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Friday, October 21, 2016


We've been a bit short on ENF material lately. Time to fix that today with Episode 537, with new girls Dee and Chels. They're none too pleased to lose their clothes and be exposed in front of everyone.

We did another couple of shoots last weekend. Totally unnecessary, since we've got enough material to last us a good long while, but I like shooting so I do. Day 1 starred new girls Roxy and Gracie (no relation to Grace) and the second day featured Dylan with her best friend Carmen. You haven't even met Dylan yet, but she's a wild child, and when placed next to her friend with her hot Latin blood, they go nuts. One of the wildest shoots I've ever had, with genuine and intense rivalry between the two. Promos soon.

Speaking of promos, you may remember Leilani.

She appeared in a few episodes in the early 200s. She's back, in all her Hawaiian beauty. Coming soon.


Rene said...

Hello Red,

When can we expect the forgotten episode 534? I've been looking forward to that for a while.

Any statusupdate on the request for a large group shoot? Where have Olivia and Dakota been off to?

Anonymous said...

What is ENF?

Anonymous said...

ENF is Embarrassed Nude Female.

Anonymous said...


Scott said...

Hey Red,

Have you considered "strip Twister"? Every time a girl falls she loses an article of clothing. If more than one falls, more than one strips. Could be fun.

Anonymous said...


I think Red has already done this. Search the keywords "Strip Bender" in the clip store in the bar at the top of the page


René said...

This forum is dying rapidly.

RS said...

Many of the Strip Twister games I've seen modify the rules much more significantly from regular Twister. For one thing, most of the games I've seen are pretty flexible on falling -- especially when breaks have to happen so that someone can get up to strip. Instead, the rules have players strip be based on the spin (making it entirely a game of luck rather than skill or dexterity). I've seen some where everyone strips when the spinner lands on red, but that doesn't make sense in a competitive game. It makes more sense for everyone to have a different color and for that player to strip when it lands on that color. You could also introduce "wild card" elements where if the spinner lands on a special spot (like right on the line), a referee reads a task taken from a list (like "everyone put your right hand on another player's ass" or "red player put your hand on yellow player's genitals, inside clothing," or "blue player removes any one item of green player's clothing" or "anyone still wearing any clothing above the waist remove them while jumping up and down" or "Spin twice to select two different colors, first color removes all clothing below the waist of the person of the second color and licks the genitals of the second color," etc.).

Mismanager said...

"Spin twice to select two different colors, first color removes all clothing below the waist of the person of the second color and licks the genitals of the second color,"

I'd be interested to see what happens if the same colour came up twice. I'd be out of the game!