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Sunday, September 20, 2015


Yeah, so... behind again. Episodes 481 and 482 were published since last I blogged. Here's what's coming up:

Episode 483 is the continuation of Episode 480, at the end of which Dolly was strapped to the cross while Tobi and Nettle had their way. This time, she remains on the cross while the other two shoot darts at her. She'll get her revenge, though: the winner and she get to spit-roast the loser.

Don't have a promo yet for Episode 484, but here's a peek:

It was all the way back in Episode 270 that Angel and Lance played one-on-one, with the loser owing oral to the winner. She's always wanted a rematch, and in Episode 484, she gets it.

Episode 485 doesn't even have a poster frame yet, but it involves Bailey taking on new girl Desiree.

As I've said before a zillion times, I'm always trying to make our player pool more diverse, and Desiree represents yet another box checked: she descends primarily from the native peoples of Mesoamerica. She claims her mother knows how to speak Nahuatl. I think she's beautiful, and those big natural breasts don't hurt.

Speaking of big natural breasts, in Episode 486 we'll meet Cierra.

She'll be teaming up with fellow newbie Gianna as two girls compete against one boy (new guy Trace) in a battle of the sexes. Loser(s) placed at the mercy of the winner(s), with either one guy submitting to two girls or two girls submitting to one guy.

Finally, here's what's coming up in the POVs. Again, speaking of big natural boobs, RyAnne is back for Episode P081.

One of the many great things about big natural boobs is how they bounce when their wearer is forced to do jumping jacks. Next week, we have Sarah T in Episode P082.

Multiple endings for this one.


PurpleCat said...

Hey Red, This week's episode got me thinking of an idea that you used a while back that may work for a situation similar to that game. You had that two-parter in episodes 222 and 224 where the loser of the first game (in that case Earth and Fire) was the prize for the winner of the second game to fuck with a strapon. Assuming the girls' limits are conducive, I think that could be an interesting twist in the future for the target of Body Shots, especially if they became the target because of losing a previous game.

You continue to do great work and I'm sure Friday's update will be great.


Anonymous said...

One interesting idea for a forfeit if you had the ability to acquire one would be to force a girl to pleasure herself with a heeldo, it is exactly what it sounds like, a strap on that straps onto the heel.

etienne said...

I tried writing the same comment thrice yesterday but it always stayed on for a few minutes, then disappeared. Is something wrong with the blog or did I make a mistake, or was it even manually deleted for some reason?


Anonymous said...

Some ideas I'd love to see done (with an acknowledgement that some of them may not be practical):

Game: Two woman, each on a sybian (sp?). Two men, each with a controller. Men try to make women cum, using controller / hands / mouth /whatever. Man wins if his woman cums first. Woman loses if she cums first. Forfit...whatever. (Losers finish off winners?) I find the sybian scenes extra hot when the mounted women is being groped or otherwise stimulated by someone in addition to the machine.

Game: Earth/air/fire variant. Only two women, and they just take turns for increasingly longer intervals. Even better, play while -- hands hand-cuffed behind their backs while playing.)

Forfeit (not necessarily related to last games): Two (preferably straight) women forced to act out a porno sex scene as directed by winner or bystander. ("Now start to kiss...Now Amber, you start moving down....")

Forfeit: Longer-term sex slave. Winner gets use of loser over-night. We get to see clips of portions of the night, and an after-interview with loser detailing what she had to do. (Maybe more practical for Red to get use of loser overnight... :)

Forfeit: Woman tied to cross, male gets to conduct full "examination". (Lots of groping involved.)

- A

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see more Kandie and Jeanie (especially if she has to risk as another creampie.) I'd also love to see Kimmie and RyAnne risk one, too.


Anonymous said...

I'll try one last time:
One idea: How about a contest for fans to participate? A number of LostBets girls will also participate, maybe five to ten, depending on how much of them are willing to do this.
In one post you present the girls who will play and in the comment section everyone can name one he or she would like to challenge, so that in the end, all the avalaible models will be paired with one commenter who wants to play.
When this is done the commenters have to send you a pic, where they wrote on their body "I lost my clothes to "name of the model" at Lost Bets". Then you choose a winner in each one vs one (totally random). If the girl wins the picture of the loser is published on the blog. If the commenter wins he gets a personalized picture of the girl having written on her body "I lost my clothes to "name of the commenter"". Also the winners get a free LostBets clip, or maybe two to really justify them risking to be humilated on a public blog?
Not sure if it's doable, also, most blog visitors probably don't come to look at pictures of other guys. Well, just thought it would be interesting.


Anonymous said...

I have ideas for a couple games that could both use the same foursome of 2 guys, 2 girls. Both using some BDSM:

For the girls:
Both girls are tied up on their knees or on their backs with their legs spread. The 2 guys ask them trivia questions. Losers have pieces of clothing cut off, and the loser is used sexually by both guys (BJ or sex).

For the guys:

Both guys are tied against the wall. The girls ask them trivia questions. The loser has items of clothing cut off, and the ultimate loser gets kicked in the nuts (I know this is extreme for you, but the stakes would be high!), and the winner maybe is pleasured by both girls. ADDENDUM: Maybe every time a guy gets a question right, the girls rub on his dick a bit?

Anyway, love to hear your thoughts.

ALso, still really would love a forfeit where the girl has to spread her legs and tell the viewers to cum while looking at her pussy. I came by this idea when watching Anastasia. It sounds like the kind of thing that would really embarrass her, which is why it's so hot!

Thanks for reading, Red, keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...


The image for POV 79b [Bailey plays Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors (version B)] is still that of POV 76b [Layla plays Strip Flip-a-Coin (version B)].

--- Mycroft

Truk said...

I've been waiting to see RyAnne do topless jumping jacks... LOVE this kind of busty forfeit!