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Friday, June 17, 2016

::crickets chirping::

Episode 518 today. We'll finally meet April and JD, taking on Ana Molly. As usual with newbies, simple but revealing forfeit for the losers.

Looking ahead, here's what's in store for Episode 522.

Amateur chick Cora is back, along with equally-amateur Aaron. They play Mogadishu, our five-throw variant of Rock-Paper-Scissors, and the loser has to go down on the winner. We haven't seen too many of these things: we've had plenty of girls risk having to give a blowjob if they lose, but not a whole lot of guys risking going down on their knees to satisfy a woman. Better late than never.

Episode 523 brings back some familiar faces.

I mentioned in the description of Episode 516 that the infrared thermometer was a bit of a disappointment for judging spanking contests. Well, we'd already used it once more, and here it is. Next time, a color meter to measure redness. Regardless of the accuracy of the measurement, it's fun to see RyAnne, Ana Molly, and Belle risking a spanking, and even more fun to watch two of them receive it.

Today's ILAMC promo features Trinity. I couldn't publish this promo before, because spoilers. But now that we know that Trinity's hyper-competitive streak, fierce determination to win, and mad skillz led her to a clean sweep, the cat is out of the bag. Here she is gloating about her victories.


mismanager said...

A good offering this week, Red. many thanks. Just a couple of comments. Firstly, you normally list the players names on the title screen to match their positions on the opening screen. You didn't this time. It would also have been good if the players had cleared away the clutter before starting the forfeits. By the end, the floor was covered with clothes and cards. Neither mattered greatly nor spoiled the clip - one of your better recent ones, I thought.

Bammy said...

Hey Red, I was just wondering if there was any chance of bringing back Catherine for future shoots. She seems so fun and eager. Maybe a strapon forfeit could be next for her?

Anonymous said...

Can we get Ryanne messy again. Her reactions to losing games and receiving the punishments are the best.

Unknown said...

I was just talking to Whitney o Twitter and she said she'd love to come back and personally I'd love to see her come back and do some more G/G related stuff

Baron said...

Good ep. Is April coming back past 521? She's a keeper.