all time favs. Candle was perfect and I'd love to see her come back in this role again! Great work to all who were involved.

I had an idea for a game. People seem to like the idea of mini-forfeits - why not incorporate this into a memory game? You could have, say 3 girls play a quick game to determine 2 losers. The losers would play a game similar to strip memory, but a little different (the 3rd girl can be the emcee). The cards would all have a forfeit on them. Some would be losing clothing but others would be mini-forfeits such as 5 swats with a paddle, clothespins on nipples / breasts for the rest of the game, 1 minute having the shocking dildo (from ep308) used on her, tickling, ice down panties, etc. When a girl earns a mini-forfeit, her opponent applies it to her.

This game is a bit different than the usual memory game. When it's a girl's turn, she turns over 2 cards. If the cards match, then the girl whose turn it is gets to do that penalty to her opponent and those 2 cards are removed from the playing field. If the cards do not match, the opponent of the girl who chose the cards may pick either of the 2 punishments on the cards to perform on her and those 2 cards are turned back over. When one girl ends up naked, she will play a final forfeit round. All of the cards that are still on the playing field will be collected, all the clothing cards will be taken out (since the loser is already naked), and the remaining forfeit cards will be reshuffled and dealt. The loser will play memory until she matches all of the cards. Each time she turns over a match, those cards will be removed from the playing field. If she turns over 2 different cards, then both forfeits will be done to her by the 2 other girls and those cards will be turned back over. If you want to be really mean, then every X number of turns the cards are reshuffled.

Gade said...

Here's an interesting list of game ideas:
(I particularly like the idea of strip poohsticks)

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

When is the next hardcore episode?

RS said...

@Gade: Ha! Did anyone else just Google everything on that xkcd strip?

Anonymous said...

in that four player game coming up where the guy risks pegging are the three girls risking anal as well. Also who are the players in that game.


Red said...

@Creampie fan: That's a good idea. It can be tough to get people who are willing to bareback (and to be filmed with someone's load oozing out of her) but I'll try to make it happen.

@ForfeitFan: Hmm, I'm not sure. It makes it likely that there will be two mini-forfeits each and every turn, which could make the game last awhile. But I do likle the idea of penalizing girls for turning over a mismatch. Let me mull that one over.

I'm glad you liked Episode 456. I hope you also enjoy Candle, Lizzy, and Rachel's return in today's Episode 460.

@Gade: Yeah, I got a kick out of that XKCD when it was published. I'm not sure how Strip Conway's Game of Life would even work. And why didn't Randall mention Strip Calvinball?

@Anon 8:37: That'll be Episode 463, to be published on May 8. And it's pretty hardcore. How do two simultaneous double-blowjobs sound?

@NN: I'd rather not say more about that game until it's closer to publication. Sorry.