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Friday, August 28, 2015

Meet Marvin

Today: Ben-Wa balls. If you haven't used them before, they're fun toys that tend to affect women way more than they'd think. Lots of women think that having balls in their pussy wouldn't do anything for them, and then end up shuddering spasmiung wrecks when they're actually used. See how Ashlyn and Sharron handle them in Episode 479.

Next week, bring on Episode 480.

Sweet tiny redhead Dolly is back along with Nettle and Tobi, this time joining in as a player. It's a new game, Stacky Fuckers, and like many games we use for the first time, it needs a little tweaking to be at its best. Still a very entertaining episode with three beautiful (but extremely different from each other) ladies. Loser gets to experience our St. Andrew's Cross while the winners have their way with her.

The next week bringa in Episode 481.

It's a one-on-one game of Strip Darts featuring two of our most competitive players: Tobi and Bex. The loser gets used by Jay and Johnny in a three-way... and the loser has to give up all her holes, front and back. Both girls have tannish-skin so I'm not spoiling anything when I say that seeing the loser sandwiched between pale Johnny and dark Jay is a really cool sight. 

Finally, I'd like to introduce y'all to Marvin.

Marvin is a box with buttons, lights, and a speaker, built by Hippo and myself, powered by Arduino. We've always loved making cool stuff, and the advent of Arduino opens a whole new realm of possibilities to us, with the ability to have software control and be controlled by real-world objects. Marvin has been used in some new games, like Strip Freeze and Strip Frenzy, and enhanced old ones like Pirate Penguins and Earth and Fire. Like I say in the video, I'm eager to hear suggestions for how else we could use Marvin, or what features we should add to Marvin Mk II. 

(By the way, to my ears I sound like a smarmy git in this video, which I swear I am not.)


Red said...

Just noticed that there are a bunch of comments in the last thread I haven't answered yet. Will get to them, probably today.

Anonymous said...

Red: FYI, pee is what they're saying comes out when a woman "squirts", its different from her natural lubricant... -SP

Anonymous said...

in the beginning, you used to mix games with amateur girls and pro girls, and just never mentioned it.
why cant you do that again?
get some amateurs, or just one if you can, to square off with Bex and Tobi... and/or whoever else you have filmed in the past year... make it a real game, for a real life forfeit.

every time i come here anymore, i see a bunch of porno girls 'risking' porno stuff. boring, ya know? (oh, look, this porno babe might have to suck a cock)...

i know...
ya gotta pay the bills, and do that which sells, but ...
those barely out of high school girls doing a 'naked sushi' dare, or a WAM, was far more exciting to me than seeing another porn star 'risking' a fucking.

maybe soften the (pro) limits a bit for when you do find that one or two amateurs that you can blend with the pro gals (and tell the pro gals to tone down the eye make-up a bit, to make it more 'real', like the early days) for a tamer penalty? like you did in the beginning...

i dont know.
its just that this place has gone off the rails, far away from what it used to be... maybe it was inevitable.


Rene said...

Am I missing something or are Bex and Tobi the same person?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just gullible or not in tune enough with what girls are out there but I got the impression that Dolly was one of those amateurs you were looking for to square off against Bex. Is the preview of 480 not what you are asking for?


Johnny said...

@rene - Yup, Bex/Tobi are the same lady. Like Amber/Kat. She wanted to change her name and she's our buddy.

Anonymous said...

Re: Tobi/Bex - somebody might want to edit the description for upcoming episode 481, as it should probably read "Penny and Tobi" rather than "Tobi and Bex".


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go as far as Shredder when he says that this site has gone off the rails. But I do think that the site has, over the last year to 18 months, relied too heavily on professional fet models who, in my view, do not really fit

the theme of the website. In both visual appearance (heavy make-up, costumes) and acting, the style of the recent pro models strikes me as exaggerating--rather than deemphasizng--the fact that they are engaged in a performance. There

is nothing intrinsically wrong with that, but it doesn't harmonize well with the premise of the site. A closely related problem is that, while, historically, you have operated in (and succesfully filled) a small niche with seeminly much more demand than supply, the evolution toward largely professional casts means that you are now competing against a much larger universe of producers. In a word, the content has gotten more generic, making it harder to justify your asking prices (and I say that as someone who has probably spent well over $1000 over the years).

So I really think this site needs a renewed emphasis on amateur performers. I understand that amateurs present logistical challenges professional models don't, but I think it's worth it (both to your audience, and, hopefully, to you as well). To the extent your well of amateur performers has run dry, as I think you alluded to in a previous post, consider bringing back some of your old performers. I know there are some who have only appeared in a few episodes despite seeming like pretty good fits (e.g., the episode 400 girls). It would be nice, of course, to see some new faces, but I don't think anyone would fault you for bringing back some of the older, well-liked amateur players.

Finally, just a caveat so I'm not misunderstood: I don't think that the pro/amateur distinction has any clear correlation with the hardcore/softcore dichotomy, and I am not a critic of the hardcore games. I personally really like the hardcore content--I just prefer when it involves amateurs.

Again, I say this all in the spirit of constructive criticism and as a big fan of the site for a number of years.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with MC's post. Also wondering Red if you had a chance to respond to my comment on the last post? -SP

Anonymous said...

Hey, Red's back! Well, sort of I guess. What's up Red?

Guy Who Knows Stuff

LoA said...

None Preview working...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the fact that non professionals fit much better in here.

Also I think you should bring back some of your earlier players. So I would love to see Sheri again...

Maybe you could start a poll again on here.
- favourite Girls
- farvourite forfeits

And than you can try to convince the favourised girls in for a viewers-choice-edition.....

Red said...

Folks: if you wish to reply to anything in this post, please do so in the newest post, not this one. That’ll make sure I see it.

@SP: Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ve seen girls cum hard and exude something that definitely was not pee. And I’ve seen girls “squirt” and thought, “she’s definitely peeing.”

@shredder: I hear you, and the many others who’ve agreed with you. I’m determined to find some more amateurs. But I’d definitely like your input to the question I asked in the last thread: why were Luna, Lavender, and Indigo, rank amateurs all, so unpopular?

@Rene: Bex and Tobi are indeed the same person, who changed her name. I generally make players shoot a naked promo in exchange for being allowed to do that. You can see Bex/Tobi’s here.

@LSD: Oops. Thanks.

@MC: Thanks. Your input is always welcome, and valuable. I’ll reiterate: I’m committed to finding more amateurs, fresh-faced girls who will blush to be exposed for the first time to the cameras.

@SP: I did respond, and it’s in that thread. Sorry for the delay.

@Anon 1:07: Thanks, but please sign your posts. A poll to determine which girls to try to get back is a good idea.