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Friday, July 22, 2016

Seattle to Monroe

That title was actually supposed to be used last week when Episode 522 was published, in honor of WA-522, which runs between those two cities. Okay, it's lame. And I missed it anyway: no blog post last week. Sorry 'bout that; hope people are still reading. Had some intense bullshit to get through.

So last week we got a bit of b/g oral with Aaron and Cora, whom I realize aren't to everyone's taste (but then again, no player I've ever shot has been to everyone's taste) but for those who want to see "real people", genuine amateurs taking tentative steps, they're for you. This week we've got Belle, Ana Molly, and RyAnne playing the other game with the infrared thermometer I'd mentioned earlier. And don't worry: Julie will be back to join them.

Not in their next appearance, though. That'll be in Episode 526.

It's a game of Earth and Fire, which again I may be overusing, but damn, I like it. Winners direct the loser as she puts on a show in the shower. And there's something about watching a girl made to perform lewd acts while water beads on her skin and down her body.

Then we meet some newbies and welcome back some oldbies in Episode 527.

Yep, Starli is back, and so is Helena, and I like both of the new girls and I think you will too. You'll be the judge of that. Anyway, as I've also said before I think I'm overusing the yoga poses forfeit to introduce new players, but at least it forces the losers to expose everything they've got, leaving nothing hidden. Still, in the future I've gotta add more variety. Don't want to let things get stale.


Anonymous said...

there was no POV this week
is there a problem?

Riggins said...

Great to see Starlii returning! What limits do Selina and Alisha have? Looking forward to seeing them no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Starli needs to take on another gangbang. She was hot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red -

any news on when the next shoot is planned ? Just checking as youve said youll give us warning so we could send acrosss the suggestion - i.e WEDGIE WEDGIE WEDGIE - SUPER HARD WEDGIES from a wedgie pro !!!


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I'd love to see whitney come back and do some G/G forfits and maybe win this time I didn't like when she did the B/G forfits those were terrible. her G/G ones with Ashley were A+.

Anonymous said...

So you mentioned some time ago that Julie was doing some POV material. Any chance that'll be popping up on the site soon?