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Friday, July 29, 2016

What's next?

First things first: I'M BACK. I don't know if anyone's still paying attention, but if you are, I'm ready to pay attention too. Please leave any questions, comments, or feedback you've got, and I'll answer. If you asked something earlier and never heard back from me, please ask it again.

I haven't been entirely idle these last few weeks. I've gone through and cataloged our footage, and made a list of everything we've filmed, including much that hasn't been published yet. A lot of it includes some favorite players, and I know people will want to see more of it. Anyway, I'm publishing the list so you can nominate episodes you want added to the queue.

You'll probably need to scroll around to see all that stuff. (There should be three columns.) Also, I did the best I could but it's possible I accidentally included an episode that's already been published, either as a regular episode or a B-Side. Please let me know if I missed any.

Episode 524 today features anal. In fact, it features the trifecta. A small but dedicated group of fans has been asking to see more of that, so here you go. Watch Kimmy square off against Aimee, with the loser's ass (among other thngs) forfeit to Jay.

On the horizon, Episode 528.

Y'all remember Bella from last year, right? She's back, and she joins wild-child Bailey to introduce platinum blonde Kate. The game is Earth and Fire, and the loser has to insert a bullet vibe... and wear it all throughout the next game.


Anonymous said...

I guess if nobody else has commented I'll just nominate the tickling forfeits! always my favourites :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Red!

I'm pretty sure the game you've got listed as 20080805 Megatrip 2008 8. Kris Yola/ was previously issued as Lost Bets 057, Strip Dice with Yola and Kris.

As to the others listed, the ones I'd most like to see are the two with Ashton, Mia, Julie, and Sammy, all four of whom are among my all-time favorites.

Good to have you back!

Bammy said...

Hey Red, I would like to nominate the Screw your Neighbour and Whip Cream Race games featuring Ashley, Addie, Connor etc. (Basically anything with Ashley in it is gonna be amazing!)

Anonymous said...


I would put a vote down for the whip cream race for sure..... also any other spanking ones would g a secondary vote.

As for other posts, i had commented on last post about a reminder when ur shoots are coming up to canvas ideas, so i can shout at the top of my voice WEDGIES WEDGIES WEDGIES !!!!

Peace out,


Jack E. J. said...

Seems to be some nice old stuff: All games with Ashton, Kodak and Ashley would be my favorites from the list, on top of my list would be the RPS game with Ashton, Mia, Julie and Sammy for the yoga poses; the one with Kodak in it would be number two.

RS said...

Looks like a good list, though part of the first column is cropped off at the end so I can't always see who the players are. For me, I like male players who in my completely subjective opinion are attractive (but I have a wide range on that score), particularly if they lose. Or if they, either they still end up exposed either during the game or as part of claiming their reward as winner. So of these ones, Conor and Jerome are kinda nerdy cute but it would probably depend on reading the spoilers of the game to see what happens. I like Johnny but have quite a lot with him so those, too, would depend on the spoilers.

Now if you brought Eric back, I'd probably buy anything he was in even if he won (please God, don't let him win -- that was a prayer to the universe, not for you to rig the game, Red). And the other guys in the game of Strip on Spades he was in were pretty great, too.

Unknown said...

I'd like to see the one with Lily and the strap-on but I'd love to see most of them except for the ones with the Boy /Guy players

Also I'd like to put another request for Whitney to come back in more G/G related forfits I loved her ones with Ashley the ones with The Boys not so much lol

Red said...

@Anon 3:56 (please sign your posts): Tickling, yup, got it.

@LSD: Yup, indeed. There is another game with Kris and Yola (8-1. High Card - Jump Rope) but I accidentally recorded over the beginning of that one. As for the remaining games with Ashton, Mia, Sammy, and Julie, I figured they'd be popular requests. There's actually even more of Ashton and Mia, from my first shoot on 20070308, but I'm planning to publish that on the 10th anniversary.

And it's good to be back.

@Bammy: Well, like I've said before, I'm not a huge fan of that series, but if that's what people want to see, that's what they'll get to see.

@Welshchip: As a matter of fact, I was just talking about doing wedgies for our next shoot, and then it turned out that the next video on the editing queue happened to have a pretty good incidental wedgie. Still gonna do some more explicit wedgies for the next shoot. I was thinking of having the girls count front-wedgies and back-wedgies basically as pieces of clothing. Should make for a good show, I think.

@Jack E. J: This would be a good place to mention that the names in the table are the names of the shoots, and not all players will be in all games from those shoots. For example, the RPS game for yoga poses was a one-on-one game between Julie and Sammy. As if that's a problem. A great thing about these old shoots is that they predate our current fantastically-complex setup, which means they may have lower quality but will be faster and easier to edit.

@RS: I've still had trouble getting people back from that shoot at Dante's, but I'm not done trying yet.

@Chris: I unfortunately haven't seen Whitney in awhile and don't know when/if I'll see her again. As for the strap-on with Lily, Mary, and Amber, I just took a look at it, and am wondering why the hell I didn't publish it in the first place. Lily was still nervous about her first girl-girl shoot and it made her blush. Also not sure why I didn't publish the game of Screw Your Neighbor from 20110326. These are the disadvantages of being horribly disorganized.

By the way, I really shouldn't say anything, but Tobi is on the prowl for new amateur recruits. Will keep you posted.

The Dancer said...

I would really like to see more from Indigo,Jelly,Blossom.
It was very funny to see 2 sisters in a game with sweet Indigo.
Another one would be Strip on Spades with Sinn,Candle,Kym. I only saw Hardcore Games between them would be really nice to see a Softcore too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

First of all: Thanks for getting in a shoot with an anal forfeit! Downloading it now.

On the list, I think the Dakota v. Dakota name choice forfeit was already published. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing it posted for free, linked from the blog.


Anonymous said...

Don't know how I missed that the first time through, but Napebaf is right: the name choice game was posted on the blog as a freebie on November 6, 2013. Unfortunately, the link now comes up with a 404 File Not Found error.


Piti said...

Ashton and Mia are very special

And Fern of course

Anonymous said...

Ashton Mia Julie Sammy Yoga poses gets my vote. I'm a fan of any of the embarrassing reveal forfeits so callisthenics are great too!

Lily Mary Amber 'vidotaped up close' sounds intriguing, can you clarify that one in more detail?

- JB

Anonymous said...

Definitely if we could get the Kodak and bibi game published would be awsome, the game with lelaini and Mika and co. Would be great aswell

Mark hill

Anonymous said...

I would also like to vote for the tickling forfeit clips - particularly with foot tickling!

mismanager said...


Fern appears twice: once with Anastasia and once with Jelly so I’d put those on my list, along with the other involving Jelly. You’ve said that clips involving Lavender, etc are not popular, which is a shame as I’d be glad to see more of them.

I’d go along with those who vote for Ashton, Mia and Julie’s tapes and I was pleased to see Kala’s name on the list. She is a gem who appeared all too rarely.

Red said...

@Dancer: Just to clarify, none of Indigo, Jelly, and Blossom are sisters. Indigo and Luna are sisters. As for Sinn, Candle, and Kym, if you want to see some more softcore stuff featuring them, we've got plenty. Check out Sinn's work in Episodes 114, 125, 311, and 317 (when she was known as Cyndi), Kym's in 198, 201, and a whole bunch in the 400s, and Candle's in most of the 25+ episodes she's been in.

@Napebaf: Let me know what you thought of 524. There may be more anal to come. And yup, Dakota v. Dakota shouldn't be on the list. (I noticed it earlier but forgot to remove it.)

@Piti: Damn right Ashton and Mia are very special. My very very first players, I owe them so much. If they hadn't been as awesome as they were it's very likely that LostBets.com never would have been a thing. I've chatted with Ashton about the possibility of maybe having her back to celebrate the 10th anniversary, and we'll see what happens.

@JB: Well, I said this earlier, and I'll probably say this again, but looking over some of these oldies, I can't understand why the fuck they never got published in the first place, because some of them are gold, especially if you really liked Julie back in the early days when she was just exploring her sexual side and blushed bright red when exposed.

The LMA videotaped up close... that one I'm not sure about. The winner got to hold a videocamera and get some nice closeups of the losers. Unfortunately, the footage from that camera seems to be lost, so all I have is a single camera filming the game and then filming the winner filming the loser. It's not bad, but it's disappointing that the actual footage is gone.

@Mark hill: I've sure been sitting on that Kodak one for awhile, haven't I? My excuse has been that the outcome was less than satisfying, and if you want to see a lot of skin from these four beautiful women you'll probably be disappointed. But yeah... it should be published regardless. As long as people know what they're getting.

@Anon 7:27 (please sign your posts): Noted.

@mismanager: Fern's another girl I've had on-again-off-again chats about coming back but they never seem to go anywhere. But I can publish what I've already got. A warning/heads-up: the "Outdoor Exercise" forfeit isn't nearly as cool as it sounds. The neighbors were out and about and I didn't want to get into trouble, so they did their outdoor exercises in bikinis. Very, very small bikinis, bikinis that brely hid their nipples, but still, not naked.

And yeah, there's that Kala/Elizabeth one. That was a hectic day: I did a big shoot, then packed up all my stuff and went somewhere else to do another shoot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I remember being disappointed that we never got to see Kris so much as topless. Any chance you could publish what you have of the other game?


Riggins said...

Definitely post the Mika video, and anything with Ashton.

It would be great to have Ashton back even if it's just to wave to the camera and say "Happy 10th anniversary!" A commentary track of you and her on one of those first shoots would be pretty good, if you can bear watching your early efforts.

Anonymous said...

About this week's clip: Are you sure that Kimmy is half Latin? I always thought she was just Asian.
Also, this week's Twitter spoiled the video. I would have bought it anyway, but I'm one of the few that doesn't like spoilers. I tend to only buy the hardcore ones, and the two that have been published in the past couple of months were both spoiled on twitter. I know that showing pics with someone giving head or getting fucked in the ass may sell better, but spoilers suck.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red! I haven't been around much either, glad to know you're doing okay. My older computer is really shitty with these blogger sites for some reason. I swing by the store from time to time and get stuff. Just caught up on a bunch of your older blogs. Hey, you said your sales were a little down? I might have some potential suggestions about why that may be, if you want me to send you a note. Of course I may be full of shit too, so take that in mind!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

so, you've got more Fern that you were holding back?

get it out there, please?


Viredae said...

I would also like to put down my vote for the whip cream race and the strip screw your neighbor ones.

However, I do have a small request, we've seen a lot of her on the POV series, but I've been wondering if you could get RyAnne one more time now that she's shaven her bush off, I must admit, that was the only thing about her that I disliked (not enough to not buy all of her stuff, of course), so now that it's gone, I'm expecting a five star performance.

Mismanager said...


Since some of the older shoots are, I assume, lower resolution and therefore smaller files, would you consider packaging some of them in pairs for release? Looking at your table I can see some obvious groupings. You've done it before, why not do it again to clear the backlog? It would also solve the problem about those clips where you are not too happy with the quality: if people buy two at a time then one, at least, should stop them complaining.

Brian said...

I agree with most and would also like to see the games involving Mia, Ashton and Ashley.

My favorite of this list, depending on the outcome, is the whip cream race, with Addie, Ashley and Conor. Seen Ashley's dominant character seen lostbets' history with these games i fear the loser (rigged or not) would be Conor.

I can only hope and pray that the loser of the double team-forfeit is Ashley. That would really be a fantasy come true for me. If so, i'll buy the clip immediately and will send you (Red) a box of items to use new forfeits.

I wanted to do the last one a few years ago aswell but i got a little dissappointed and frustratred after none of my ideas got used nor getting the outcome i wanted to see in the interesting clips.

Getting to see Ashley tied and tickled (something she both hates) would be really nice but unlikely too. I don't think she'll play game risking a forfeit she doesn't like unless the outcome is already set.

Therefor chances of her losing both these games are none to zero, also given the fact that she did not lose a lot of her many games during the years.

However, complaining is easy and i honestly do have and prefer a positive attitude.

So Red, Thanks the amazing website, you've listened to and pleased a lot of your fans with creative stripgames. Like i mentioned before i'm looking forward to the Mia, Ashton, Ashley (and her sister Kala) games and am glad there are still games to come involving these ladies. Hoorah for unpublished and forgotten games!

Oh, just 1 final request for the lostbetsgames website. Can you please update this site with older video's aswell? the last last and the upcoming period only has video from this year and last year and there is still a number of videos from a few years back unpublished on this site (like 185 Strip no-name Ashley & Alexis for example)

All the best.

GFO said...

Hey Red!

My vote goes for 20110725 Megatrip 2011 20110726/1 with Kodak, but anything with Ashley, Ashton or Mia would be great.

Also, thanks for the B-sides, is good to see Navarre in another vid.
I'm a big fan of the POVs; if we could get one with Julie or Violet, that would be amazing.

BTW, The last one with Belle is wrongly named: It says RPS but it's a high-card game.
No big deal, just letting you know.

Keep up the great work.


Bobfromartillary said...

Looking for a ballbusting threat POV still. Any chance?


Anonymous said...

Apologies for not signing on the last time I posted - figured I'd ask again here: Have you ever thought of the idea of having the girls complete a task when aroused? Like trying to play a game or stack blocks or play "Operation" while being vibed? Maybe an insertable egg with a remote control or one of those hands-free butterfly vibes that are held on with straps?

It could make the game itself sexy as hell IMHO. You could do things where there's a race (2 girls each being vibed and see who can do the task faster) or where there's a desire not to orgasm (2 or more girls, each with a vibe, have to each do a task until one loses by having an unwilling orgasm, like E&F). Either way, it could give you the same result as E&F (unwilling arousal/orgasm) without the danger of overusing the best game you have!

Was that maybe part of your thinking on the last game (528?) where the loser has to keep the egg in for whatever's next?

Hope all is well now that you're back.


Anonymous said...

I honestly could see all of these being good. I would vote for all the Addie Ashley ones, the Anastasia, and also the strap on lily Mary amber. Seems like an early shoot for a strap on forfeit.

- Blue

Anonymous said...

Anything with Ashley, 20090207 Johnny Joe Kat Daisy 3. Screw Your Neighbor, or 20140303 Bex Johnny 4. Mogadishu Masturbation seem to be good ones as well.

- Joffery

Anonymous said...

Hi Red

My 1st choice is predictable

"Anything with Ashley" +1 (or more)
And the one with Star
Then maybe the one with Bex/Tobi

Thanks, MRB

Anonymous said...

The 20110326 shoot!

Thanks, Dave

Brian said...

I think i might have misinterpreted the megatrip games. the forfeit in game 1-3 is a sybian race which means only girls play. My guess is that names are probably in alphabetical order (Addie, Ashley, Connor + a few more). So just like other games before 5 or 6 girls play and Conor and Richard only as part of the forfeit. If this is true then the double team won't be done by a guy and a girl (or 2 girls) but by Conor and Richard to 1 loser. Chances my favorite will lose in that case would be diminished to 1 in 5 or 1 in 6.
Let's all wait and see. It is exciting to know there are still a few older videos that haven't been published yet.
And it would be super if you could get Ashton back for the 10th anniversary!

Red said...

@G: I'll think about publishing the truncated Kris and Yola video, yeah. Most of it is intact. And you do get to see more of Kris.

@Riggins: I gotta admit, it can be a bit painful looking at my earlier work,k especially from that very first shoot, where I sound like a dork giving commentary. But it has a certain charm (or even innocence) and if I can get Ashton on board I'll see about doing a commentary track. That might be kind of cool.

@Anon 10:26 (please sign your posts): I have jotted down in my notes that Kimmy is half-Latina, but I could totally be wrong. As for the Twitter thing, sorry about that. I do try my best to accommodate those who like things spoiler-free, but the Twitter feed has included spoilers before. I'll have more to say about Twitter in today's blog post.

@GWKS: I'm a crappy businessman and a crappier marketer, so I'd definitely like to hear your ideas for why sales are down. I've got a few theories of my own, starting with Google's baffling decision to no longer accept adult-oriented ads. This makes no sense to me. People go to Google to search for porn, and Google is happy to provide it, but they don't want to make money from it? WTF? I tried using Bing ads instead for awhile. They have a complicated qualification process and a whitelist of allowed search terms for adult ads, which I went through. Then they decided that the word "strip" couldn't appear in my ads, which again is baffling considering that the ads appear only when someone searches for approved adult terms, so again, WTF.

Another factor probably contributing to the decline in clip store sales is saturation. I mean, there are a lot of LostBets.com videos now, and many customers are probably satisfied with the ones they have and don't need to buy more. Also, as its collection grows, the membership site is probably siphoning sales from the clip store.

But I'd love to hear your ideas about the cause and how to fix it. I miss seeing my store in the Clips4Sale top 5.

@shredder: Yes sir. I thought the only Fern I had left was that series with her and Lumen that I can't use, but then I organized the footage and found more.

By the way, you might notice that the list I posted only goes up to 2014. There are another 30 or so videos from '15 and '16. The complete list of all the games we've filmed is about 650 rows. I'm quite proud of it.

@Viredae: I still have a few more of RyAnne from the shoot she did with Belle and Ana Molly. The next one will be Episode 526, next week. It was a challenge getting her to shave: she was very attached to her bush and had never shaved before. I can see about getting her back for more. What would you like to see her do/risk?

@Mismanager: Only the very oldest clips are lower resolution. I switched to HD cameras fairly early on. But a lot of the clips in the list I posted are much shorter than the earlier ones, which will lead to smaller file sizes. They also have a lot fewer cameras, which will make them easier to edit. But rather than bundling them, I have a different idea for how I can get them out quickly and also solve the problem of some of the clips being of lower quality. I'll talk about it in this week's blog post.

Red said...

@Brian: Okay, since several people have mentioned the whipped cream race, I feel compelled to say again: I despite that series containing some of our favorite and most popular players, I was not happy with the way that series turned out. Enough people have requested it that I'll publish it, but don't say I didn't warn you. (Then again, the Profanagrams from that set didn't turn out as awful as I'd remembered, so maybe that's true of the others.)

Also keep in mind that the players listed in the list were the players in the shoot, and not necessarily all of the players will be in all the games from that shoot. In particular, the whipped cream race was just between the girls. The dudes were there for the forfeit, though.

Aww, what's in the box? Can't you send it regardless of who wins? And by the way: rigged games are extremely rare, and getting rarer. None of the four games from that set was rigged.

As for the lostbetsgames.com site, I don't run it and have nothing to do with it besides licensing them my content. But I've sent them everything, and the dude who does run it thinks he's published it all. If someone wants to make a list of missing videos from that site, I'll send them to him and remind him to publish them.

Finally, thank you very much for the compliment. I feel truly privileged to be able to make these videos, and even after all this time I still love hearing from people who life our work.

@GFO: Yup, everyone wants to see more of Kodak. That one will definitely be one of the first to get out there.

I still have more B-Sides to publish, and that'll resume shortly. Hope you like 'em. I don't have any POVs on tap with Violet, but I do have a few with Julie. Stay tuned for those.

About the Belle RPS/High Card thing: oops. Thanks for pointing that out.

@Bob: I still have that on my to-do list but haven't done it yet. I'm planning some shoots for late August and will try to get a ballbusting POV in then.

@VM: Actually, someone (I regret that I don't remember who) shared links to videos of girls trying to read a novel while being vibrated under the table and it was pretty interesting to watch. I'm going to turn that into a game, I think. But those were using wands wielded by someone under the table. Using a remote control vibe might work better. Especially for tasks like playing a game, where sitting at a table might not work.

And yeah, that was what I had in mind when I made the loser of a game have a vibe inside her for the next game. Unfortunately... well, I'll put this in the clip description for that episode, but the victim wasn't much affected by the vibe. I need to get a better one.

Finally, since I invented E&F, thanks for calling it our best game :)

@Blue: I think probably all (or at least most of them) of them will see the light of day eventually. And yeah, that was a very early shoot for a strap-on. It was the same shoot with Episode 043, where Lily did her first ever girl-girl (and was vibed to orgasm while being held down.) There was a lot of giggling. It's a good one, and it's one of the ones that had my scratching my head wondering why I hadn't published it yet.

@Joffery: The problem with the Johnny Joe Kat Daisy is that Joe has a goddamn swastika tattooed on his chest. Pretty sure he got that in jail. He said he doesn't hold that ideology anymore, but geez, have the tattoo turned into a windmill or something.

@MRB: Just FYI, today's update features Star, if you want to see more of her but don't want to wait.

@Dave: Yeah, that will definitely be one of the first to be published. It's another very good one that I have no idea why I didn't publish it before.