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Friday, July 10, 2015

Good things come in small packages

Been awhile (too long) since the last blog post. At this point, apologizing for sporadic blogging has gotten really redundant. I hope someone's still reading.

Today we finally introduce Dolly and Nettle in Episode 472 playing a game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. I hope you like them. I think you will. And for you POV fans out there, next week you'll see both Dolly and Nettle again, joined by Tobi, in our first three-on-one POV, Episode P073.

And now for some promos...

Speaking of Mina, she appears in Episode 474. And speaking of petite girls, so does Bailey. And speaking of enthusiastic exuberance (which I didn't, but what the hell), so does Kym. Fun-loving and very cute bunch. They play Prick-Prick-Bang, which is great for the tension it inspires in the girls. The loser gets ticklevibed on the cross. I don't know if "ticklevibe" is a word, but it ought to be.

And speaking of games that inspire tension, if not outright terror...

Back to co-ed fun in Episode 475 as Savannah takes on Cherry M and Richard. Two losers must serve whatever perverted sexual desires the winner has. I'll just note that at this point, while we've finally seen Savannah naked, she still has neither lost a game nor suffered a forfeit. Some girls have all the luck.


Anonymous said...

Who loses episode 475?

Red said...

No spoilers, sorry. At least not this early.

Zeo said...

Hi Red,

Just want to point out a typo error in your latest POV clip (P072) update.
It quotes the follows phrase: "When she draws a black card, you have to strip, and when she draws a red card, you have to strip".
Hence, implying that that the player strips regardless of which card is dealt.
Usually you have been clear in which colour card each player strips on, but made an error in the wording of this one.
Would appreciate the correction of it when you have time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Red, any chance for Katie to return and risk some more adventurous forfeits?


Anonymous said...

Red, any update on Jasmine or Fern? Would love to see them back. Thanks.


ForfeitFan said...

Hi Red,

I had an idea for a game - Lost Bets Olympics. The game would have 5 girls and a host (like Candle has played in the past - she'd be a great host for this one). The girls would each be wearing LB thongs, short shorts, and tank tops (no bras) and would play the whole game with their hands tied behind their backs, wrist to elbow. They would play 4 rounds:

Round 1: Ice dancing. All 5 contestants have tape wrapped around the legs of their shorts and around their shirts a couple of inches below their breasts. The contestants will stand in a line, in a randomly chosen order, with legs spread. The emcee will then go down the line girl by girl and place a large scoop of ice down the front of each girl's top. Then she will go back down the line and place a scoop down the front of each girl's thong / into her shorts. Ice will continue to be added periodically (if needed) until 4 of the girls give up. When a girl gives up, she will have the tape on her shirt removed and will have her shorts removed. The thong + ice will stay on until the end of the round unless she can remove the ice herself. The loser of this round is the first girl to give up, the winner is the last one standing. The winner will be untied and allowed to remove all ice from her clothes, she will be exempt from all future rounds, and the she and the emcee will paddle the loser 5 times each. The 4 non-winners (now wearing top and thong) will move onto round 2.

Round 2: Strength. Each of the remaining 4 girls will stand in a line and get into a wide-legged squat position. They will each have 1 paper plate balanced on each leg. When both of a girl's paper plates fall off, she loses and has her thong removed. The girls will have to hold the squat position to keep the plates from falling. Just like round 1, the last girl balancing a plate is the winner, and the first girl to lose both of her plates is the loser of this round. The winner is untied and exempt from future rounds, and the loser is paddled 7 times each by the emcee and the winner of this round.


ForfeitFan said...


Round 3: Hurdles. In this round, the 3 remaining girls will compete in a crotch rope race. (Fern and Salem with the crotch rope forfeit is still one of my all time favorite LB vids.) The crotch rope should be tied at either end so it is several inches above where the girl's pussy is when on tiptoes and should contain a few knots. Each girls gets 3 turns. The order they go in is determined by their Round 1 place + Round 2 place, lowest number goes last. On each run, the girl starts a certain distance from one wall, and must touch her nose to the opposite wall and hold it for 10 seconds. Each girl completes her 3 runs before moving on to the next girl, and each girl's time is the shortest of the 3 tries. Since the girls may be different heights, you will have to adjust the height / tension of the rope for each girl. As usual, the winner is untied and is exempt from the final round, the loser will straddle the crotch rope (tightened a bit more, if you like) and will be paddled 10 times each by the winner and by the emcee.

Round 4: [insert creative name]. The last 2 girls will compete in a race to put condoms on dildos using only their mouths. Each girl will have 5 open, unrolled, condoms of the same color mixed in a bowl with some gross food (spam / baked beans / baby food / etc). There will be 8 dildos on a table some distance away. The girls will have to fish out a condom from their bowl using their mouths, run it over to the table, and put it on the dildo of their choice (any one that doesn't already have a condom on it). They must put the condom on using only their mouth, and the dildo must go straight into their mouth - no unrolling it by going down the side. You can decide if going into the cheek counts as that would be hard to enforce. The girls will put the condom on as far as they want, and then will run back to the bowl and repeat the process. When each condom has a dildo on it, the scores for each dildo will be determined as: #full inches condom is on + 1. Add each girl's scores together and the girl with the highest score wins the round. Note that there are fewer dildos than condoms, so a girl can choose to either try to use all 5 of her condoms, or she can try to get each condom on as far as possible. As I suspect that the girls will leave the largest dildos for last (when time isn't an issue any more), it might make for some interesting deepthroat attempts to squeeze out the last few points. As usual, the winner is untied. The loser of this round is the ultimate loser and obviously needs exercise, so she will go back through the 4 rounds with proper motivation by all the other contestants.


Anonymous said...

I like it when the punishment for a guy who loses is ballbusting. Basically, there is no bigger threat or punishment than that. Any more of that coming our way?

Anonymous said...


ForfeitFan´s idea seems very nice! except for the final forfeit.. I think those dildo´s should be put to good use istead!!


Anonymous said...

Hi folks, another idea:

at a stating location

- 3 girls play a game of strip on spades
- 1 winner, 2 losers
- the winner can get dressed again
- the losers have to get in tiny bikinis

than the complete group moves to another location right through public masses

- the losers play against each other
- they play a variant of "chubby bunny" but they unse icecubes instead of marshmallows and their pussys instead of their mouths
- the first who cant hold it in anymore is the big loser
- as final forfeit the loser gets banged in all holes

Anonymous said...


Johnny said...

@Anon 3:05. (Please sign your posts) More Dolly will be provided. She's also in a POV clip in the POV store, if you haven't seen that yet.

Anonymous said...

I'd kinda really like to see something involving chastity devices. A little cuckolding could also be fun, like seen in the game of Jester between Kat and Daisy (#140) where the winner's boyfriend got a BJ.

Simplest way could be a 2 vs. 2 match with mixed BF-GF-teams where the winning boyfriend gets to enjoy both ladies while the losing boyfriend is locked up in a cock cage. Doesn't mean that females couldn't also be put in chastity, it would be even more fun if the restrained person is sexually teased by the winner, which would also allow for 1 vs. 1 games between two girls. Of course this wouldn't really allow for chastity longer as the episode itself, except if a "1 hour/3 hours/whatever how much later-video" is shown where the loser would get released. Something like in the episode with Alan and Raven would be possible, where they play Estonian Roulette and the loser has to be naked on a party they went to afterwards, except with the loser being nude and in chastity and the winner as keyholder.

My favourite variation of this concept would be a 2 vs. 1 with two girls and one guy, where he would be allowed to do everything he wants if he wins, but has to wear a cock cage and gets teased shamelessly if he loses, maybe with them being nude and making out and rubbing their bodies against his making him very horny without any chance for satisfaction.