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Friday, September 4, 2015

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike

Hey! If you were waiting for a response in either of the last two blog threads, it's there. Sorry about the delay.

Today's Episode 480 brings back Dolly, Nettle, and Tobi, this time as a player. The new game, Stacky Fuckers, I honestly felt didn't work very well. But it's definitely got potential, with a few tweaks to the rules.

So I found something I'd like to share with you guys. It's a pretty awesome interactive game with strong ENF/stripping game themes, but I have to warn you, it's old-school. Really old-school. Very really old-school. If the name "Infocom" means nothing to you, you might find it a little too old-school for you.

It's a text adventure (!) set in a casino full of women you can challenge to a game of Yakyuken (Japanese for "strip rock-paper-scissors") with forfeits for the loser -- at least, as long as you set it to "kinky mode". It's made by a guy who calls himself Prince Buffoon. You can download it here. but it's a .GBLOB file and you'll need an interpreter to play it. I use Grgoyle on Linux, but there are plenty of decent interpreters out there; just Google for "gblob interpreter". It'll take a bit of work to get things set up, but it's worth it, at least in my opinion. With a text-only interface, you have to use your imagination, of course, but Buffoon has a knack for descriptive writing and you can almost see the naked girls blushing crimson.

Next week is Episode 481, which has already been promoed. For the week after that, take a gander at Episode 482:

Candle made her first appearance on LostBets.com all the way back in 2009's Episodew 101, and since then, her high-energy personality and her seemingly limitless supply of bad puns has made her a fan favorite, and one of my personal favorites as well. I have a few episodes with her coming up, but I haven't seen her for awhile, so what I've got may be all we'll get. Enjoy her while you can. She's joined by Kandii in a game of Strip Splotzee. You know the pussy pump? It's embarrassing to have your most intimate parts swollen and on display. Well, imagine that with your legs held firmly open and your butt in the air thanks to a thighbinder. 

I realize that I've reached the end of promos for the POVs. I'll try to get ahead of the queue soon. But I think you'll really like P079.


Anonymous said...

P078 is already out. Does that mean there isnt one this week?

Red said...

Nope, I meant P079. Oops. Thanks for pointing it out.

Anonymous said...

Cool whats the player and forfeit in that game?


RS said...

If you're looking for something epic for #500, one idea that always seems popular whenever it's mentioned would be a DareRing-style game where players don't know what dares they'll have to do, or with which other players. Everything randomized. Maybe 3 girls and 3 guys?

Another epic option would be some sort of game show format like You Bet Your Ass with a real studio audience (with IDs checked and signed waivers if they end up on camera, of course).

Qaz said...

Continuing our conversation from 2 weeks ago:

I would love to see more ENF/amateur content. The girls in the Lavendar, Indigo, and Luna games simply didn't appeal to me, appearance-wise. And nothing against the hippie vibe, but I generally don't associate ENF with hippies...that culture seems more willing and eager to be naked. Not that I know anything about these 3 girls of course, but they were described as hippies in the blog. When I consider whether to buy a game, my two biggest factors are "do I find the subjects attractive?" and "how embarrassed do I think the subjects will be?". Those games failed both these criteria for me.

The fact that they were amateurs was definitely a positive factor for me, but that factor alone could not push me to buy it. I do not think their amateur/soft nature was the main driver behind low sales.

Red said...

@PQ: The player will be Bailey, and the loser will have to masturbae for the winner. Multiple endings.

@RS: You know, I had a line on a bar that would let us shoot. It had a bunch of cool bar games, too. Sadly, the owners decided that the only time they could let us do it would be something like Sunday from 10 AM to 2 PM, or something like that. (Actually, I think I'm misremembering and it was in fact worse.)

As for a DareRing type game: hmm. I've resisted doing those on the grounds that I didn't want to poach on their idea, but what the hell. It's been a decade or so since they've produced anything, and I think the obligtion not to poach has long inspired. There's just a few things about the DareRing games that didn't appeal to me, but I could fix them.

@Qaz: Thank you very much, that's very helpful. Ah, I miss Lumen and Fern and that crowd.

RS said...

Yay! There are tons of ways you can tweak the DareRing game to make it more your own. Probqbly best to give the players an idea of the types of dares involved.

Anonymous said...

No more Candle! NO!!! She is one of your most fantastic players?

Is there any chance of you ever getting Amber back? (Amber, as in "Patric, Amber and Jennie" -- that Amber.) I've been watching some of hers, and even though she isn't my type, she is *hot*. I really like watching her.

- A

Anonymous said...

i can't figure out how to play the text based game. how do u challenge people?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Red...if you still want, I totally never emailed you about some possibility of players. Don't know if you filled up your schedule or not.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Red said...

@RS: Eh, I'd definitely tell the players what sorts of dares to expect ("there may be oral") but I wouldn't be overly specific. Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, after all.

@A: Yeah, I know that Candle is one of the best, no question. And I wouldn't rule out her returning, I'm just not sure it'll happen. Amber, I think, moved away, but it might be possible to get her back too.

@Anon 7:34 (please sign your posts): After you tell the game your gender (and type "kinky mode" if you want the game to be a little more risque) and get dressed, walk around the casino and you'll find half a dozen girls. To challenge them, just type "challenge (girlname)" But be warned that challenging girls willy-nilly is a good way to end up humiliated. There's a strategic order, but you'll figure that out as you play.

@GWKS: Hey, I am the very last person to complain about someone not sending a promised email. But I'd definitely like to hear about potential players. Send me a mail when you get the chance.

Anonymous said...

A suggestion for finding amateurs might be looking at local colleges for models. Perhaps get a competition going between two colleges. I imagine the student newspapers would not allow the advertisements. But clubs have free newspapers telling of nightspots, etc. Maybe you could advertise in one of those. The winners get the pride of beating models from a competing college. I imagine that contacting sororities would be out of the question, but there are bound to be some competitive spirits out there.

I always thought it would be a good idea for a club to set up girls from two colleges and have them do some sort of team game where the first team with all members naked would be the losers. I seem to remember from the old VHS days a wet t-shirt tape with that kind of competition. In the wet t-shirt tape, the object was to get the most cheers, so the girls were willing to show more for the cheers. In the case I am thinking of, the objective would be to remain clothed and that might help with the losers being embarrassed. Maybe a club owner would be receptive to this as it would bring in extra business and your part would be to film it since it was your suggestion. A game of chance such as poker could be the competition between the teams with the girl with the lowest hand having to remove an article of clothing

Just a thought

Old Man

Anonymous said...

Some ideas I'd love to see done (with an acknowledgement that some of them may not be practical):

Game: Two woman, each on a sybian (sp?). Two men, each with a controler. Men try to make women cum, using controller / hands / mouth /whatever. Man wins if his woman cums first. Woman loses if she cums first. Forfit...whatever. (Losers finish off winners?) I find the sybian scenes much better when the mounted women is being groped or otherwise stimulated by someone in addition to the machine.

Game: Earth/air/fire variant. Only two women, and they just take turns for increasingly longer intervals. (Bound: hands hand-cuffed behind their backs while playing.)

Forfeit (not necessarily related to last games): Two (preferably straight) women forced to act out a porno sex scene as directed by winner or bystander. ("Now start to kiss...Now Amber, you start moving down....")

Forfeit: Longer-term sex slave. Winner gets use of loser over-night. We get to see clips of portions of the night, and an after-interview with loser detailing what she had to do. (Maybe more practical for Red to get use of loser overnight... :)

Forfeit: Woman tied to cross, male gets to conduct full "examination". (Lots of groping involved.)

- A

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add some of the rules of the college game at a club where they could play strip poker. In my ideal game there would be eight on each team. Less players could be used. But the reason for eight would be:
1st round would have losers on each team in most cases.
2nd round would have the ones fully clothed from the first round playing against each other. If one team had more winners, the winners would draw straws to see who took on the other teams losers.
3rd round would have anyone who still had all their clothes competing against the other team's full clothed players, those who had lost only one article of clothing against the members of the other team who had only lost one article of clothing and those who have lost three against the other team's members who had lost only three as well.
4th round using the same format.
The beauty of this system is that it would have those who won the most trying to take down the other team's winners. This would allow anticipation of which one of the winners will finally be exposed. And it would get some of the girls naked quicker.

Old Man

Mismanager said...


You asked why Luna, Lavender and Indigo were so unpopular. They weren't with me; I was glad to buy all clips you offered that featured them and would buy more if available.

Anonymous said...

Red: in response to the question i what didnt i like about the Luna/Lavender/Indigo. I did not buy them when published, though i had intended to eventually. (I had a lot going on at the time).
i didnt get around to it because i had read on the blog that they werent selling/not that good... or something like that.

now that i see Mismanager enjoyed them, i'll have to rethink that.


Brad said...

Hi Red,
An embarrassing episode with two teenboys vs two teengirls? You promised a few months ago... please! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dareding is great idea! I think lostbets can do even better than original darering... but please:
1) no bisexuality forfeits for guys
2) no ugly girls or junkies like in some DR
4) no stupid forfeits that are sexy when you are personally playing but boring to look at ... dirty speech, write bullshit on girls with markers (does anybody real think that it is sexy?)...

Brad said...

I'm totally agree. I would like to see more embarrassment between young people of opposite sex. Also an episode with mature man/mature woman vs teenboy/teengirl would be interesting. And the young couple have to be dominated by the mature couple.

RS said...

Possibly a minority opinion here, but one of the things I liked best about the DareRing games was how randomized things were. Players might be able to make another player do something, or might have to do something themselves they didn't want. Players might be fortunately to get to do something with someone they were attracted to, or they might be forced to do something with someone they weren't attracted to. That for me was a big part of the suspense.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, loving the text game. My favorite was probably Rosalynn, I love seeing haughty types like her brought down a peg. (Possible hint for they type of girl to try and get on the site sometime?)


Anonymous said...

Hey red,

What was your personal dislikes of darering?

- craigb

jq said...

Any chance of new interactive POV games from you, like the old RPS w/ Mia? Always enjoyed that one

Anonymous said...

I, too, would love to see Red try his luck with a darering-style game. The site has been defunct for far too long to worry that about encroaching on his concept. Those games were certainly flawed in many respects: many of the games were badly paced and wasted a lot of time on silly forfeits, not to mention terrible camerawork at times. But they had a unique dynamic, with lots of nervous energy. The coed games were the best in this respect; you could sense a degree of apprehension among the some of the female participants about interacting with the male players, but most ended up being good sports about it. (It helped that most of the models were either complete amateurs or at least relatively inexperienced semi-pro models. I think a few outfit have tried to recreate the concept with pro models, but it doesn't really work so well, in my opinion.)

A few specific suggestions:

- I would keep the "truth" round at the beginning; it sets the tone for the game
- Darering had too many opportunities to opt-out; I would completely eliminate optional forfeits
- It makes sense that the games began with lighter forfeits, but some of them were just silly--like popping balloons
- I was not wild about the bisexual forfeits for the male players, but I'm not sure there's a great way to eliminate it without eliminating the randomness that is essential to the game
- I would end the game with the most hardcore forfeits your models are up for


LoA said...

Is It probable for POV video to be pubblished on time?
You treat them like they're little bro...

Utaraptor said...

Hi, just out of curiosity, is there a mistake in POV clip "Bailey plays Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors (version B)", or is it just my imagination (last one is more likely)?
Because Bailey lost 4 items of clothing while the player only lost 3, if I counted right. He first lost his shirt, then socks, then pants or boxers and then he had to masturbate. I hope you get, what I mean; both players lost 4 times and should be at this time both naked, but when the player lost his fourth time he has to masturbate.
Maybe he was going commando, in that case, I would have been nice, if Bailey had mentioned it.
Eitherway it is a brilliant POV and like you said the JOI is the best you made so far.

I wish all of you a nice weekend, you do a really great job and I totally love your clips.


Anonymous said...

Red, long-time listener, first-time caller (and about this of all things):

Fantastic find on Yakyuken Two. How did you discover the key to the black chest? I have been searching endlessly near the Danger Room to no avail. Share a hint?

LB and YT fan

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if Mina is the second loser in 478?

Anonymous said...

@LB and YT
Not Red here, but I also played, finished and quite enjoyed the game.

Here some spoilery hints:

The key is not in the danger room.

Another one (that one pretty much gives it away):

It's behind something!


Johnny said...

@Ultraraptor. I am afraid you are correct. We missed this during filming so the suspension of disbelief on this one will be aided by playing the game sans underpants. Sorry about that.

Johnny said...

@ anon 10:57 (*sigh* - please sign your posts) All the spoilers are available in the clip description. If you highlight the black text it becomes visible.

Johnny said...

@anon - my bad. Red usually puts that in there. I'll ask him to add the second loser to the description.

Anonymous said...

Thanks @etienne!

LB and YT fan

Anonymous said...

Whats the POV this week?

I keep asking so that i can put money aside early if i want the clip.

Anonymous said...

Is there any update on Jelly returning? I remember Red saying that he might if enough people were interested. I'm curious to see if this has or will happen. Thanks.

Bammy said...

Hey Red, is there any chance of getting Kat/Amber Heavens back to do Episode 500? I'd love to see her risk a hardcore forfeit! Maybe if she were playing against lots of girls she would agree to risk it.

Research Pro said...

I used to love the DareRing games with a few exceptions:
- Girls were a little too "hippyesque". Seeing 3 inch armpit hair isn't a turn on.
- The guy/guy dares left out a large purchaser base. That was one of their biggest complaints.
- Too many times the final, hardcore dare was based on whether the player was completely naked or not. That left some of the games with too few players participating at the end.
- And, most importantly, the owner/admin was defensive and wasn't open to suggestions. That's why your product, Red, is consistently of a higher quality.

I like the idea of a 3 guy/3 girl game with hardcore forfeits and a higher likelihood of enf.

Viredae said...

To all who are wondering, a good platform to play the text adventure is a program called gargoyle.

as for the person who asked for the hint, you find it behind the painting on the way to vault.

If you can't tell, I'm a text adventure afficianado.

Anonymous said...


The picture for clip P079b shows P076b.


Anonymous said...

I would like to jump on the back of Joe's comment I would love to see Jelly bk.


Rene said...

Again no Blog-post? No previews to future episodes?