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Friday, January 22, 2016

It's about time

It was on February 2, 2009, that I met up with Johnny and Kat, and Kitty, Katherine, Daisy, and Zayda, and their boyfriends, and 35 or so mostly strangers to hold our first (and so far only) game show, You Bet Your Ass. It's taken a long time, but here it is. Keep in mind that this was done with our 2009 equipment so don't expect the highest quality.

Not much else to say. I'm gonna continue to withhold the promo for YBYA2, since it'd spoil the outcome for this one. I'll publish the promo next week before the episode is published.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I'm obviously happy to see the long lost episodes/game show published. Congrats on the forthcoming #500. That's certainly a legacy of great work there.

Any chance of seeing Tara back?

Jack Casper

Guest said...

Hi Red,
Just a small query...
Is Katherine different to Catherine?
(who played in 16 game episodes between 2010 & 2015)
Wasn't sure if this was just a typo K instead of a C

Plus, is this the same Kitty that played in 3 episodes (255, 262 & 284)?

Just checking the facts before I make my mind up prior to purchasing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red

In your replies to last week's blog you gave some details the 4 unpublished Lumen games, but did not mention which of those games Lumen lost. Which were they, please?


Anonymous said...

Is Episode 500 delayed two weeks or four? I ask because, on Jan. 8, you said a "couple" of weeks; but it seems there are four, not two, episodes of "Bet your Ass"? Is the plan to publish all four game-show episodes seriatim before publishing 500? Or will you publish 500 during the middle of the "Bet your Ass" sequence?


Rene said...

Hello Red,

Do you want to ask Piper back for another shoot? It would be really nice do see her back risking hardcore action. Last time she was distracted from the real action too much.

A pity Ashley is out of the picture. She was one of the all-time best.

Any chance we will a large group (5+) in action again? It's been a long time since we had one. Of course I understand those are rather expensive and cannot be done often.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous at 1:18: Red or someone else can probably tell you definitively, but I know Tobi/Bex is promoting herself as an adult performer and is seeking work. She has a twitter (@tobibraxton) and a modelmayem page. Whether she's actually found work outside of lostbets is another matter, but if you have the patience to read through her twitter and chase down links you could probably find whatever else she's been in, if anything. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

You know what would be great: seeing Candle,Ashley and Erica in a game of Strip Earth and Fire

Anonymous said...

Shut up

Red said...

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in responding. Let me start by answering some of the comments from the last thread.

@Bammy: Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have said anything. This is not going to lead to anything good. But here are the games that were played:

20130817 Addie Ashley Conor Kylie Mouna Richard Selah/
...1. Profanagrams - Blowjob Race Spanking
...2. Wheel of Torment - Hogtied Tickle
...3. Screw your Neighbor - Sybian Race Speculum
...4. Whip Cream Race - Double team

Please take my word that these episodes were not good. Even the presence of legendary chicks like Ashley and Mouna couldn't save them. If I ever get enough episodes like this (i.e. bad ones) to start doing the B-Sides again, these may see the light of day, but don't hold your breath. For crying out loud, I miss Ashley too, but I don't want these to be her swan song.

@GWKS: Believe me, I don't blame you either. Enough said.

@Reggie: Not between Cora, AngieJo, and Jennie, no. But between Cora and Aaron, who you'll neet shortly after you meet the girls... maybe. Stay tuned.

@GD: I'll contact Piper and see what she's up to.

Okay, now onto the new comments from this thread:

@Jack: I haven't heard from Tara in quite awhile. I can try to contact her, but she is not local so either she'd need to be traveling or we would.

@Guest: Catherine and Katherine are two (very) different people. Also, this is a completely different Kitty. (Chunkier, for one thing.) I'd completely forgotten that we had two Kitties.)

@John: Aargh. Why do people insist I torture them with details of the games I can't publish? Lumen won games 1, 2, and 4, but ended up naked in the first two and bottomless in the latter. She lost game 3 to a bottomless Fern. Okay?

@MC: The four YBYA episodes will be published individually, over four weeks. I was gonna do it over two weeks, two episodes each week, but frankly we could use the extra time to finish up 500.

@Rene: I'll try to get Piper back, and yes, Ashley is among the all-time best players ever ever. I don't think anyone could dispute that. I don't have any big group shoots scheduled, but you're right, I need to do another one. I should contact Julie to find out if the circus folks would be up for another. They may be more expensive to shoot, but they sure are a whole lot of fun.

@Anon 1:18 (please sign your posts): At the time she first posed for us, she'd never done anything nude on camera before. But she liked it and it excited her, so she decided to try to find other work along those lines. I don't know if she's actually been published anywhere else, but I'll ask her. (She'll be coming over to shoot some stuff for 500 soon.) As @MC said, she's got a social media presence.

@Anon 10:57 (please sign your poses): Yeah, that would be epic, but unfortunately it can't happen.

@Anon 1:53 (please fuck off): No, you shut up.

Bammy said...

Blowjob races, Sybian races and a double team starring Ashley and Mouna? It seems idiotic that you wouldn't post these! I'm sure most of us don't care if the other girl is 'terrible'. She can just be a bit of comic relief if she's as bad as you say she is.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...Red, that wasn't me who said that last thing in the other thread...someone's doing a parody of me! How dare they, don't they know who I am??

Although I sort of agreed with the dude with the excellent taste to parody pure genius such as I anyway. Although I'm a more forgiving dude, if the guy said he renouced his ways, I guess I'd be okay. No to say it wouldn't be FUCKED up to see that in a video, and that's not a good idea no matter what. And I agree with you, turn that shit into something else! I know a girl who turned her ex-boyfriend's name into a butterfly.

Kids...never EVER get a tattoo on yourself of someone you're dating. And probably not of someone you're getting married to. Kids...okay, you can get one of your kids. Unless you're Robert Baratheon.

Anonymous said...

Oh snap, that was Guy Who Knows Stuff above. I can't even parody MYSELF.

p13121312 said...

hi red,

any chance to get a public forfeit for the losers in the near future or a humiliation spanking, like we see it in 332 or between derek and gina (this two episodes were epic!!)?

will we see audrey sugarsmak or sara liz at lostbets.com in future?

i like your work!



Red said...

@Bammy: Well, let me put it this way. Our nickname for Kylie was "Haggard." And she was a frequent loser. I take pride in our work and I don't want to publish anything I feel is sub-par.

That being said, you make some good points, and I'll think about it. Right now the queue of ready-to-publish videos is pretty low, but once it's built back up I'll consider having Johnny edit one of those episodes and we'll see how it goes.

@GWKS: Well, that's the problem with allowing anonymous comments: no authentication. Still better than making people sign in using their Google accounts. The ideal solution would be to have my own community software and not rely on Blogger, but see previous comments re. my world-class laziness.

My own rule about tattoos is that you shouldn't get one unless it's something you'd be proud to have on your body when you're 80. That's why I only have one: the LostBets.com logo. I'm certain I'll be proud of that 'til the day I die.

@P: Yeah, the hard part with the spankings is finding players who are willing to take a hard spanking, and perhaps even harder, finding players who are willing to dish out a hard spanking. Most of our players are "nice" and don't want to hurt anyone. But I'll keep trying. The hard part with the public forfeits is that I don't want to get any of our players (or crew, or myself) arrested, so opportunities are limited. I'll keep trying though.

You're right about 074 being an epic spanking. That was way back in the early days, when I was a one-man shop. I remember standing there behind my single camera, with mouth gaping open as I watched Gina raise welts on Derek's bottom, wondering if I should interrupt. Glad I didn't.

Thanks very much for the kind compliment. We'll keep doing our best.

Red said...

Oh, I forget to answer re. Sara Liz and Audrey Sugarsmack. I'd never heard of either before, so they're not going to appear anytime soon.

Unknown said...

Hey Red,

I'm fairly new to your operation but have loved what I've gotten so far for Lost Bets POV. I know it's not your main market, but I love the wet and messy forfeits that you all do. Will there ever be a wet and messy bet that the viewer loses? Or will the models always lose those?



Anonymous said...

Red: regarding 'Haggard', you dint know what you were getting til she showed up, or til she lost her clothes?

I thought it would be standard practice to have a submission photo before you book a player for a shoot.


Red said...

@James: Thanks! Very glad you like the POVs. As for WAM, I'm not sure how a viewer-loses WAM would work. Would the girl pretend to mock the viewer as he's covered in stuff? Should she come up near the camera and pour stuff in midair? I'm just not seeing it. I've got nothing against making such a video but I need to understand what it is you'd like to see.

@Shredder: Kylie was a last-minute replacement for a cancellation. We were under the gun and didn't have much time to vet her. In hindsight I wish we'd just changed our plans to involve one fewer girl, but we didn't.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Red. I appreciate your quick response. I guess I was thinking that the model could just instruct, like they do when they walk you through jerking off when you lose. I'm incredibly interested in being instructed on what to do with a couple of whipped cream pies and chocolate syrup by a beautiful woman I just lost a bet to. Just a thought, as I said before, I know it's not your main market.



Anonymous said...


I admire that you have games that you could publish but won't. Part of your job is to push women to go beyond their comfort levels on our behalf, so it's reassuring to me that you are such a good person.

Let me play devil's advocate, though, on the class action suit. Lawyers and corporations are going to battle over money. The results are not going to be pretty. If some crumbs fall off the table into your lap, then I say at least something good came of it. Why throw the money back for them to fight over? Keep it. If you later decide that you really don't want the money, in December there will be there guys in Santa suits, ringing bells, who will have buckets into which you can safely dispose of it.


Rene said...

Hello Red,

If the video's with Kylie are that bad, why not release them for free as a present to you customers on reaching episode 500? Or perhaps 4 for the price of 1?

Have you ever thought about a poll for the all time favourite player? Wouldn't that be a nice feature now that you have reached episode 500? Perhaps followed by a shoot featuring the players with the greatest amount of votes (when available).

I liked the large group "screw your neighbour" that you posted ages ago. A remake with a b/g forfeit would be nice. Does a large group scene have to involve the circus people? Why not a selection of recent players, like Tobi, Piper, Zahara and others?

Keep on the good work. On to episode 1000!

Anonymous said...

Hang on, I think everyone else has missed something: you're still in touch with Julie?!?!? Any chance that you could use your legendary powers of persuasion to get her back? Ideally with a proper hardcore risk, but not necessarily so. Maybe get her to risk the Bex rule with a guy? Just please, bring her back!

And if she reads this herself: Julie, you are fantastic!

All my best wishes,

Red said...

@James: I'm trying to be more diligent about timely blog replies. As anyone who's been here awhile can tell you, this is something I've had a problem with in the past.

I wouldn't say we really have a "main market", except for stripping games. We do things on all sorts of themes, and WAM is one of the popular ones. Next time I'm shooting POVs, I'll try to do a POV WAM where the viewer loses. I'm not sure how well it'll turn out -- the players aren't actresses and some of them are better at being on the winning side than others -- but I'll give it a try.

@Dex: I don't know that I'm more of a "good person" than most. I'm just trying to do my best, like everyone else is. As for your devil's advocacy, I'm going to respond via email.

@Rene: If I were going to give everyone a gift, it'd be something good. I can't really afford to give these away anyway, 'cuz they still need to be edited, which costs money.

A poll for greatest player(s) sounds cool. In the next blog post, I'll ask for nominations. But a lot of the greatest players we've ever had are no longer available and wouldn't be able to show up for another shoot.

Large group shoots don't have to involve the circus folks, who of course aren't to everyone's taste. I've done a few shoots with 8 or 9 people in them. Screw Your Neighbor is a good game for large groups, since it's quick, easy to play, and involves some skill (if not much). Not sure when my next big group will be, but hopefully fairly soon.

Episode 1000, now that's a fine milestone to look forward to, even if it's years in the future. When I published Episode 100, I commented that it had seemed really overoptimistic to use three digits for the episode number when I started. Maybe in a few years I'll regret not going with four digits.

@TrueS: Last time I asked Julie about coming back, she asked me if I knew what "retired" meant. I can ask again, and I'll pass along your compliments, but don't get your hopes up.

Anonymous said...

Red, I know what retirement means. It's like how in the movies, Chuck Norris is always retired because of those friends he lost in action, and now he lives in a swamp. But then the police chief/old friend/military officer stops by to them him about the new terrorist threat. Of course he refuses.

But right before the military is heading out to action, here comes Chuck in his pickup truck and says he's joining the fight!

Anyway, my feeling is get all the old amateurs you've had and bring em back for hardcore. If they've risked it before, or lost before, it's all good...they're still fun. I'm talking the Keenly/Sassy/Jasmine/Sheri types, and a bunch of others I can't think of the names offhand.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Play a game with 3 girls to two losers. The two losers have to kneel doggy style an push a dildo into one of their holes (they can choose if pussy or ass). Then the winner does a countdown and the two girls push their dildos out of their holes. Then you measuere which girls dildo made the longer distance. Then load again and shoot again. They should shoot 3 times. The girl with the lowest distance in three shoot outs loses and gets another forfeit (possibly spanking or pussy pump).


Red said...

@GWKS: Unfornately, Julie is not Chuck Norris. Wait, scratch the "unfortunately". I'm supremely relieved that Julie is not Chuck Norris, even if that means she takes retirement more seriously than he does.

Many (or most) of the old amateurs have moved on, as amateurs are wont to do. Keenly, Sassy, and Sheri are recent enough that I might be able to get them back, if I can get in touch with them. Jasmine I have tried to reach many times, all unsuccessfully.

@Dildoshooter (aka Ravenfan, I think): Interesting idea, but I don't know how many women are physically capable of forcefully ejecting a dildo. Alicia from Episode 188 could definitely do it, but is that a usual talent?