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Friday, July 8, 2016

Here it is again

Another game of Earth and Fire today. Am I going to that well too often? I can't help it: I love the picture of a nude player struggling not to cum but losing control under the relentless sexual attacks of their opponents. Good stuff. Nevertheless, variety is the spice of life and I'll try not to let Earth and Fire get overused. Today's update (Episode 521) is a rare E&F game with a male player, as Ana Molly and April try to make JD squirt against his will. 

Last week, I said that I couldn't preview Episode 525 yet because it'd spoil the outcome for Episode 520. Well, it's been a week, so here's that promo.

Raquel is strapped to the cross as part of her punishment for losing Episode 520, and Helena and Star draw targets on her body and shoot at her, trying to score points. The loser has to surrender her body to the winner's pleasure. This is, sadly, the last game I have featuring Raquel, at least for now, although hopefully not for ever. That means that her perfect 0-3 record will remain intact, for now. But at least she gets a little bit of revenge: she gets to join the winner in her enjoyment of the loser. It's something, I know, but scant comfort to a three-time loser.

Here's an ILAMC promo featuring Tom. This is also a spoiler, for Episode 510, but that was awhile ago, so what the hell.


Anonymous said...

Love the newest episode Red, as always wonderful work. I think Earth and Fire is a great game, hard to overuse it. Maybe you could use it as a forfeit for three losers after another game (variety and all). I always enjoy the slower stripping (suspense); that's the only drawback to Earth and Fire as I see it.
Another questions, anymore of Savannah on tap? I don't know what it is but she is just undeniably cute. I'd love to see her paired up with some of the newer gals like Raquel.
Jack Casper

Anonymous said...

Hi Red

Raquel is one of Your best yet, You need to get her back asap (please, grovel grovel)

She could even supplant Sheri as My favourite LB girl


Anonymous said...

Red, thanks so much for the content. I really like Earth, Wind, and Fire. It's really hot when its a mixed group - no complaints here if you keep them coming! I liked the BJ race of the last episode - a suggestion is to maybe have a cunnlingus race where two guys try to get their girl off as fast as possible? Or a 69 race between a guy and a girl?

Anyway thanks for the hard work and keep them coming!

- Mitch

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of the idea of having the girls complete a task when aroused? Like trying to play a game or stack blocks or play "Operation" while being vibed? Maybe an insertable egg with a remote control or one of those hands-free butterfly vibes that are held on with straps? It could make the game itself sexy as hell IMHO. You could do things where there's a race (2 girls each being vibed and see who can do the task faster) or where there's a desire not to orgasm (2 or more girls, each with a vibe, have to each do a task until one loses by having an unwilling orgasm, like E&F).

Either way, it could give you the same result as E&F (unwilling arousal/orgasm) without the danger of overusing the best game you have!

Just my $0.02.

Anonymous said...

The new POV isn't up yet. Is it coming?