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Friday, December 16, 2016


I haven't promoed today's Episode 544 yet. Here it is:

We finally meet Tyler, Kendall, and Dylan, joined by Sassy (which I'm sure will make a lot of her fans very happy.) Tobi acts as emcee for their first game. Like I usually do when introducing new players (especially new players who've never been naked on camera, like these three) I used a simple game and a simple forfeit. But two losers will get very exposed, at least one of them for the first time ever.

I already said that Episode 545, set to be published on December 23, will be a special one to commemorate the festive winter holiday, and so it is.

Happy Hanukkah, everybody! If you're not familiar with Dreidel, it's a game traditionally played by Jewish children around this time of year, although not usually for clothes. But Leilaniberg, Goldendza, and Nettlestein (oh yeah, I totally went there) gather to play the Strip variant. The forfeit was suggested by a fan on this blog and also seems strangely appropriate given the time of year: the winner gets to direct the two losers in a porno. Cool.


Anonymous said...


I suggested next weeks forfeit (Direct losers in a porno) a few years ago (and repeated it a few times) -- I'm really psyched that you are using it. Thanks!

Am I right in thinking you have policy of giving a free copy to the suggester?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Is b-sides stilled scheduled to be up by the end of the year? Thanks!


Red said...

@Sam: Yup, absolutely I give free copies of an episode to whoever gave me the idea for it. Drop me an email at red@lostbets and I'll send you a link. Thanks! Sorry it took so long to get to your suggestion but I'm glad we finally did. I hope you like the way it turned out. I'm definitely going to use it again.

@Joe: That's still the plan, yup. I'll announce it when it actually happens.

damndable said...

Love the new girls this week, how many games did you film with them?

Red said...

@damndable: Yeah, they were three fun young amateurs, weren't they? This is all we'll see of Kendall for now, I'm afraid. She got cold feet after this and begged off the rest of the day. She felt bad about it and may want to return.

Tyler and Dylan played five more games that day, including one with a very daring naughty-things-in-public forfeit. Additionally, Dylan returned a month later with her friend Carmen to play six more games.

Rene said...

Hello Red,

Any chance of seeing Mouna and Grace again?

Red said...

@Rene, I haven't seen either in quite awhile. But I do have one more game with Grace (vs. Angel) filmed that never made the cut. I'll see that it gets published as a B-Side in early 2017.

GreenMonster89 said...

Hi Red,

Been awhile since I've been here, but I have a suggestion for a forfeit. You still take suggestions, right? Anyway, the forfeit involves two items. The loser (or ultimate loser if more than two girls play the game) has a vibrator inserted into her vagina and then has a diaper put on her and cannot remove the diaper or vibrator until she orgasms. How does that sound?


Anonymous said...

Any chance to see something like the Pizza triologie again. I love the public forfeits.

Byebye kouz

Anonymous said...

hi Red,
do you have more of Yesenia? or was she a one hit wonder?


Red said...

@Steve: Interesting idea. I've thought about doing something involving diapers or other forms of infantilization. (Treating her like a baby sounds like a good way to really humiliate a loser.) But I think that just having the vibrator on under the diaper waiting for an orgasm would be sort of visually uninteresting. Maybe put something else in there too. I've got this really cool Bluetooth-connected remote control vibrator. Maybe I'll make a loser wear it under a diaper and then take the whole group out to a fast food joint or something.

@Byebye: I don't have any more pizza delivery guy forfeits on tap at the moment (although I'll try to get more) but we do have some interesting public forfeits coming up. For example, we've got masturbation in a public pool coming up in February.

@shredder: I've got three more games featuring Yesenia on film, waiting to be published. The next one will be Episode 553, slated for February 17.

Lately I've been shooting way more than I need to and building up a huge backlog. And I put stuff on the publication queue pretty haphazardly and on a whim. So if there's a recent player you want to see more of, there's a decent chance I've got it, and the best way to get it in line to be published is to ask for it.