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Friday, July 17, 2015

That sort of thing really is my bag, baby

Episode 473 is out today, and for the first time at LostBets.com, a male player will be risking genital pumpage, as Richard puts his dick on the line against two pretty special ladies. Sharron is back for the first time since April, and Ashlyn is back for the first time since August 2013. (At least, I think so. I'm not at home as I write this so don't have access to my files to check for sure.) I've gotten quite a few requests too see more of Ashlyn, and while I'm sorry it's taken so long, I'm very happy to bring her back, and not for the last time.

Looking ahead, Dolly and Nettle return in Episode 476.

Last time, the loser merely had to expose herself. Things get taken up a notch as the loser not only has to spread wide, she has to show us how she masturbates. That's what happens after they play the new game Ball Stacks, using special spacers that Hippo made on his 3D printer. Tiny redhead or less-tiny brunette, which will emerge victorious? 


Anonymous said...

What ever happened with the last game featuring bibi and Kodak, you said it wasn't as good as the others and would b published as a b side but it never happened, regardless of the flaws I would love to c it published at full price if needs be, also any chance if getting them back for another game?

Mark hill

London Fan said...

Hi Red.

A quick game suggestion for a category that, as far as I'm aware, you haven't yet featured; desperation.

The game consists of at least 4 players, any gender. Half an hour before the game, they all need to drink an extra large fizzy drink of their choice.

The game itself can be anything at all but after each round, all players (not just the loser of that round) have to drink a further, smaller drink. If everyone likes cranberry juice then that would be best as it seems to do a good job at making people need to pee.

The game is played until there are two naked losers and hopefully everyone is desperate to pee. The two naked losers are then tied down and tickled by the two winners. The overall loser is the first out of the two tied up losers to wet themselves. As the final forfeit, the other three players (the one who was tied down who didn't pee themselves plus the two winners) get to release their incredibly full bladders over the loser.

Hopefully this makes sense and is something that a few people would like to see. Hopefully it can be something you can use when you have people with tighter limits.

Finally, I know it's a bit of a blast from the past but is there a possibility we might see London playing again in the future. Without doubt the best breasts you have ever had. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,
I'm with Mark - I haven't heard of these games not being published due to the poor quality, but I do enjoy Kodak playing and would love to see more of her. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I got my girls mixed up. Is there any chance of seeing more of Cody?

Anonymous said...

i fear we will never see an amature play at lostbets again... and that sucks.

hurry johnny, get your site up.


Anonymous said...


(new try, i dont get any response in my first try)

i just Review episode 400. its must be your best ever. Have you any more gangbangs in the future plans? How you gonna celebrate 500?

And finally have you opportunity to get Jasmine, Olivia, Kandie and/or Mika back im be the happiest guy in nothern europé.


Anonymous said...

Could you tell us what the POV is for this week?

Anonymous said...

The pissing/desperation idea is such a good one. Would love to see that with a mix of men and women.

- Brenda

Johnny said...

The POV this week features the return of Amelia who plays Strip Odds or Evens for masturbation.

Anonymous said...

I've got to say, I'm not much of a fan of the "you're so gross, let's play a stripping game" theme in some of the POV's lately. I much prefer when the girl is basically having a good time/turned on, even if she is embarrassed. Besides, it doesn't even really make sense - why would she want to play a stripping game with someone she finds repulsive in the first place? lol But, for those who are into that sort of thing, perhaps you could add the girl's general attitude to the descriptions, maybe in a spoiler block.

All that said, this site is still some of the best content out there. Keep up the good work! :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with MZ. I think alittle bit of teasing can be fun but I generally would prefer that a winning lady get aroused at watching the POV loser perform the forfeit.


Anonymous said...

Plus she is always describing someone who looks nothing like me.

Anonymous said...


Johnny said...

@K, MZ. Agreed. We never intended to have such negative attitudes from the girls in the POV shoots. A few of them were filmed by another person who was a bit confused about the concept we were going for. In all new POV productions we have corrected this, and I've made an effort to edit most of the existing "bitchy" ones to at least soften the blow of the bad attitude. We don't have many of them left that will need this. However, in at least one recent case I personally thought the girl in the video was so consistently unpleasant that no amount of editing would have taken the sting off her demeanor. A couple of them I just threw out because a model was just too unpleasant to deal with. I'll make sure Red is aware of any POV's with a negative tone so he can make the buyer aware of it.

Johnny said...

@SwedishGuy - We're planning episode 500. No spoilers, but it should be good!

I'll look into the availability of those ladies. They might be around.

Johnny said...

@Joe - Both Cody and Kodak are hard to find these days. We can try.

Johnny said...

@Shredder. The amateurs will always have a home here. The girls have a good time with us and tell their friends. We never hurt for interested ladies, both new and experienced.

But I am working hard on my site. I hope it halfway lives up to any expectations.

Anonymous said...

(New try for me too, following SwedishGuy message in the last post...)

I am glad to read people asking for Mika return, since it is my favourite so far. Red told in the beginning of the year that he would do his best to have Mika back but as months have passed by I imagine that we are not gonna be that lucky... Having Mika in an epic episode 500 (besides a lot of episodes) would be really awesome, being even happier that SwedishGuy!


Anonymous said...

Hey, could you tell us the POV for this week?

Johnny said...

The POV this week is the Lovely Layla, playing Strip Coin Toss. The loser faces the Cat o' nine tails. She is a very sweet and lovely girl.

danny hawk said...

Why you deleted my feedback messagge ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, love the website. This is probably the best place on the internet.

Can we have a more hardcore scene or two? I like the BJ/HJ ones where two or more girls are completing to get the guy off the fastest. Or maybe another mixed magnitude (the game with the timer).

Thanks and keep it coming!