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Friday, January 8, 2016


Long-awaited Episode 498 is published, featuring Kevin and Kimmy taking on Trace and Helena. I hope people like it. Leave feedback in the comments. I haven't gotten much feedback lately, so just a reminder: I read it and listen to it. I love getting ideas from fans and using them, but in addition to new ideas, I'd also really appreciate comments on the existing work: what you like and what you didn't, what worked and what failed, so I know what to do more of and what to do less of.

Episode 500 is likely to be delayed by a couple of weeks while we apply the finishing touches. During the gap, we'll be publishing You Bet Your Ass! (speaking of long-awaited stuff), our game show in front of a live audience which we filmed awhile ago but we (mostly) haven't published, until now. Some of you have been waiting literally years for this, so I hope you enjoy it.

Cheers. No new promos this week, alas.


Anonymous said...

A teaser description for 500 would be great.

Bammy said...

Episode 498 looks great Red. I can't wait to check it out, however after viewing the spoilers I would rather the other girl had lost (no spoilers here, don't worry) but that just shows that your games are genuine. Keep up the good work mate!

Dave35 said...

Talking of a long time in the waiting will there ever be interactive games?

OD 99x said...

You bet your ass I've been waiting for that one. Its about the only thing that would make it OK tat we'll have to wait for 500. Thanks Red

Riggins said...

Nice episode. Helena looks incredible and she looks even better bending over in her shorts.

Perhaps more humiliation for the losing guy? Instead of more or less standing there. It doesn't have to be extreme, it could be putting makeup on him or something.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll have to cabin my excitement for episode 500 another few weeks. I hope the extra polishing time makes is particularly good.

I enjoyed episode 498. Trying to avoid any spoilers, I'll simply note that one of the girls was more to my tastes than the other, but I really appreciate it when both girls get in on the action, regardless of who wins. It makes it a bit less disappointing when the girls you're rooting for (or against, depending on how you think of it) wins.

BTW, Red, if you get a chance to respond to the email I sent you about a week ago, I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Helena and Trace are awesome! Hope there's more of them. 498 is a great episode though agreed that it would be nice to see much more humiliation for the male loser.


Red said...

@Anon 7:53 (please sign your posts): Episode 500 will be a retrospective, a look back at 8+ years of LostBets. There will be montages, interviews, never-before-seen footage and outtakes, that sort of thing. It's coming along nicely but still isn't done.

@Bammy: While I was watching the game being played, I wasn't sure who I wanted to win, but I'm pretty satisfied with the way it turned out. (If you wanted to see the winning girl get hers, don't worry, you will.) I almost never rig the games, but so often the outcome turns out to be so perfect that I'm worried that people will think the game was rigged. (It makes people like me, who know the games aren't rigged, suspect some sort of Providence or benevolent power with an interest in making LostBets.com awesome. I'm not complaining.)

@Dave35: I sure hope so, and I've been working on them a bit lately. But I've promised interactives so many times and reneged each time, so I've given up on making promises. They'll get here when they get here, which hopefully will be before the heat-death of the universe.

@OD 99x: You're welcome, and I hope YBYA meets expectations. Same with Episode 500. I hope both are worth the wait.,

@Riggins: Yeah, I said in an earlier post that I regretted that the male loser didn't have more of a punishment than immobilization. Next time.

@Anon 7:13 (please sign your posts): I'm glad you liked 498, but can you tell what name you used in your email? I'll respond to it straight away, but first I need to find it.

@Brenda: Yeah, I'm kicking myself for not doing more with the bound male loser. Again... next time, I promise. Next time I've got a couples game, the losing dude will have more reason to regret losing than just having to watch his girl get taken. Also, more of Trace and Helena. Looking over the list of available episodes, I've got five with Trace and six with Helena. Also, three with Kimmy and eight with Kevin. Naturally, there's some overlap.

Red said...

Let's see. We've got grouping, we've got bare-handed spanking, we've got paddling, we've got masturbation with a dildo in front of the whole crowd, and we've got a strapping-on by a pre-op F2M. One or two others, too. I forget.

RS said...

Pre-op F2M? WOW! Very interesting.

When you do the interactives, will they be 1:1 or groups? Will there also be male opponents?

(I'm envisioning something like being allowed to choose 1 to 3 opponents from a list of available opponents and having each one appear in a box on a different part of the screen -- the player at the bottom with opponents appearing at the top, left, and right.)

Red said...

I've got some interactive footage with multiple opponents, but most are just one.

Having multiple opponents appear on screen in separate boxes sounds like the old Artworx Strip Poker games, or a bit like Pokai's RealGirls Strip Poker, although in that case each opponent can be either on the left or on the right and if you wanted to play against two girls at once, you had to pick one of each. I don't know how well it'd work with Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, which is essentially a two-player game.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:13 is "MC" (email: dmoriarty3). Sorry, always forget to sign my posts.


Anonymous said...

I thought about how to humiliate the losing guy even more in a game where his girlfriend is used by the winning team, while he's immobilized. Maybe it could be interesting to bring in another one of your more dominant and cruel girls, like Candle in episode 456 where the losers became her bitches. Not only could she emphasize verbally how much he is cuckolded, but could also torture him however she wants, maybe including CBT, spanking, feminization of some sort, chastity, maybe messy stuff, however she sees fit.


Anonymous said...


498 was brilliant, I agree with R+S, would love to see more of your style of production with a cuckolding/femdom spin. You could probably even do some stuff like that in the POV clip store.


Unknown said...

Hi Red- So is the male humiliation episode coming soon? I would also love to see more episodes that involved the risk of guys getting pegged in the future! Do you think this could happen? I see a lot of interest in this from otehr users as well.

Red said...

Hey, quick note about this week's POV: there was a problem with P097, so P098 is going to jump the queue. In case anyone notices and is curious.

@R+S: I like the idea of bringing in a dom to humiliate the male loser of a couples game. (Candle would be an excellent choice, if she's available.) I also think it'd help if I reminded to the winners (especially the female winner) that they can taunt the poor bastard on the cross. Spanking and shaming are almost certainly an option, but it might be a little harder to find two couples where both men are willing to endure CBT if they lose. You'd be surprised by how many men would rather not have their balls kicked in. Or maybe you wouldn't be.

@player_one: Thanks! I gotta admit I was a bit worried about 498 since expectations were so high I thought the video might not be able to meet them, but the feedback I've gotten has been nothing but positive. As for humiliation/shame in the POVs, a lot of the masturbation forfeits where the player loses are supposed to be like that, but it turns out that many girls just aren't good at that sort of thing. It's all about finding the right players...

@Maria: Could you remind me when I mentioned a forthcoming male humiliation episode? There are a couple I might have meant, including 498. I don't have any episodes currently on film that involve pegging, but I can certainly try to get some more. Again, the problem is finding willingmale victims. I'm sure they're out there, I just gotta find them. (I also would rather find guys who are willing to undergo the punishment but wouldn't like it all that much.)

Anonymous said...

Does the gap mean that the final bibi and Kodak game will be getting published then aswel?
Mark hill

Anonymous said...

What is tyhe name of the girl in the POV098 - Silvia or Sylvia?
At the previous game wroten Silvia, at htis game too, but at description of the game - Sylvia...


Red said...

@Mark hill: Oh yeah, I hadn't thought of that one. I'll try to get that one out there too, but probably not during the gap.

@OST: Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out. The young lady's name is Silvia, and I just made a mistake while typing the clip name.

Anonymous said...

Another game with Bibi and Kodak?

Yes please. W

Anonymous said...

Hey Red Do you know where I can find more of Bibi or Kodak?
Loved 498 by the way.


Red said...

@W: I'll get it published... but I hope you and the other Bibi/Kodak fans realize that there's a reason it's gone unpublished for so many years, namely that I didn't think it was that great. Then again, lots of times I think things went poorly while a game's being filmed but they turn out great in the finished product. Maybe that'll be the case this time. In any case, it can't hurt to keep expectations low.

@WAFan: I did some digging, and I wish I had better news for you. Both Kodak and Bibi have done (are still doing, for all I know) modeling, but not the porny kind, although I think they both do bikini modeling and other sexy non-nude stuff. Both of them do this kind of modeling using their real names, which I'm not comfortable handing out without their permission. I can ask.

In my digging, I did find out that Bibi intended her name to be spelled "Bebe." Whoops. Sorry 'bout that, Bibi, if you should ever read this.

Glad you liked 498! I wish I had the opportunity to shoot couples games more often. I'm gonna try to find these opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just watched this episode and Helena + Kevin are really hot. They way she teases him after he is tied up, she just seems like a overall lovely person. You guys should definitely do more episodes featuring them, or maybe a 1vs1 between them. I would love to see her beat Kevin.