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Friday, August 21, 2015

Back into the light

So, I'm back, and I've got a ton of new footage. I'll be posting promos of the new players shortly. There are some real gems in the mix, playing a whole slew of new games and risking new forfeits.

I'm not just "back" in the physical sense of being back in town. I'm also (I hope!) back to being engaged with this blog and this site. I'm going to have to (yet again) declare Comment Bankruptcy and not respond to older comments, but so help me God I'm going to respond to each and every comment and email going forward. But I've said such things before and not followed through. Actions will speak louder than words. The POV store, which has been on hiatus the last couple of weeks, will resume publication on Wednesday. And I've got some pretty awesome new POVs, too.

This week's Episode 478 features some hardcore action as Kimmy, Lilly, Mina, and Savannah compete in Strip Shockinaw, with Bob and Flynt eagerly waiting in the wings to have their way with the losers. Next week, we'll see Episode 479, promoed last week in a badly fucked-up blog post. No new promos this week but there will be more next week.

Finally, I'd like to ask about something, and would appreciate answers in the comments. I usually frown on anonymous comments (grepping this blog for "sign your posts" comes up with 212 matches) but this time, I won't mind. If you prefer to answer this question without leaving your name, please do.

One of the new players I mentioned above is Jay, whom you'll meet for the first time in Episode 481. He's a pretty awesome dude, quick-witted and full of pop culture references, sort of like a male Candle. He fit right in to the spirit of LostBets.com, bantering with the best of them. He's also black, and I was taken by surprise when someone pointed out that interracial porn is a niche market, and many people won't be interested in the episodes with Jay for that reason.

I ought to make it very clear that I don't think any less of anyone who has this preference, or consider them racists or anything stupid like that. It's a matter of what you like, and there's no accounting for taste. People reject clips all the time for having female players who are too tall, or too short, or too fat, or too skinny, or with a nose of a certain shape, or with boobs that are too small, or too big. There's all sorts of preferences, and nobody should be judged for them. But I am curious to know how prevalent this particular preference is. So I'd like to ask: would you consider buying a clip with a black man, or do you stick to other ethnicities only?


Anonymous said...

So is the POV next week P077 or are you going to catch up for the last two weeks and start with P079.


Anonymous said...

Having spent two years of my working life on the late shifts in a porn store, I can certainly verify that "interracial" is indeed a niche market - but when it comes to porn, what *isn't* a niche market? Interracial, barely legal, MILFs, anal, cream pies, girl-on-girl, gonzo, DPs, gangbangs, midgets, BDSM, solo scenes - each had its own section on our display wall, and each had its own set of loyal followers.

Personally, the presence of a Black player would have no effect on my decision whether or not to buy a clip from you. And I must admit to being amused at the fact that the interracial question is only being raised now, with the coming (pun intended) of a Black male into the LB fold, given that you have long since featured Black (as well as Asian and Hispanic) women, quite often in what society would consider to be mixed-race contexts. As far as I'm concerned, there's only *one* race on this planet: Human. The apparent differences are superficial and completely irrelevant.

So bring on the new players, new games, and new forfeits, and continue appealing to as many niche-market buyers as possible! In other words, keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Jay in your videos! But would also understand how one could mind, though! Guess the sales numbers will show if it really makes that much of a difference for many people..

Also I'd like to copy and paste an older comment you didn't answer if that's okay:

"I'd kinda really like to see something involving chastity devices. A little cuckolding could also be fun, like seen in the game of Jester between Kat and Daisy (#140) where the winner's boyfriend got a BJ.

Simplest way could be a 2 vs. 2 match with mixed BF-GF-teams where the winning boyfriend gets to enjoy both ladies while the losing boyfriend is locked up in a cock cage. Doesn't mean that females couldn't also be put in chastity, it would be even more fun if the restrained person is sexually teased by the winner, which would also allow for 1 vs. 1 games between two girls. Of course this wouldn't really allow for chastity longer as the episode itself, except if a "1 hour/3 hours/whatever how much later-video" is shown where the loser would get released. Something like in the episode with Alan and Raven would be possible, where they play Estonian Roulette and the loser has to be naked on a party they went to afterwards, except with the loser being nude and in chastity and the winner as keyholder.

My favourite variation of this concept would be a 2 vs. 1 with two girls and one guy, where he would be allowed to do everything he wants if he wins, but has to wear a cock cage and gets teased shamelessly if he loses, maybe with them being nude and making out and rubbing their bodies against his making him very horny without any chance for satisfaction."


Anonymous said...

To address your question about Jay...

As one of your regular customers who focuses on the guys, my answer about Jay is that it's a definitely MAYBE.

I wouldn't buy a clip specifically because one of the contestants was black, but I also wouldn't rule it out specifically because one of the contestants was black. This isn't quite the same as saying "It wouldn't make a difference one way or the other," but I will elaborate.

Here my thought process when I consider whether or not to buy a clip:

1. Does it include guys? I only buy clips with guys in them.

2. Am I into the guy(s)? That includes both looks and personality (and your description of Jay's personality sounds great), but personality really doesn't come into play for new players (how would you know unless you've seen them in other clips?).

3. What does the guy (or guys) end up doing in the clip? I'm more likely to buy a clip if one or more guys lose, especially if they end up doing a embarrassing forfeit. I have purchased clips where the guys won, or weren't even playing, if I was interested in the role they played in the game (a jack-off race, for example, or fucking the loser). For a guy I was really into, I have purchased clips where they won and didn't do anything particularly revealing, but that's significantly less common and I had to be REALLY into the guy.

I have passed on clips with guys that I was into because the guy didn't seem to do enough based on the description, and I have also purchased clips with guys I was less into because of what the description said happened (I always read the spoilers).

There are lots of black guys I've found attractive. Statistically, it's probably a disproportionally lower percentage, so statistically, I might be somewhat less likely to find a randomly chosen black player attractive -- but guys of all types who are willing to do porn are probably disproportionally more attractive than the average guy on the street, so it's hard to say.

So with Jay, it would depend on a lot of factors, including whether I was into him and what ended up happening in the game. It's not a categorical yes, but it's not an automatic no, either.

Anonymous said...

No problem... all our blood is red after all.

Anonymous said...

My feelings about black dudes or interracial sex is that the race of the man is irrelevent to me. However I would like to see more black women.


Anonymous said...

I think LSD said it really well above. If it is only one guy and one girl competing, than the contrasts between the players stand out more than in a group. But I don't think it will impact anything at all. You crossed crazier lines a long time ago my friend.


ps. I'm counting the hours to see if I get to enjoy Elizabeth Shue, I mean Lilly again...

Anonymous said...

I don't tend to like hardcore clips anyway, but I will say that his race will not be a factor in my decision to buy or not buy the clip.

Red said...

Oh sure, I post a pledge to reply to every blog comment, and the next time I turn around, there are eight. Well, this is what I signed up for, and better a plethora of comments than too few. Thanks all for the reassuring words about Jay. He's definitely our kind of people. When he tried to do something to a female loser and she complained that it wasn't part of the deal, he replied "I have altered the deal, Pray that I don't alter it any further." I knew right then that he was One of Us.

@PQ: Yeah, next week will be P077. I thought about doing a catch-up with a couple of double updates, but the fact is that the supply of available POVs is running a bit low and I don't want to risk running out before we film more. I'm very gratified that you like the POVs enough that you miss them when they're gone. The new ones we recently filmed are very good, though. For fans who like to be on the losing end, two of the new POVs feature what I think is the best JOI we've filmed.

@LSD: I completely agree with you on the subject of race (well said) and I always put down "Human" as my race on census forms. We're all in this together, and I'd be the first to condemn someone for actually treating people differently on account of the color of their skin. But that doesn't have much to do with personal tastes of what's attractive.

@etienne: Of course you should feel free to repost old unanwered comments, and that goes for anyone with a comment they'd still like an answer to.

Good news: what we've got here is yet another example of someone asking for something that's already been filmed. We pitted two couples against each other, with the winning couple enjoying the losing girl while her guy was forced to watch, except instead of a cock cage (which we don't have, at the moment) we tied him hand and foot to the St. Andrew's Cross. Sort of like Episode 186 with bondage. It's not quite what you asked for but I hope you like it when it comes out. (Probably not until late this year or early 2016 though.)

I definitely like the thought of a male loser being locked in chastity gear and mercilessly teased. Maybe, just maybe I can get him (if he loses) to wear it overnight and report in the morning. Hmmm. Maybe. I'll try.

@Anon 1:17 (please sign your... oh wait, never mind): Jay's a good-looking dude, I think, but your opinion may vary. You can judge for yourself in a few weeks. Kevin will be returning too, if you like him. Trace is a gruff bearded ex-Marine who took shrapnel in Afghanistan. All of these guys took part in many games, both as forfeit-cocks and as players. And then there's Tom, who only played in one game, but that game... well. No spoilers, but you'll like it.

To hetero fans: don't worry, the roster of new female players is way longer.

@Anon 1:51: Good attitude.

@K: Monica is a cappuccino-skinned beauty who took part in several games. (For the record, Morgan disagrees with my choice of "cappuccino-skinned" and says her complexion is more like "warm hot cocoa.") Regrettably, she's the only girl of African descent we've got coming up, but there are several other girls of color who'll keep our palette from being too monochromatic. (There's also quite a few blonde-haired blue-eyed girls too.)

@Krycek: Hey, you're right, we have crossed way bigger lines than this one. Thanks for pointing that out and giving me perspective. I must admit that I hadn't drawn the Lilly/Elizabeth Shue comparison before, but it's a good one. If the Shue fits...

@Anon 2:56: Well, while Jay did indeed take part in mostly hardcore forfeits, they weren't all hardcore forfeits. There was a free-for-all game with him and four women, with three losers having to present their butts for some vigorous spankings by the victors.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy about any stripped male you include in your videos. That said, I would also appreciate the diversity. Double thumbs-up from me!


Anonymous said...

I hope Jay feels welcome and I have no problem with him playing in any games. A male Candle sounds like an excellent addition to the already amazing models you have here. Welcome to lostbetsgames Jay.

René said...

Whether I buy a scene or not depends on the game, the forfeit and whether I like the girls or not. The skin colour has no influence whatsoever.

In girls I like natural, slim bodies, with little or no tattoos or piercings and a nice face.

Anonymous said...

If I were to buy a clip with a guy in it (I generally avoid them), race wouldn't be a factor. I have no problem (or preference) with Jay.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is outright boring and very monotone. Your updates are severely lacking and you clearly do not fulfill requests. If you don't have an adequate amount of time to devote to developing your website, perhaps you should pass the "baton" or quit altogether....just some food for thought.

mismanager said...

I buy your clips for the women in them, not the men and I enjoy the range of ethnicity you've shown over the years. Sascha and Vivian were in one of the first I bought and I wish there were more featuring them. As I've said before, I'd be quite happy if the only dicks on your site were artificial and I only buy those with men reluctantly. The skin colour of the men will not change that at all.

Anonymous said...

When is the last video of the bibi and Kodak set going to be posted, I have been waiting a long time and would be very interested in seeing it

Mark hill

Anonymous said...

If you've actually read the blog longer than maybe a week or two, you'd know it isn't boring.
As for updates, again if you've actually read the blog, then you'd know there are reasons behind Red absenting himself from time to time. This past time because he says he was filming. I'll take an a week or two absence on the blog to have Red film some new girls.
As far as I know, there has been an update every single week in the clip store, even if he doesn't post on the blog.
As for not fulfilling requests, that must be a joke. As long as I've been reading this blog, I've seen Red fulfill more requests than I can think of. The one that really stands out is that cross. That was a player request and Red made it happen.
As for passing the baton, are you suggesting yourself for this?

mismanager said...

Best not to feed the troll.

Red said...

@Jeff: Diversity has been something I've always striven for. Diversity in games, diversity in forfeits, and diversity in players... not just ethnicity, but body types, personalities, and so forth. I hope Jay is to your liking, and I've got a feeling he will be.

@René: You know, I'm also a fan of the natural look, with few or no tattoos and piercings, but that's getting harder to find these days. The girl next door looks very different than she used to, and tattoos/piercings aren't just mainstream, they're quickly becoming the norm. I'll still keep trying to recruit all-natural girls, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that they're becoming rarer.

@DefinitelyMyRealName: Thanks for the feedback. There are a few episodes with Jay that I think may appeal to folks who tend to avoid (but aren't totally repulsed by) clips with males. We'll see.

@Anon 7:51: I'm very sorry you feel that way, and I hope future updates change your mind. From time to time I've considered whether it'd be better for me to hand off responsibility for LostBets.com to someone else, hopefully someone more reliable, but for now I'm still having too much fun to want to quit just yet. But thanks for sharing your thoughts and I'd welcome specific suggestions about what I could be doing better. (Stopping the unannounced sudden hiatuses might help.)

I do have to disagree with the notion that I don't take requests. Over the years we've taken literally dozens of excellent ideas from fans and made them into reality. I can't take every suggestion, but I try to take as many as I can.

@mismanager: For what it's worth, the majority of the games we've filmed lately have been all-girl, as has always been the case. You've heard me say this before, many times, but this is one of the things I dig about Clips4Sale's a la carte model: people don'e have to buy clips they're not interested in. It gets back to the diversity thing I talked about earlier. If there's enough variety, there's sure to be something to displease everyone. If anyone out there likes all our episodes, we're doing something wrong.

@Mark hill: It's not on the schedule yet, but I'll put it there. Will try to get it out by the end of the year. It'll probably be part of a double-update weekend so that people who don't want to buy an episode filmed four years ago will have something to watch, but I'll get it out there.

@Anon 2:33: Thanks for the defense. As for the cross, I have to give complete credit to Hippo, our resident wizard, who designed and built it. It's pretty awesome. It disassembles easily into pieces that fit into a suitcase, so it can be taken wherever we travel. I keep telling Hippo he ought to sell those things. It's far from the last nifty thing Hippo has conjured for us. I'll introduce you to Marvin soon, possibly next week.

@mismanager: I don't know if @Anon 7:51 was trolling or not. I tend to be very easy to troll (or to deceive in general) because I decided long ago that I'd rather trust indiscriminately and occasionally be fooled than spend my life plagued with suspicion and paranoia of everybody. I've frequently solicited feedback, and more than once I've said I'd rather hear criticism than praise (the former being more actionable) and while I could wish that 7:51's comments had been a little more constructive, I won't fault him for telling me what he thinks.

Thanks all for the continuing feedback. It's looking unanimous: either nobody objects to Jau, or those who do are keeping quiet about it.

Anonymous said...

Red, to pull something constructive out of anon 7:51's comment I will say, I do find the times that you disappear from the blog disappointing. Maybe it's just me but this blog is part of what makes your brand so unique. While I still enjoy the stuff that comes out during a hiatus, I find it feels just a little less real. You do an excellent job of filming "real" content but I have discovered that part of what keeps it all feeling real is the way you talk about it on this blog and the way you interact with and respond to everyone here.

That being said I do completely disagree with everything that was said during those times, which is most of the time, when you are active here. Please keep the baton.

Oh, and about Jay, I do not like interracial material when attention is drawn to it. But when something just happens to be interracial without attention drawn to it, I never think twice about it.


Anonymous said...

" A loser gets her ass vibrated, then the vibrator goes A2V, which seems unsanitary to me but thats what she gets for losing."


What the poor girl gets for losing on lostbets.com is a bacterial infection???

Hopefully there is a discrete cut in there that involved a proper cleansing of the object!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the idea of chastity making its way to these games. I think you should try getting 2 guys to wear cages overnight (or as long as possible) BEFORE the game, then compete to win their key or combination.

Re: Jay, I say bring it on. Might be fun to do a hardcore forfeit with 2 girls who've never slept with a black man before?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I§d like to comment on Rene post and your answer. I don't live in US so I'm not sure what is a standard there, but what about doing some lostbets "tour" to Europe. The models in Hungary or Czech republic are quite fit and don't have so much tattoos and piecing (standard is to have none). They are also pretty fit and they have a much more "girl-next-door" look than the "pros" in some of you clips.
They can speak English quite well also (compared to Russian girls).

Anonymous said...

no problem here with the ethnicity of any player, as long as they are amateur. generally, i only purchase the amatuers, which means i havent purchased much at all the past year. :(

as for tat's and such: i hate them, but one of the hottest gals you had here, a personal fav of mine, was Dahlia... (too bad you didnt bring her back for more)...

so, nothing is really set in stone with me.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:16
The idea with the guys wearing the chastity beforehand works also pretty well I think!
I don't actually care that much how long they wore it before, just shortly before filming is also okay! They could then proceed to play a game being teamed up with a girl 2 vs. 2, with the winner being unlocked and able to do whatever he wants with the losing girl while the winning girl teases the hell out of the losing still locked up guy.
It could also be a 1 vs. 1 between males with the winner just winning the key and being allowed to walk free, while the still locked loser is handed over to a team of especially cruel girls who then do whatever they want (I think especially about someone like Ashley or maybe Penny (both having, I think, some experience with chastity cages) or Candle)


Anonymous said...

I am not into the hardcore forfeits, so I have no opinion on the main subject of this weeks blog. I know you are catering to the majority of your fans with the hardcore clips. The only way a hardcore clip would appeal to me is if it were straight male / female sex. No involvement from the losers.

But I do have a suggestion for the soft core forfeits. Especially the girls with tighter limits. Have a conversation with the loser about the fact that many guys are buying the clip to pleasure themselves with images of her naked body. Get her thoughts on that. Maybe have the loser ask which part of her body they wank to or have the loser do a joi forfeit. It might be fun to see a girl with tighter limits do the joi to see how she would encourage the viewer.

Old Man

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, that's a great question about ethnicity. Jay sounds like he'll fit right in by the way. Here are my thoughts: I would love to see more ethnicity represented in Lost Bets so long as it is done respectfully. Personally, I find stuff that stereotypes ethnic people (especially Black males) really gross. Most of the Black/White stuff I've seen seems degrading to me for the Black guy and it really turns me off. Hard to explain but it seems that the director has the actor play to a negative stereotype and the Dude cannot abide to that. I'd like to see a more fun or playful erotic scenario between interracial players and from your description it sounds that's what you have in mind. So Hell yeah to interracial stuff as long as the players act like themselves, don't make it into a thing, and above all have fun.


Anonymous said...

Reposting from a previous blog entry due to the 'bankruptcy' :-)

Hi Red,

I had an idea for a game - Lost Bets Olympics. The game would have 5 girls and a host (like Candle has played in the past - she'd be a great host for this one). The girls would each be wearing LB thongs, short shorts, and tank tops (no bras) and would play the whole game with their hands tied behind their backs, wrist to elbow. They would play 4 rounds:

Round 1: Ice dancing. All 5 contestants have tape wrapped around the legs of their shorts and around their shirts a couple of inches below their breasts. The contestants will stand in a line, in a randomly chosen order, with legs spread. The emcee will then go down the line girl by girl and place a large scoop of ice down the front of each girl's top. Then she will go back down the line and place a scoop down the front of each girl's thong / into her shorts. Ice will continue to be added periodically (if needed) until 4 of the girls give up. When a girl gives up, she will have the tape on her shirt removed and will have her shorts removed. The thong + ice will stay on until the end of the round unless she can remove the ice herself. The loser of this round is the first girl to give up, the winner is the last one standing. The winner will be untied and allowed to remove all ice from her clothes, she will be exempt from all future rounds, and the she and the emcee will paddle the loser 5 times each. The 4 non-winners (now wearing top and thong) will move onto round 2.

Round 2: Strength. Each of the remaining 4 girls will stand in a line and get into a wide-legged squat position. They will each have 1 paper plate balanced on each leg. When both of a girl's paper plates fall off, she loses and has her thong removed. The girls will have to hold the squat position to keep the plates from falling. Just like round 1, the last girl balancing a plate is the winner, and the first girl to lose both of her plates is the loser of this round. The winner is untied and exempt from future rounds, and the loser is paddled 7 times each by the emcee and the winner of this round...

Anonymous said...


Round 3: Hurdles. In this round, the 3 remaining girls will compete in a crotch rope race. (Fern and Salem with the crotch rope forfeit is still one of my all time favorite LB vids.) The crotch rope should be tied at either end so it is several inches above where the girl's pussy is when on tiptoes and should contain a few knots. Each girls gets 3 turns. The order they go in is determined by their Round 1 place + Round 2 place, lowest number goes last. On each run, the girl starts a certain distance from one wall, and must touch her nose to the opposite wall and hold it for 10 seconds. Each girl completes her 3 runs before moving on to the next girl, and each girl's time is the shortest of the 3 tries. Since the girls may be different heights, you will have to adjust the height / tension of the rope for each girl. As usual, the winner is untied and is exempt from the final round, the loser will straddle the crotch rope (tightened a bit more, if you like) and will be paddled 10 times each by the winner and by the emcee.

Round 4: [insert creative name]. The last 2 girls will compete in a race to put condoms on dildos using only their mouths. Each girl will have 5 open, unrolled, condoms of the same color mixed in a bowl with some gross food (spam / baked beans / baby food / etc). There will be 8 dildos on a table some distance away. The girls will have to fish out a condom from their bowl using their mouths, run it over to the table, and put it on the dildo of their choice (any one that doesn't already have a condom on it). They must put the condom on using only their mouth, and the dildo must go straight into their mouth - no unrolling it by going down the side. You can decide if going into the cheek counts as that would be hard to enforce. The girls will put the condom on as far as they want, and then will run back to the bowl and repeat the process. When each condom has a dildo on it, the scores for each dildo will be determined as: #full inches condom is on + 1. Add each girl's scores together and the girl with the highest score wins the round. Note that there are fewer dildos than condoms, so a girl can choose to either try to use all 5 of her condoms, or she can try to get each condom on as far as possible. As I suspect that the girls will leave the largest dildos for last (when time isn't an issue any more), it might make for some interesting deepthroat attempts to squeeze out the last few points. As usual, the winner is untied. The loser of this round is the ultimate loser and obviously needs exercise, so she will go back through the 4 rounds with proper motivation by all the other contestants.


Red said...

@Pareto: Thank you, seriously. I needed to hear that, about my blog posts making the updates better for you and you missing them when they're absent. I don't like it when I miss posts or comments. It makes me feel like I'm letting people down, squandering good will I've built up over years.

As for Jay, in none of the games he was in was a big deal made about his skin color, although it may have been mentioned a few times.

@Anon 9:20: I won't say whether there was a cut, but we take the safety and health of our players very seriously.

@Anon 12:16: That's a good idea, making the men wear chastity cages for awhile before a game. I like the idea of combining it with the couple-vs-couple concept too, where the losing guy is restrained, cock still caged, and forced to watch as the winning guy's cage is removed and he takes out his pent-up sexual tension on his girlfriend, while the winning girlfriend taunts and teases him. Yup, that'll definitely work. Could be hard to convince the men to comply, but with the right inducement I might be able to attract players. Especially if the two girlfriends are hot.

@Anon 6:45: Our players must present valid U,S, or Canadian government-issued photo identification. So as much fun as a European trip would be, there wouldn't be much point.

@shredder: Yeah, this site has wandered far from its early roots, it's true. While I find our recent videeos vastly entertaining, both to make and to watch, they're not exactly what I signeed up for. My thing was ENF: a girl blushing bright red and trying desperately to hide her charms while clothed winners laugh, taunt, and enjoy the view. But it's hard to swallow that a girl who is willing to literally bet her ass would be the shy and blushing types. Hardcore isn't really compatible with ENF. I pledged that this site would always have both, but as you point out, I haven't kept this pledge very well for the past year or more. A big part of the problem is that my source for hot young amateurs dried up. But there is hope: we may have a line on a new set of amateur girls, girls who could pull off embarrassment at being stripped because they'd really be embarrassedto be stripped. Stay tuned. You've been patient a long time, I know.

@etienne: Dangit, I swear I wrote my reply to @Anon 12:16 before reading yours. Great minds think alike, right?

(actually, now that I really think about it, no, they don't, do they?)

@Old Man: THat is an excellent idea. I'll use it next time I have girls with tight limits. If you want to help with a script, drop me an email.

@Jack: In all the games Jay has played so far, the players have acted like themselves, didn't make Jay's skin color a thing, and they had loads of fun. Thumbs up on all three.

@ForfeitFan: Thank you for your very detailed suggestion, which you clearly thought a lot about. I've had a lot of requests over the years for the sort of last-girl-standing tournament, with a single contestant eliminated in each game. Yours is an interesting twist with the winner being removed from play rather than the loser, and it solves a lot of the problems with the other sort of tournament. I'll see what I can do, but I hope you don't mind if I don't use the exact games you suggest. (I've gotta have some room for my own creativity, after all.) But several of your ideas are good ones. In particular, it's been way too long since we've used the pussy rope. We only used it once, and we were nervous about doing it right, but I think it turned out great.

Qaz said...

Chiming in with shredder. I follow this site because of the genuine, amateur ENF. I haven't seen much of that in a long time! I've bought a few recently but was turned off by how comfortable the models seemed. It's obvious that this isn't their first rodeo... if they don't have anything to lose, what's the point of lost bets?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the quick response. Of course I don't mind if you change things up - the fact that you take suggestions at all is awesome!

Also, have you ever thought about having an initiation for new players? Perhaps make them play some kind of lose-lose game. For instance, they could have to play through a whole deck playing Hi-Lo, and each wrong guess earns them a paddle swat. They probably shouldn't be naked for it though - wouldn't want to ruin the suspense for future games. Just a thought.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it doesn't matter to me. I love when the players can go back and forth with each other. It makes watching the game more fun. Either way, I don't think I would not buy it just because the dude was black. I don't fault you for asking, but I don't believe it needed asking.


RS said...

Sounds like you've been doing a lot of filming lately. I'm wondering if you've already filmed #500 coming up? I imagine you'll want to do something pretty epic for it.

Rick said...

Just recently bought the Ryanne POV wet and messy video.

She did a great job. Would've liked some head coverage.

I have an idea for a sequel, I couldn't find anyway to contact you so I will try here.
It's the strip fuzz ball games again. But this time the naked loser gets two cream pies in the face. The watcher loses the first two balls. Ryanne gets cocky and ups the stakes.She says "she has some chocolate sauce in the fridge, how about we make it more interesting" she says "Over the face and head too" she demands, "no just putting on your body". She then wins the next round too and gets even more cocky. "You know what" she says, "why don't we make this even more interesting. I have a bottle of milk in the fridge. The loser has to pour it all over themselves. Over their face too looking up." The watcher nods in agreement at which point she adds "The milk is two days out of date, I probably should've mentioned that" she laughs. Then she proceeds to lose every game in a row. With every game she loses she still is a little bit cocky because she is so far in front. But as she loses more and more she begins to get worried.Eventually she loses and has to go through all the messy punishments... humiliated reactions follow.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a preview on some of the details of Monica's games? In particular her opponents, the forfiets she is risking and when these games will be released.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
How is your search going for the cream pie gangbang?

Creampie fan

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Thx for your reply re: making the men wear cock cages. If it helps you convince them, tell them you've heard (from someone who KNOWS) that the sensations you feel when you finally get out make the wearing of it totally worthwhile!

-Anon 12:16!

London Fan said...

Hi Red.

A quick game suggestion for a category that, as far as I'm aware, you haven't yet featured; desperation.

The game consists of at least 4 players, any gender. Half an hour before the game, they all need to drink an extra large fizzy drink of their choice.

The game itself can be anything at all but after each round, all players (not just the loser of that round) have to drink a further, smaller drink. If everyone likes cranberry juice then that would be best as it seems to do a good job at making people need to pee.

The game is played until there are two naked losers and hopefully everyone is desperate to pee. The two naked losers are then tied down and tickled by the two winners. The overall loser is the first out of the two tied up losers to wet themselves. As the final forfeit, the other three players (the one who was tied down who didn't pee themselves plus the two winners) get to release their incredibly full bladders over the loser.

Hopefully this makes sense and is something that a few people would like to see. Hopefully it can be something you can use when you have people with tighter limits.

Finally, I know it's a bit of a blast from the past but is there a possibility we might see London playing again in the future. Without doubt the best breasts you have ever had. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Couple things!

First of all, I LOVE London Fan's ideas. Both of them. Love the desperation concept, LOVE London Andrews (though she seems to have slowed down and is mostly blogging/modelling now.

I had another idea. I may have mentioned it before:

I'd love to see a game where two (or more) contestants were strictly tied TO something in compromising positions, and asked trivia questions. Losers have clothing cut off of them one by one.

Also, a reminder about an earlier forfeit idea you liked but I haven't seen yet: A forfeit where the nude loser has to address us in the audience POV-style, tease us while spread, and tell us when to cum, with a countdown. I think it's thrilling and extra embarrassing to see them acknowledge that people are watching them and jerking off.

Thanks for reading!


Red said...

Heads up: if anyone has any responses to anything in this post (and I hope you do), please leave them in the newest thread rather than this one. Sorry to make you wait so long for replies.

@Qaz: While it's true that for many of our players, this isn't their "first rodea", but even with experienced girls there are ways of bringing out their shyness. One way is to have them risk doing something they've never done before, which we've pulled off a few times. Another is to find highly competitive girls who really don't like to lose. That leads to frustration, anger, and disappointment, which isn't at all the same as embarrassment comes pretty close in its effects.

That bieng said, I'm with you and shredder. I prefer the amateur girls, except of course with amateur girls we're limited to fairly tame forfeits. (At least, that's what I thought until I met Zahara, Sheri, et al.)

Amateur fans: I'd like to hear your thoughts on why you didn't like Lavender, Luna, and Indigo. The first two had never been naked on camera before and the third only once, plus two of them are sisters, and there's not too much more embarrassing than being beaten and stripped naked by your sister. But Episode 428 was so dismally unpopular that I haven't scheduled the last game from that shoot and don't plan to.

Don't get me wrong: I'm certainly not complaining. Everybody has the right to choose what appeals to them. That's one of the things I like about the clip store format. I just want to know why with these particular gtirls so that next time I go on the hunt for amateurs I know what to avoid.

@ForfeitFan: The problem with the idea of an initiation like that is that I like the girls to feel (correctly) that they have a legitimate chance of making it through the shoot without having to show anything or suffer any penalty. It's happened before, and the winners have gloated over the losers with glee. It leads to more excitement in the games, and more determination to win. If a girl thinks that no matter what, she will get naked or have to endure a penalty, she might not care so much about the game's outcome.

But a paddling (over clothes) might work, and not chill the excitement. But I'm not sure how visually appealing it'd be. (Then again... in future games waiting for the ass to be unvbeiled to see how red it had been made sounds like fun.)

@Monsoonrat: Thanks for the input. Back-and-forth banter is definitely something 481 has.

@RS: I haven't filmed 500 yet, and time is running short. Still mulling what to do for it, but yeah, I'm looking for something epic. It's hard to think of epic things we haven't already done. Ideas welcome...
d. I’m horribly disorganized, and mentioning something time and time again

Red said...

@Rick: I like that idea, although I don't know if I can still get RyAnne. I'll try. Even if I can't, those are pretty good suggestions for future POVs regardless. If you like the idea ofr RyAnne pouring milk all over herself, you might enjoy Episode 235, in which RyAnne had a half gallon of heavy cream plus sundae fixings poured all over her, including her head and hair. It's pretty much exactly what you're sking for except not in a POV. The cold cream looked great running down her ample breasts and dripping off her nipples.

You can reach me via email at red@lostbets.com, but as far too many people could tell you, I'm not always great about answering.

@K: I'll try to get an I Lost All My Clothes promo with Monica up soon. She was in three games: two against fellow newbie Kasady, and one against veteran Lela and newbie Trinity (I like her. I hope you do too.) She had “green” limits, meaning nothing too sexual, but against Kasady she risked masturbation in one game, a Sybian ride in the other. Against Lela and Trinity, the loser was bound to the cross and severely tickled. That one ended badly… but I’ll tell you about that later. As for when they’ll be published, I have no idea. Soon I’ll fill in the schedule for the rest of the year, and I’ll let you know.

@Creampie fan: Still no gangbang creampie, but we have filmed just your average, run-of-the-mill creampie. Coming eventually (both the video and the dude in it.)

@Anon 12:16: Thanks, I’ll give it a try.
@London Fan: I’ve thought about similar themes, although your idea is quite a bit more fleshed-out. I’m all about creating embarrassment, and losing control of one’s bladder is certainly embarrassing or even humiliating.

That’s good. But your proposed ending, where the other three pee on the loser, may run afoul of Clips4Sale policy or even US obscenity law.

I haven’t heard from London lately. Last I heard she’d moved to New York. Also, I had her scheduled for more games back in (I think) 2010 but she was a no-show.

@JS: Thanks for the reminder. In general that’s a very good way to get your suggestion use

RJ said...

Not a big fan of black guys as interracial porn is a niche market and quite frankly, the porn industry is flooded with interracial porn. On another front, I wouldn't mind seeing Dante (or an equally attractive male equivalent) deliver some vaginal creampies in a rough sex scene.